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Deleting the Demo

  • Ephiam
  • 12/09/2012 09:08 PM
Because Heroes of Tsufana has been completed (aside from testing and final bug/error fixing) I will be removing the link to the demo that I uploaded a few Months ago. This should not be an inconvenience to anyone, but I thought that I would announce this minor change regardless. I don't want to waste any more valuable downloads on an unfinished products now that the final game is so close to being released.

Thanks for the read!


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Well I'm glad SOMEONE is excited! Hahaa. Though I find that lately the more "true" I am to old NES classics, the less people I manage to get interested in the project. I'm still amazed that the first Dragon Fantasy has gotten so many downloads, while everything else just falls flat in comparison.

Hopefully this game will change that! We can always hope. =D
I'm looking forward to it, too. Dragon Fantasy was a really good game, and there aren't nearly enough Dragon Quest inspired games. Though, one thing I wish they all had was class changing, like the later Dragon Quest games had.
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