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Sudoku puzzles added and some other news.

A couple of sudoku puzzles have been added to the area of Aton's Citadel. The first version of Monolock is very short, and ranges from twenty to four hours of gameplay, depending on your difficulty level.

Sadly, Monolock will not be continued after Monolock II will be released. A new game called Aortana will be released later on, and will soon have a RMN game page right here. Aortana will have many of Monolock's game aspects but the game is strongly focused on the history of the world.

A couple of new powers were added to the game. Since each character is of a different type of mage, they all of special abilities. Such as if you were an Aqera mage, you would be able to breathe underwater and walk on the water, but as well as to manipulate the water itself. Here are the special abilities for each mage class.

Aqera Mage
Be able to manipulate the water and to walk on top of it, but also being able to breathe under it without drowning.

Be able to use the objects around you, such as lift rocks, jump on objects, or destroy objects.

Shadow Magician
Be able to walk into different areas that are un-reachable to other humans. Prevents all damage that are related to the Dark element.

Inferno Mage
Step into firey areas without getting hurt. Inferno mages constantly need water (every hour, but you won't need to do this in the game) to regulate body temperature. This prevents the mage from becoming a Fire Horror. Inferno mages can swim in lava without being injured.

More to come.