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  • Puddor
  • 03/30/2015 03:38 AM
Alright, as you may see on the game profile, I've set the target completion date to be in two weeks, which is just before I leave for a holiday.

Now, that is MY target completion date, and the game probably won't be ready for release by then. Because the game is Press Turn Battle now a number of the fights have to be revised and there's still some kinks to iron out, though I've been doing my best to do it myself during testing.

Now, as to what's left:

-Proper Enemy set-up

-A small chunk of lead-up: the second half of a boss cutscene, the player parties reuniting and confronting the final boss, etc

-the ending itself

-polish/revision of how to get the Good and Bad endings so it's not dependent on one particular choice

-Final Boss's portrait set-up (I'm not planning on drawing her or her boss form myself)

-Test test test test test

Now from what I've played, my average playtime is about 3 hours. I do need more testing though, because I obviously know where items are and how to open locked doors.

I am going to be adding a branching section off of an area about 3/4 through the game, because it's right before a boss rush and there's no place to go level up if it's needed. I've found myself stuck there a couple of times (due to bugs as well as hard bosses, but what can you do besides try to fix 'em) and I hate the idea of a game requiring a total reset to be finished.

Other than that, the whole game is thoroughly planned out, I know what happens in both endings, I'm not really planning on adding any new skills though the skills currently implemented need alteration because, again, battle system switch, so certain things and trade-offs aren't working anymore. There's no wayward sections anymore (you can play the game up to where I've finished up eventing, for a while the game wasn't properly connected and couldn't be played all the way through).

After I finish ReEvolution I'm planning to work on a few other (short) titles with some different battle systems (I'm looking at an action RPG and a platformer) before I go back to working properly on ReCrisis. I DO recommend giving ReCrisis's current demo (and I may end up polishing and releasing Episode Zero proper before starting work on those other games) a whirl after playing this. It's a fun romp when you have foresight of where everyone ends up but you don't know how or why.

To leave off have a set of office cubicles I need to remap and a potential spoiler


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Make sure to let me test it first before you release D:
Yeah I remember that lol. "Those plants are too harrrd ;w;"
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I think you tested a mamillion years ago when I was first releasing the NaGaDeMo version. I'd really appreciate that when it's ready to go! I'll give you a buzz.
Whooo this is exciting! If you need me to do some testing I can probably do some. Since I'm listed as a tester for some reason. :P
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