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For those of you new to the CV project, Collision Velocity is about a single town, and two of the towns people fighting back against the empire for their misdeeds and evil ways of living.

The story starts in the forest of shadow, which is completely isolated from the outside world. Torean, and his brother, Vertus, wake up on the forest floor. Desperate for a way out, they adventure along the forest until they encounter a weird dungeon. After finding a portal and teleporting back to town, the find Aton, the vampire, that now threatens all of the townspeople to death. It is now up to Torean and Vertus to stop his ways and get what they want- peace. Eternal Peace.

+ Front-view RMXP mimic battle system
+ Custom Graphics
+ Lots of puzzles you can solve
+ Twelve chapters

Updates will be announced in the "blog" section when I get time.
Visit the forum thread here: http://www.rpgmaker.net/forums/index.php?topic=768.msg10160#msg10160

Latest Blog

A small delay.

I haven't been able to release Monolock on RS day II because of a couple of bugs with it's improved RMXP mimic battle engine. Today, I have submitted an article that lets you use RMXP battlers in your RM2k3 game without question, labeled "Battlers in RM2k3." within the Tutorials 2000/2003 section. A couple of new projects have sprouted up but those are only in the planning stages, which I am testing right now for theme. I will be creating a Sci-Fi RPG as well, which may take some time.
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This sounds alright. I will be looking forward to playing this.
Custom Graphics my Ass.
There isn't anything custom.
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