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Go Fetch Me Some Cute Melons!

  • edchuy
  • 06/28/2012 04:28 AM
While I'm not that great a fan of the adventure genre (as many of you might already know, RPGs are my personal fave!), I decided to give Melon Journey a chance, given the cutesy graphics shown in the screenshots feature in the gamepage. So did playing the game (about half an hour's worth) amount for me the taste of sweet honeydew or was I left with a bitter melon aftertaste?


The journey you embark in consists in searching for your lost friend in Melon World. You choose to be a boy or girl (haven't tested if this means there's some replay value involved by trying the other choice). Basically, the purpose of all you do in the game is to accomplish your goal.


The character you play yourself is a cute rabbit, but Melon World is inhabited by animals of other species as well as some other surprising characters. There's a few of the characters you meet that are memorable due to their not so straightforward personalities as reflected by their interesting dialogue. I was somewhat taken aback since I found that there's one who doesn't care for interspecies relations. Also, that there's separate currencies for at least of two of the animal species featured in the game. I found no grammar nor spelling issues in the game.


Gameplay involves exploring Melon World in order to get items to get you closer to the goal of finding your lost friend. You can get information or fetch quests by interacting with NPCs. Inside some of their dwellings you can search to find items that can come in handy later in the game. It is important to note some things that can be found outdoors (as indicated by a message when you interact with the item), since they are vital in attaining your goal. Very useful was the item description in the menu, since it could provide a hint as to what use the item could have. Also, you can save somewhere in the game, which is probably useful if somehow you can figure things out in one sitting. Overall, gameplay was well planned and executed, since all items involved served their purpose effectively.


The Cute graphics promised by the screenshots in the gamepage are, as expected, the crown jewel of the game. Basically, the developers of the game stuck to using white, black and shades of green as colors for their cartoonish, but original graphics. Goes to show that sometimes simpler is better!


The background music is original. It fits the retro feel conveyed by the graphics. In terms of sounds, I didn't notice the game using it at all. This is perhaps a small missed opportunity (I was thinking something similar to the sound you hear when you find a Tiny Medal in the Dragon Warrior games, when you get an useful item).


Beneath its cute, cartoonish graphics is a bug-free, well-done that anyone should enjoy playing and finishing in a short time. I highly recommend it!


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Glad to see you reviewing again!
thank you for reviewing melon journey and thank you for liking it!
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