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A couple of new features and project locking.

I just got a couple of new features out on Monolock. Nothing special, but they are useful in some ways.

On the world map, sometimes, you will be able to encounter really rare monsters or find books, or just start a conversation.

These are not important to the storyline and will not change your progress on it, but they are there for a reason. When you have encountered a monster worth the hunt, press * to enter battle. You may escape, but upon escaping, you lose 10GP. If you see a dialogue option, choose "Start Conversation" to start reading. You will encounter these both in new and visited areas. Any monster can be hunted at any time.

Each monster has a rare item, that you have about a 30% chance of getting. This item can be either equipped or used, but is most prized when sold. Usually items obtained from the hunt are worth more than 2000GP, so keep your eye out for those items.

The Monolock project will be locked so that no-one can hack it. The patch that locks the project can be found on the Gaming World forums. However, on the first version, you will be able to open it up, but there won't be any of the new features I have added because I am considering on updating that somewhere in early May or late April.