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Lost save data

Last week my pc was inffected by a virus or trojan, I don't which one I had but it destoryed the content of my Hard disk that I wasn't able save anything and yes I am an idiot to no have made back up saved on a usb... I will curse forever myselg about that.

Now, I lost all my projects and more that I had.
So I can only say: I am sorry, I have to cancel this project with Chibi Dungeon.


Some little news

Hello everyone,

How are you doing ?
I didn't though some of you may still be waiting for my project for all those years but seeing Linkis post, I think you deserve some news from me and this project.

The main reason that this project will remain on "break" is because of me. I took too many breaks during those 4 years that my level in game making in general didn't progress at all while my mapping skill did.

But like Linkis said mapping isn't the only thing about a game and that's true. I feared so much to disapoint people that I never dared to share a demo about Bloody Rose and still can't specialy after realasing my first demo ever, Chibi Dungeon : http://rpgmaker.net/games/8699/

For an unknow reason, I was motivated by Chibi Dungeon and while making it... it revealed all my flaws that were hidden behind pretty maps. I think anyone who will play Chibi Dungeon will see my true level of devellopper and may understand why I put Bloody Rose on break.

My plan for the futur is to continue to gather experience on smaller games projects. I know, I should've done it since the start before begining Bloody Rose but I can't change the past.

So my dear followers, I apologize. I know the feeling to wait for a game that is not coming.

All I can say is : I won't disappear anymore and I would appreciate if you help me grow through my projects. Starting with Chibi Dungeon which is in beta at the moment > http://rpgmaker.net/games/8699/


Hiatus until...


How are you guys ?
It's been a whille, isn't it ?

I am fine, just like everybody, I hit a wall with my main project and real life didn't helped me to overcome it.
I am trying to get motivated again by mapping a little bit, that is why I made that map.
I really suck with the editor so I finished to parallax the map because I wasn't able to make it prettier through the editor :x
The parallax could've been better but I'm a bit rusty at the moment like you can see.

I might start a small project next year in hope to get back to my main project after it.
I really have a problem with confidence and motivation, lol.

Take care.


Stay upadated!


Since I don't want to spam this blog anymore with works that take me a long time to do. I decided to : open a twitch channel, where I will stream from time to time my work on my project and I will also try to play rpg maker games.

My channel : LINK

It's a new way for me to help me stay motivated in the long term about Rpg maker and to let you know that I'm still alive.


Still alive


I'm sorry if I didn't give any news.
So I came to say that the project is still alive and I am slowly getting back on it.
For starter I updated my summary as you can see.
That's my first step toward the futur.

See you soon.

Progress Report

Making of Harmel (part 4.3)

This is a resume of my work from mid December to mid January.


Village part

Night version : I will work on it after fixing the bugs (see below)

Passabilities bugs that need to be fixed

I'm also trying to understand the basics of Photshop

Base from : http://kimailanoori.blog.fc2.com/

See you later :)

Progress Report

Making of Harmel (part 4.1)

Farms are done and have been put down in the map.
Thanks to Panda Maru for his windmill, it looks so nice near the farms.

I gave some fields to the farms, the wine maker farm, looks so lovely with those grape vines. I wanted to make straws'fields but I couldn't make them pretty so I changed them into corns. I fell in love with some pumpkins I found, so I put them too, lol. The sheeps fields need some tall grass, it will be the next thing I will work on. Sheeps' field at the moment doesn't have a door because the one by default provided by Celiana isn't animated and all my doors are animated so it will look weird if that door won't be animated, imo... I will try to put something animated.

There're still a lot to do as you can see, I'm hanging in there and sorry for my bad English.

Progress Report

Making of Harmel (part 4?)

Here's a preview of my work on Harmel.
As you can see I put trees all over the place with a hill (ref:mountain path).
I'm working at the moment on the farms, I'm making templates.

Progress Report

Making of Harmel : learning about water 1.5

All right, I will leave the water as it is. I wasn't able to make it looks better. I will probably put a small waterfall at the top of the stream.

The base of my village is finished. I will add to the decor/details when I finish the agricultural part of the map. Currently, I try to delineate areas by adding trees between the farms'area and the village.

Progress Report

Making of Harmel : learning about water 1.0

Yeah, I'm workig again on my game. :)
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