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Gourd Clae Reviews

~Prenote~ (Feel free to skip this)

ReEvolution is a quaint little game (currently only a demo) which was submitted in NaGaDemo, fated to be reviewed by me. I really liked the plot in its current status as it has one of my favorite plot tools -- Inner-party Struggle! Oh, and amnesia, but we'll get to that. Right now, I'd like to warn you of SPOILERS! Yes, my reviews tend to have spoilers so walk out that imaginary door if you've yet to play the game, or stay, or whatever. Also, as eluded to by the header above, my review is set up in a specific layout so I don't confuse you with my rambling! I'd also like to mention that the game is fairly well-mapped, has nice facesets, but makes a few mistakes here and there. I'll help you Kyrsty! I'll give your game a vasectomy review!

Battles: They're very fun! They appear to be the default RMVX Ace battle system, which I've found extremely entertaining ever since I played Princess Princess V5. It's quite difficult though, but if you know what you're doing you're not going to lose. I like how it's got a small amount of luck instilled in it, yet it doesn't actually matter as long as you use strategy. One thing I've got beef with however are the random battles. I know it's a design choice, I just don't like them. Also, being the derpy person I am, I had problems using Phasma Phasmortis. Thank you for explaining it to me, Kyrsty!

Exploraton: From what you can see in its demo, ReEvolution will have a fair amount of exploration and from what Kyrsty eluded to in a blog, quite a bit! Right from the beginning you are ordered to "get your bearings" in what will be your base of operations. There's very little exploration in the first dungeon but just enough that you can miss stuff. Well, kind of. Most of it is going to be right in your face, and with the mission of getting supplies, you're liable to get all of it. In the second dungeon however, it branches off into three paths in the beginning and Nimu claims to have lost the map to the place. Adventure Exploration time! I even missed something because I thought there was more to explore.
Plenty of exploring, but you never feel lost!

Very nice facesets and the chipset is nice as well. I remember thinking to myself
"That is some NICE grass."
The mapping is done well, very little looks odd, and alot of it looks beautiful. I especially liked the forest area. An odd thing with the text box is it would be to the side when Henry talked, but for everyone else, it went right behind their faceset. A little disconjointing if I do say so myself. Also, Void without his armor on has bit of white on him still on the edges. It may happen elsewhere, but this was the only place I noticed it.
Also, I freaking LOVE the title screen. You can just feel the awesome in the game!

why does the word man candy come to mind? (Darn you, Enelysion!)

Music from: sadlersongs, RampantMusik, Ocularnebula, devastus, 73quantum, vartan, Gary Warth, Xenogenocide, and Cherni. With that out of the way, my personal favorite is "ReEvolution" ironically enough. I just love the fast beat and heroic tone of the song - it's just so uplifting! All of the sounds are fitting, most of which I believe are RTP.
And, I must say that the boss music you chose, and the 'final' boss music were epic and made me feel pumped about fighting. I absolutely loved it.

Oh look, it's Naia's reincarnation! No, really, she loves mushrooms and everything.
So, you end up taking on the role of the amnesiac that Naia Nimu decided to call "Void" because she's a despicable human being. Just as Henry, who appears to be the leader of a resistance against a certain virus states. And, apparently, the virus turns people into terrible monsters. Void, being holy crap skinny, decides to suit up in some medieval armor (which everyone has a comment for) and help them out. His first mission being to gather supplies with Nimu. However this is a ruse by the organization as it turns out he has to fight a monster to be "initiated". Nimu says he doesn't have to but I don't understand this line as he really doesn't have a choice. He doesn't know who he is, who they are, or what to do. So, naturally, he says yes. After the mission, in the mid of the night, Void sees some glowing eyes. (Though, it actually looks like a light shadow. Maybe get a glowing eye animation?) Void ends up having to tell Henry with, some prodding from Nimu and Caleb (who is awesome), because Henry...is dangerous when woken in the morning! So, apparently, as funny as it is, Nimu and Caleb don't give a crap what happens to Void. Nice to know. Henry decides to dock their tokens and rightfully so! His next mission involves going through an ice cave with Nimu and Caleb. On the other end is a hospital, which creeps Void out. They get the needles they were looking for and all of a sudden...monster breach! They decide they absolutely have to help and head to the children's wing of the hospital.

If you want to know what happens next, play the game! Of course this is right before a big reveal--two in fact!

At least for now anyway!

I enjoyed the demo very much and hope to see the plot blossom in the future!
I loved the music and the characters as well as the mapping - so I'll be keeping an eye on this!
After consulting Kyrsty, I've realized that this is a good representation of the game.


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if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much! As for that Void portrait...yeah...needs a fixin'. But it means re-exporting every emotion set, which is a painful experience =-=

The game will only be about 2 or so hours long (my play time in testing is 1:40 and I'm about to start the final dungeon). I'm glad you enjoyed the dungeon design though! It's something I usually struggle with but the fact you held your bearings bodes well for me =3=)b

Also I'm glad you like the title screen :> that thing caused me a number of headaches SO I'M GLAD IT PAID OFF

Thank you for making such a nice game (demo)! It was a joy to play. I'll give you a rating once I play the final version of the demo. (Right now it looks to be a solid 4)
Regarding the battles:

IMHO, the first part of the game is the hardest. And why would that be? Because in the very first dungeon there are Wasps; they are not particularly hard to fight, it is their annoying stun attack that makes them true Daemonic Spiders.

With only Nimu and Void as PCs, if both of them are stunned when at low HP, then its a game over. You have no way to prevent it nor to remove it; all you can do is watch your characters as they slowly lose HPs one after the other.

To summarise my feelings with a tongue-in-check expression, I think you've made wasps too hardcore. :)
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