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It's your classic dungeon crawler, but with its special flavour.

  • hkoz
  • 07/25/2012 01:57 AM
Here we go!
The story was kinda cliché, and a little boring ~sorry~: you are a hero, I think! And you fought with some bad-ass villain, but he beats the hell out of you. Now, you wake up in a dungeon,or a maze,and you are supposed to make it out of there alive, in order to beat that bad-ass villain again.

The story itself was not very good, but what I liked about it was the dialog. It was well written, and by that I mean the way you describe the actions of the characters using words. It added a special flavor to the story.
The other thing I liked about the story was funny scenes that you implemented in the story, especially the one with the fairy XD.
Score: 3\5 (-2 boring story)

So, you start your game in a maze, not much of a surprise knowing the name of the game. You have to kill every level’s boss in order to advance to the next level, that isn’t very special. But what is special about this game is that it gave you a reason to kill all those roaming clouds, turned out to be the monsters.
The Skill cube system was something I personally liked about this game. It is new, and what is really special about it is that it’s built using “eventing power!” ,everyone can make a skill system with a script but a few can make it with events.
The ability to heal your player was, I think, overly used. I found myself with a lot of carrots, No, I am not a vegetarian! It’s the “potions” of the game.

The monsters were VERY easy! What made it even easier were those healing spots that were in every level. The only ones who made a small threat were the bosses. Ah! One more thing there is a bug, if I can call it that, in the final boss battle. When he uses his “swift attack” it –permanently-- prevents the player from taking anymore actions. In other words, once it hits you, it won’t go away.
The only way to beat him was learning “swift attack,” which I don’t know why both the monsters and the player can use the same skills, and it will have the same effect “permanent paralyze.”

I can't say much about the battle system since it's the default battle system, except for the skills, but it wasn't bad nor good; just normal.
Score: 2.5\5 (-1 very easy monsters, -1 healing, healing, and more healing, -.5 bug)

The mapping is one of downsides of this game. Unfortunately, it was very poor.I don’t know why you picked those green tiles to decorate the maze. They were very horrible.
The game would have been much better, if you used a custom tilesets or maybe tried parallel mapping (N.B. I don’t use it because it’s not easy)
Score: 2\5 (-1.5 Poor mapping, -1.5 bad choice of RTP tilesets)

Since there wasn’t any custom music in this game (which I believe would’ve improved it a lot), my opinion will be based on your choice of the RTP’s.
I think maybe you could have picked a better BMGs for ur maps, maybe played a little with the pitch and sound.
Score: 3.5\5 (-1.5 Bad choices of music)

-Fix That bug in the final boss
-Improve your mapping skills a little. You can start by editing the RTP’s map samples.
-Use ur own BGMs or try adjusting the RTP’s.
-Keep working on the skill cube. It is good, but it can be awesome!
-either removes the healing Items or the healing circles
-try using a script for the battle system or create your own.
-Try asking someone to map for you. you have a great talent. if you work with a team, I am sure you will make an awesome game.

Thanks for reading this.


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Yeah I thought there were to many carrots at the first. I'm still trying to find the balance on monsters. I hope to have that fix before the next demo. I'll take away the green floors and try to put something else there. I'm still learning the mapping and music. (My weak points lol) Thank you for the honest review.
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