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Possess sombody, torture someone else, and rest in peace

  • Sylenus
  • 07/14/2012 12:27 PM
GRAPHICS (3.5/5)
This game uses mostly VX ace's RTPs, and edits of these same RTPs, but uses them well, with good lightning effects and a good mapping that results atmospheric and pleasant to the eye.

MUSIC (3.5/5)
Four pieces are used in this game, and none of them is from the RTP music. I think they generally fit well the game's atmosphere.

STORY (2/5)
You are dead, and some guy named HKOz (like the guy who made this game) tells you that you have to torture somebody using the body of someone else to find peace in death. And that, to torture the guy you choose, you must get the spheres of vengeance through partaking to some minigames.

The characters have no real characterization and they're there only to explain you the minigames. The main character is mute and has no characterization at all, but that's not necessarily a bad thing since he should be you.

The gameplay is composed by a series of minigames. In the first one, you have to take some orbs without touching the ghosts that are in the minigame's map. That would all be okay, if it wasn't that both the main character and the enemies move really slow. It gets really boring. The second minigame is a pac-man clone, but the enemies are many more than in the original, move more slowly and can't step on the "candies". After that you have to find some jewels for a guy that looks like Satan so you can see a password and get a sphere of the vengeance. After that there's a memory game. I tried to memorize the sequence the game proposes, and I managed to memorize the first 14 "parts" of the sequence. But, do you know how long the sequence was? 22 items. Yeah, you've read right, 22. To overcome such a situation I had to write down the sequence. After all that you get to torture that poor fella you chose at the beginning of the game.

I haven't found a single savepoint in the whole game, which isn't that short not to require any.

Good graphics and music can't excuse the scarce depth of the plot, the non-existing characters and the general boredom that the game causes.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
14 items memorized!? Man, you're memory is much better than mine was! I didn't count the total number of items to memorize, so, props for that.

*Edit: Also, the demo ends after just the first torture sequence? I was under this odd impression that you could do, like, two or three. Huh.
Also, the demo ends after just the first torture sequence? I was under this odd impression that you could do, like, two or three. Huh.
Yes, you can do some more torture sequences, although I don't know how many because after some torturing I ran in a bug and the game froze.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Perhaps I was not clear. I meant to ask if you were able to torture multiple people with this demo, not a single person multiple times.
Thank you very much for your informative review Sylenus and Merrand. I have updated the game and fixed a few things, the first thing was the ability to save. I really appreciate your efforts and I will try to use them in the my next game :D .
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