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If you've got 10 minutes free, why not right!

  • Tau
  • 07/11/2012 10:42 AM

Dragon Kingdoms, has got to be in all honesty the longest running franchise in all of Rpg Maker today. Seriously, VW has been making these games longer then I've even known of Rpg Maker. Hell the original release for this very game was probably before my time haha.

Well on with the review.

Although this particular game is a remake that is very clearly at it's beginning stages. I have no real way to compare the quality of the original to it's remake. First off I will have to ask, can this even be considered a demo? Because to be fair this release is quite short and has very little to do in terms of gameplay. I wouldn't even say it's a valid showcasing of what kind of game it will eventually become or where the story will take us.

This game did however present one real thing about it.. it's simplicity. Right from the get go the game looks, and plays very default. Plenty of battles to get into but.. Well that was about it really. It did however have a nifty touch encounter system, too bad there were just too many monster laid out to really use it properly and efficiently. Escaping was well done to because the enemy would be stalled and physically change so you clearly knew what was happening.

(Ahh just a nice stroll in th.. OMG!!)

You start the game and have a small piece of dialogue to get through. Then get told to go north towards a city, fight some monsters as you're heading north. Run into a couple of little things like an NPC and some ruins thing. But other than that it is literally 5-10 minutes long, depending on the amount of battles you undertake.

Audio seemed to be used well, nothing outstanding or out of place. Sound effects also seemed in order. The maps I will say were quite big and the VXRTP could've been used worse. Like the title says, if you have five, maybe ten minutes to spare check it out. In the future will this game be a lot better, probably? But for now I can't recommend it to anybody.

No score will be given as it is just way too early for it. Would be unfair to rate it now.