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This is just a small project to test out the RPG Maker VX engine. It uses all RTP except the title screen, battle floor, windowskin, and almost all the music.

Basically, the story starts you out in the tiny town of Menla... a once large town forced into squandor by a mysterious cold snap in the area. It began snowing... and still was 3 months later... eventually stopping in accumulation. The cold has cut off all outside contact, and all that have left the village since have never returned... you lost your father in this manner.

You are among the last remaining few survivors in the town, and have been craving the lush green pastures and vivid blue skies your land once had. Thus you, Yoska Gerran, now embark on a quest to either save your land from turmoil, or at least see a land as it once was.

This is, as I said, my first attempt at RMVX... which isn't as bad I as originally thought... still I would expect this to be my only VX project. Enjoy when I get a demo or the full thing out. (it will be after RS! day II)

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From what I've seen it looks pretty good. Keep up the good work. I just submited my first project using this engine along with a few screenshots and got approved. Well, best of luck. Perhaps we can help each other out as we progress in this uncharted wilderness, lol.
Still looks better than something i can make
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