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A small delay.

I haven't been able to release Monolock on RS day II because of a couple of bugs with it's improved RMXP mimic battle engine. Today, I have submitted an article that lets you use RMXP battlers in your RM2k3 game without question, labeled "Battlers in RM2k3." within the Tutorials 2000/2003 section. A couple of new projects have sprouted up but those are only in the planning stages, which I am testing right now for theme. I will be creating a Sci-Fi RPG as well, which may take some time.


A couple of new features and project locking.

I just got a couple of new features out on Monolock. Nothing special, but they are useful in some ways.

On the world map, sometimes, you will be able to encounter really rare monsters or find books, or just start a conversation.

These are not important to the storyline and will not change your progress on it, but they are there for a reason. When you have encountered a monster worth the hunt, press * to enter battle. You may escape, but upon escaping, you lose 10GP. If you see a dialogue option, choose "Start Conversation" to start reading. You will encounter these both in new and visited areas. Any monster can be hunted at any time.

Each monster has a rare item, that you have about a 30% chance of getting. This item can be either equipped or used, but is most prized when sold. Usually items obtained from the hunt are worth more than 2000GP, so keep your eye out for those items.

The Monolock project will be locked so that no-one can hack it. The patch that locks the project can be found on the Gaming World forums. However, on the first version, you will be able to open it up, but there won't be any of the new features I have added because I am considering on updating that somewhere in early May or late April.


Sudoku puzzles added and some other news.

A couple of sudoku puzzles have been added to the area of Aton's Citadel. The first version of Monolock is very short, and ranges from twenty to four hours of gameplay, depending on your difficulty level.

Sadly, Monolock will not be continued after Monolock II will be released. A new game called Aortana will be released later on, and will soon have a RMN game page right here. Aortana will have many of Monolock's game aspects but the game is strongly focused on the history of the world.

A couple of new powers were added to the game. Since each character is of a different type of mage, they all of special abilities. Such as if you were an Aqera mage, you would be able to breathe underwater and walk on the water, but as well as to manipulate the water itself. Here are the special abilities for each mage class.

Aqera Mage
Be able to manipulate the water and to walk on top of it, but also being able to breathe under it without drowning.

Be able to use the objects around you, such as lift rocks, jump on objects, or destroy objects.

Shadow Magician
Be able to walk into different areas that are un-reachable to other humans. Prevents all damage that are related to the Dark element.

Inferno Mage
Step into firey areas without getting hurt. Inferno mages constantly need water (every hour, but you won't need to do this in the game) to regulate body temperature. This prevents the mage from becoming a Fire Horror. Inferno mages can swim in lava without being injured.

More to come.


Monolock name change!

Monolock, previously EP:CV, has developed a more serious name than before. If Monolock II is to be expected later this year, it will be created in RPG Maker VX instead of RPG Maker 2003. The reason is that RM2k3 gets boring, once in a while because of it's graphics limit, and the Standard, instead of Cleartype of font.

Any new things to be expected on Monolock will be announced in a thread within the RMN Forums.


Aton's Citadel!

From yesterday, Aton's Citadel has been created. A singular dungeon with many other small features, such as a couple of minigames, large puzzles, random battles, and Boss Battles. As you know, the battles will be fought in a front-view battle system similar to RMXP. The progress on the area is going slow, and I expect to release a demo, including Aton's Citadel and a little past that by mid-april, around the 16th, before I go to be a student counciler at outdoor school.

Hopefully, I will finish this portion of the game before I go.


Part of the "Peace" series.

Currently, Eternal Peace is part of the complete Peace trilogy. The Trilogy will let the players play from different prespectives, such as different characters adventuring around the world, each event happening after the previous. A couple of character bios are finally here, and here they are.

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: Aqera Spear
Class: Aqera Mage
A short-tempered teenager that spends most of his time exploring in the field of world geography. He is also one of the best Aqera mages ever out there, and is able to use the elite Aqera ability.

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Weapon: Celestial Dagger
Class: Celestial
Younger brother of Torean and basically the utmost trouble-maker. He is known to have a controlled temper, unlike his brother, and tends to help people more than his brother. However, he doesn't get as good as grades as Torean does. Vertus is basically a medium-ranked Celestial, but is also able to use the ultimate ability.

Age: ???
Gender: Male
Weapon: Inferno Claw
Class: Infernus Mage
Verdonu is the complete opposite of Vertus. Even though he is immortal, he does have quite a temper and has some sort of academic record with the Infernus mages. He is able to use all eight of the Infernus's special abilities.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Weapon: Shadow Sword
Class: Shadow Magician
Nevia is thought to be a mysterious one. Her past is very mysterious, and the one thing overall is that she has forgotten how long she has been practicing as a Shadow Magician. However, she isn't evil. Seeing the group struggle in the adventure, she joins Torean, Vertus, and Verdonu for the maximum effect.

More characters to come, I have to have a bit more of thought first.
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