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An impressive tactical battle system, with drawbacks in the narrative.

Dear Admin: I just edited some spelling errors and mistakes, I didn't think it had to be re-accepted.

I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t download this game for the storyline, and I really wasn’t playing much attention in cut scenes. I know there were bad guys just waiting to be fucked up. I know that’s really terrible of me, since I’ve supposed to review the whole of it, but someone else will cover this part I’m sure.

Game Play:
This game is fucking wow at first! I was so surprised with the battle system, it works extremely well, and I have no idea how he did it, or the time it took to make, its every RPG Maker loving Tactical freaks dream. It’s really one of those “Play it and see for yourself things”. The custom menu works extremely well and looks pretty great, which is lucky because you’re going to be spending some time configuring your party here. There are some nice interesting features added here too, like optional conversations and so on.

It does have it’s bad points too, in the form of. Menu, Battle, Cut Scene, Menu, Battle, Menu, Battle, Cut Scene. Most RPG Fans are going to be really disappointed with the lack of variety in game play and the linear structure of it. The other parts of the game didn’t have the same wow factor that battles do, for example, in a cut scene you stare at a panorama of a hallway, while some people talk, there’s no movement, flashing lights…nothing, it’s quite boring, especially when your not really paying attention.

Music and Graphics:
Music was a bit of a meh for me. There’s nothing wrong with it, it fits with whatever’s going on, but it doesn’t really leave a lasting impression on you, sometimes I even just muted it and put on some of my own music.

Now if your playing this game for brilliant maps, you’re a bit of an idiot. Everything looks nice and fits with the whole 3D/ Tactical square thing approach. The charasets (Which I assume are custom) fit nicely with chipsets used. You always feel like you’re playing the same game which is a big up.

Some areas are polished to perfection, while others are left in the dark. I understand this game is completed, so any hope for improvements in these un polished areas are a waste of time. This game is a must play for everyone, yet only around half the people that play it will consider it to be a masterpiece. After the wow factor of the battle system wears off, it has nothing to keep you playing, at least not to today’s standards. There aren’t many tactical RPG Maker games out there, so you have to appreciate the effort that went into this.


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Man, I need to update this. What an awful job at reviewing I did here.
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