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Progress Report


Alright, as you may see on the game profile, I've set the target completion date to be in two weeks, which is just before I leave for a holiday.

Now, that is MY target completion date, and the game probably won't be ready for release by then. Because the game is Press Turn Battle now a number of the fights have to be revised and there's still some kinks to iron out, though I've been doing my best to do it myself during testing.

Now, as to what's left:

-Proper Enemy set-up

-A small chunk of lead-up: the second half of a boss cutscene, the player parties reuniting and confronting the final boss, etc

-the ending itself

-polish/revision of how to get the Good and Bad endings so it's not dependent on one particular choice

-Final Boss's portrait set-up (I'm not planning on drawing her or her boss form myself)

-Test test test test test

Now from what I've played, my average playtime is about 3 hours. I do need more testing though, because I obviously know where items are and how to open locked doors.

I am going to be adding a branching section off of an area about 3/4 through the game, because it's right before a boss rush and there's no place to go level up if it's needed. I've found myself stuck there a couple of times (due to bugs as well as hard bosses, but what can you do besides try to fix 'em) and I hate the idea of a game requiring a total reset to be finished.

Other than that, the whole game is thoroughly planned out, I know what happens in both endings, I'm not really planning on adding any new skills though the skills currently implemented need alteration because, again, battle system switch, so certain things and trade-offs aren't working anymore. There's no wayward sections anymore (you can play the game up to where I've finished up eventing, for a while the game wasn't properly connected and couldn't be played all the way through).

After I finish ReEvolution I'm planning to work on a few other (short) titles with some different battle systems (I'm looking at an action RPG and a platformer) before I go back to working properly on ReCrisis. I DO recommend giving ReCrisis's current demo (and I may end up polishing and releasing Episode Zero proper before starting work on those other games) a whirl after playing this. It's a fun romp when you have foresight of where everyone ends up but you don't know how or why.

To leave off have a set of office cubicles I need to remap and a potential spoiler


Merry Christmas Kyrsty

I hope you totally don't mind us hijacking your game and gamepage. It looks sexy, so please forgive us :D

We know you like the color red. So have some new battle system that is the exact same as Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and a very, very red menu to satiate your vampire needs. :3

Progress Report


When the heck did this game hit 18 subscribers? Shows how much attention I pay...

Anyway, the question is what condition is this game in? Well...I'm still working on the final dungeon. To be perfectly honest I've been kinda stuck inspiration-wise for this game for a while, but just recently I started watching Resident Evil let's plays (necroscope's, for those interested. I recall getting annoyed at one of his FF8 videos at some stage because SEIFER CARD USE YOUR DAMN SEIFER CARD and let's players can't hear you).

However there HAVE been a lot of updates to what the demo presents here, and I'll attempt to more or less tell you guys what's up in regards to it.

  • Minorly revised dialogue (waits, spacing, etc)

  • New Hospital sequence

  • Slightly revised maps.

  • New Icons for turns.

  • All characters have their Aftermath messages set up.

  • Following completing the forest and talking to the synth guy, you can mix herbs from the main menu.

  • Mamabears's (and Papabear's) portraits have been revised.

  • Different pop-up font.

  • New windowskins.

And probably a lot of other under the hood stuff that I've forgotten.

Here's Void in his completed final outfit glory:

Hamu's revise one:

Not much difference, just that the lines and colours were applied on a higher-res image and then shrunk down rather than the fiddly-doodly stuff that goes on if you edit the image at its original res. I am stupid for attempting it in the first place :V

I've also been working on some Erik thingamagigs that I'd like to do for the whole cast, but we'll see how that pans out. At present they're not really needed unless I actually replace facesets, but I think their set up pretty much explains what kind of interface I'd actually like for REE.

(warning: eyes are way too big, this was drawn very quickly)

Anyway that's all for the update! Hopefully there won't be so much space between this and the next one, dohoho.

OH, and IN CASE YOU'RE CURIOUS, a big thanks goes to Archeia_Nessiah for lots of things, namely the CSS, Windowskin and a number of other improvements. She's also a key boss battle designer for this game, so you have her to thank for Hermione, Charlotte, Reeve and another boss inside the final dungeon.

Thank her while weeping on your knees.

Progress Report


So, today I pretty much finished up the monster hub with the help of Archeia_Nessiah, who agreed to make two of the boss fights for me! You'll know them when you encounter them. Nessy is ruthless <3

To put it simply, Hamu pales in comparison to Reeve. I dare you to mash attack. I dare you~

Besides that, I remade the Hospital sequence, as well as setting up a few new skillsets, cutscenes, etc. Also since everyone was saying that Erik was dumb Void gets a new outfit post the monster hub-


I'm struggling to avoid jokes of a certain nature. Mainly because Reeve is a goddamn smartass. But he can be a sweetheart when he needs to be, so forever luff <3

Game Design

Working on it!

Nessiah has been threatening me with RinxYukio *shudders* so now I have to work on this game hahaha orz.

The game currently ends right before you enter the Monster's Hideout, which is a huge map with lots of facilities (three bathrooms ermegerd!). I want to make it really rich and full of life, because that's what it is. It's a sci-fi facility, but I really wanted to make it like people live there, you know what I mean?

I've really enjoyed the development process of this game, even if I do keep getting majorly distracted from...everything...by Ao no Exorcist. Obsession is a killer, I tell ya!

I don't have much laying around, so have a random 8yearold!Henry.

Gore! Torture! Mental anguish! I love it! *I have been under Nessiah's tutelage for too long*
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