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Note: I DID NOT MAKE THIS. It is a translated project from German.
Like Desert Nightmare, this was originally created by Kelven. I've had permission from him to translate.

Schuld (Guilty) is a surreal, psychological horror created by Kelven. The game was a submission for a Ten Words Contest. All text is fully translated, except for the title of the game itself. All the graphics of the game are also custom.

Schuld is about a man who finds himself in a dying world, without knowing how he got there and why he is there. The game itself is very linear and the puzzles are not especially complex. If a walkthrough is necessary, there is one (in German) included in the game folder. However, it clearly spoils the entire plot, so be warned.

The game is relatively short (as it was probably made under contest time constraints) and clocks in at about 1-2 hours, probably less. The game is not quite as incredibly polished as Desert Nightmare and is much more of a psychological horror. I've attempted to make sure none of the screenshots have any spoilers.


Original game: http://www.rpg-atelier.de/index.php?site=showgame&gid=796

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Once again, a side project of mine, simply a translation in my spare time has picked up in popularity again. I didn't really expect this to happen either...

Anyway, popular YouTube LPer Cry/ChaoticMonki has decided to play Schuld. You can see that here:

There seems to be countless numbers of LPs for this, it kind of scares me actually.

Anyway, the good feedback on all this is inspiring. I'm a pretty busy university student these days, but I've got a few translations on the back burner that I'd like to work on when I have the time.
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  • AznChipmunk
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  • 07/08/2012 01:11 AM
  • 05/21/2022 10:44 PM
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Dude you should keep doing these in your free time!
German horror games are always the bets but I can't ever understand them.
Downloading now, going to enjoy this!
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I want this in my veins.
That game was crazy and frustrating. For what it was I didn't actually find it too short at all (although I can see it seeming that way if you play it all at once).

Man, did some of those action puzzles kick my arse -_-

Still, I agree with Drakov. I'm really glad that you take the time to translate these, AznChipmunk. I hope you do more trans-projects from Kelven in the future.

His games are always completely unpredictable in a good way.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
Du sprichst Deutsch?
-______________-" i really got a hard time escaping those alien thingy on the second part. they're way too fast :(
It wasn't as scary as Desert Nightmare, but it was still an awesome game. Crazy plot twist near the end o_O
Nice game, congrats.Had fun playing it.
An excellent game, not scary at all, but with several awesome maps and events, and fair challenges.
The story becomes very interesting after a short while but at the end too many questions remain.
More or less my review on it:
This really is a game that gets your mind working with puzzles and timing-strategies. The way the game is set up has you making quick choices and thinking a bit outside of the box, but it is not too complicated at all.
The story is rather confusing to follow until the very end ad even then it seems somethings are left unanswered. It reminded me somewhat of Silent Hill 2 in which you play the main character through out the whole story which is shrouded in mystery and at the end it is revealed that he knows exactly what led up to that point while the player had no idea.
It was a very short game, but all in all, it was pretty fun. I will consider replaying this sometime in the future, when it isn't so fresh in my mind.
Good translation! ^^ and may i just say that this game is really fun and interesting with an eerie atmosphere, very fun indeed!
Hello there. I just wanted to say that I started doing a playthrough on this game because it's freaking awesome. So yes.

Also excuse my voice. Freaking ovaries man.
A little difficult, but the story/setting were very compelling. Some parts were so dark in nature that I was grateful for the oldskool graphics. And dat twist! :D

I couldn't figure out the QTEs for the longest time, and when I did, it was by chance. When it gives you multiple buttons, you input them in order from left to right, not simultaneously.

Several messages were missed. When attempting to leave some areas from where one entered (as in, going backwards), I encountered untranslated messages. One was, "Maria ist in dieses Haus gelaufen." (meaning "Maria ran into this house." for anyone who is curious). Another was, "Die Tür rührt sich kein Stück." (roughly meaning, "The door moves not a bit.")
It wasn't as scary as Desert Nightmare, but it was still an awesome game. Crazy plot twist near the end o_O
horror, psychological, crazy plot twist?
Sounds like my kind of game!

An excellent game, not scary at all, but with several awesome maps and events, and fair challenges.
The story becomes very interesting after a short while but at the end too many questions remain.

what are you talking about? There are no questions that remain..
Very solid, polished, grim and unique game. The initial chasing part can be annoying the first few times, and player has to save on their own before entering the room with claw monster (or else replay from a save way back). Unique puzzles, qte, and action sequence plus a tight knit story eventhough much more depth can be made if the dev want to.
This story is really strange and good and twisted contain a message for peopels. I like action gameplays. It similiar to Desert Nightmare. I like puzzles ! I like music - sometimes these screams and crys really maker atmosphere deeper. This game is creepy and so wise at the same time. Respect. For me it's like back into the SANITARIUM adventure game but there are more reflex elements and own story.

THX for translation of another great horror game :D
What is the "Damals" song in the music used in this game? It's driving me insane.
It's Gymnopédie No. 1, composed by Erik Satie.
Thank you! I hadn't expected anyone to reply.
I'm fairly enjoying this game so far, even though I absolutely despise some of the mini games. I'll probably knock up desert nightmare after I'm done. Do you plan on doing anymore translations in the future? :>
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