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what even IS a creative blog name?

  • Puddor
  • 01/07/2019 08:58 AM
So, as I said I was aiming toward a 10th release for a demo, but predictably life got in the way. Don't say I didn't say it would, because I did, because it always does.

So, despite this I have been working pretty hard at the project. I've posted a few screens to show this. Essentially a number of sprites are completed and the resources to make many more are in the works, so the maps are slowly being repopulated with better sprites.

As for the battle system, I actually started making progress on it over the last week. It was essentially non-functioning (especially as I had a Turn 0 event and Octo doesn't like it). I've made progress as shown between the two screens below:

I think I'm going to aim toward the original battle HUD I designed for REE, way back in 14 or so:

which is far more doable in the game's present state than it was in the RMVXA version.

I'm also working on bust redraws as all main characters have been redesigned, as well as a number of later gameplay flow options. I have succeeded in my paltry goal of getting the opening until the base playable all the way through with nothing exploding, so there's that at least.

What progress I've made will slow down when I return to work on Thursday, which I'll try to work through but no promises. It's not really work that kills my motivation as it is, but I waffled about it enough in my last blog.

To leave off have Henry & Nimu's new overworld sprites:


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It's still going really well! I just hope the UI won't kill you later.
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