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My thoughts and suggestions on Castle Oblivion 3

I really enjoyed the game! So much so, that I played through it twice, and fought/beat the optional bosses, my 2nd time around. the. The RPG battle's were fun and challenging. I enjoyed a large portion of the story. The characters were creative and hilarious. Their were a few flaws and some typos, however: that could really use some improvements.

Here is a list of flaws and suggestions to how they could be improved.

On Floor 1. Enemies had a chance to spam stun Evan continually, which could if your unlucky, even kill Evan with you only getting 1 turn. A fix could be to give Evan a Stun medal before the, Floor 1 dungeon.

The was also an issue of the optional bosses being so tough, that you might need the unbuyable rare items to defeat them, where's some players might have ran out from using them on earlier bosses or maybe selling them for money. Making them buyable eventually could help.

The was also wide variety of status effects that could be cheap if you are not wearing a specific accessory as well as enemies being so fast that you need the speed boots to be faster than them. An important thing to keep in mind when designing an RPG is that players when they are first encountering enemies do not know what status effects, an enemy will and won't have. A good way to prevent players from having this issue could be to allow 2 accessories to be equipped. This would allow preparation for wide variety of possibilities and has even been done in games such as, Final Fantasy 6.

I also think Shaun and Vera could be a lot more useful, because they weren't near as useful in any particular specialties as Evan(Healer) and Rebecka(Melee Attacker). I would suggest giving Vera a higher chance for her melee status effects to work, and give Shaun a way to be more helpful, then simply doing magic damage, that's usually inferior to Rebecka's melee attacking.

Lastly, the final boss was one those bosses that a lot of gamers would find disappointing for a few reasons. The fight really short. It's possible to win in 1 turn even, and their was a permanent switch with 2 of your party members which plenty of people would find awkward, given that gamers, tend to prefer to use the characters they had been leveling, armoring, and powering up. Story wise it would also make more sense for all 8 characters to go fight, The Creator. My suggestion would be to look up info on what makes both a good and a bad final boss.

I enjoyed the game, however; for the most part and hope these suggestions help. I give it a 3.5! Thank you for making this game!!! It was fun to play!!


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Thank you for the review! The Creator fight was mostly designed with a cinematic purpose. It's not supposed to be a difficult fight.
Yeah, I thought The Creator might have been made for a cinematic style victory. There is a flaw however with this, as a lot of gamers tend to enjoy fighting the final boss in a slower epic way envolving more game play.

Their is a popular game called Gears of War 2, that had a final boss, that may have also been made for a cinematic style finish. If you look up people's thoughts on the final boss, such as check video comments on it. you'll find a lot of negative comments on the fight itself. Cinematics are rely entertaining, however; if they come at the cost of lower quality game play: they tend disappoint a huge amount of gamers.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Whoo! Good review, good game and a even better developer :,)
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