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Gourd Clae Reviews

~Prenote~ (Feel free to skip this)

Doppelganger is currently in construction by Archeiah_Nessiah and Rhyme. It's very beautiful - which makes sense if you've ever played any other games made by the two. Regardless, it is very beautiful AND the premise of the storyline seems interesting thus far. Do keep in mind however that this doesn't represent the final product, and I will come back to review the final product when it's finished (like every other game in NaGaDemo uuuuugggghhhh). I have to warn you of two things before you read on however: 1. Spoilers and 2. The fact that the review is seperated into several sections. Play the game first before reading this, lazy. It's not that long. So, pop some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the read!

Since Doppelganger is a visual novel the gameplay consists of the choices you make, and just enjoying the pretty art and wonderful storyline the game has to offer. Though, Rhyme and Archeiah_Nessiah were going to put in battles and try to get the jump on the visual novel business apparently. Considering I'm almost completely faithful to RPG's I think this is a good idea. Though, BUGS! Yes, pesky little bugs stopped them so I hope they sort out their buggy problem soon - fighting the Fragra is something I believe I'd enjoy doing. It could even explain one some my biggest questions for this game: What do they even look like and what are they? You should definitely show a picture of them in the game (I'm sure you will at some point). Back to gameplay, another interesting mechanic that also helps you shape the story is your cellphone. You can use your cell phone to call people during a time called "intermission". I don't know why there are quotation marks there, there just are. I don't believe it effects anything that happens in the demo, but I believe that it will in the final (or maybe even the next) version of the game. It's too bad you can't call Ralph right after getting on the bus, though. I can only imagine what he'd say to that, probably something like: "What, miss me already?" Or, maybe something less conceited sounding. Hm. During intermission you also have access to a simple menu that looks nice, but, uh, you need a little more capitalization in there. I believe this will be used for equipping yourself when battles are implemented.

In short, it's a visual novel that will contain a little bit extra gameplay than normal (battles). It would be pretty hard to do incorrectly.

Prescribed prescriptions are prescribed to prescribe prescriptions.

As for the mapping, did I mention this was a visual novel? Yeah, there aren't. Maps that is. Because it doesn't need any. Visual novels are like the hipsters of the gaming world if you please, they don't NEED maps to be good or even be games.

As for the graphics that do currently exist:
The characters are beautiful! Like most other games by these two, the character design is just plain spectacular. And, the actual drawing is very awesome as well, it has an excellent feel to it. Though, I've noticed that the colors are mainly more somber than other games by these two, this was probably done intentionally if you consider the story of the game and how...slightly morbid\scary it is to me. But, don't get me wrong, this is still fairly bright.

Anyway, it's prettiful! Though, the background art is from various visual novels, understandable considering how many I saw, really. And extra especially understandable if you realize they rushed this out for NaGaDemo.

Truth is he's got a frog in his throat.


I'm not too sure of where the songs come from (it wouldn't be my review if I did), but they fit. I can only remember one song vaguely, so they, if more than one is even used in the demo, aren't too terribly memorable (I think 2-3 were used). I guess I was too engrossed by the story. Sounds were very good though, and I very rarely take any notice to such things. It is slightly weird though how a lot of the sounds in the demo are comitted to Atoli's phone.

I'll say that, overall, the sounds and music will help you get a feel of the ambience in the game, but I couldn't help feeling like the music was barely there. You should be more liberal with your music use!

You play Atoli, she lives with her father's friend and her sister who is on a ~curved~ path if you catch my drift. You proably don't because I'm bad with metaphors. Basically, she's a delinquent. But, more important to the main plot, Atoli offers tickets to some stranger online called Blue. On the way, Atoli , along with Ralph, encounter a Fragra which is a creature of light that is, from what I gathered, very dangerous. After getting to the desired destination, she notices it's oddly quiet...

Yeah, it's pretty epic thus far, but this is really what I've had to gather, though there's an excellent narrative going that does a wonderful job of showing you the story pieces so no problem here whatsoever.

A very nice demo. It's put together well, and has a wonderful premise. Well, if you like darker stories. Which, I for one, do. About as much as I like most any other story really. And, Atoli is totally awesome. I may have to meet her sister before I determine my favorite character though. This was also a little too short for my taste to give a rating.


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Definitely one to keep my eye on!
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