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Fabulist is a unique blend of Wizardry and The Legend of Dragoon types of gameplay, and offers a character-centered storyline with enough non-linearity and outcomes to keep you coming back for more!

Background storyline
Most of the continent is being thoroughly explored and its cultural riches looted. Nowadays, adventurers and treasure hunters abound and race for the most valuable of treasures.
Princess Hiciel of the Valerosa Kingdom grew up hearing the many tales of her father the king, a retired treasure hunter. The celebration of her 18th birthday marks her debut into adventuring. Determined to prove worthy of her name, she recruits allies and sets off to begin her own tale.

-Adventure System: Citizens across the world constantly share new rumors about unexplored dungeons and ancient ruins. Be swift to explore these places before the other adventurers loot all of their treasures, or search older areas and try to find what your fellow raiders might not have succeeded to obtain!
-Battle System: Similar to The Legend of Dragoon, complete and perform special moves by pressing the right keys at the right moment. Choose from a wide array of regular attack combos, ES and EX special attacks, items and magic spells.
-Strategy over Stats: Leveling up is seldom mandatory to defeat your opponents. Focus on finding out your opponents weaknesses to overcome any battle with limited resources.
-First Person Perspective Dungeons: Inspired by Killer Wolf's works, immerse yourself in the dungeons and beware of what might lurk around every corner.

Other features
-Six unique characters will join your band of adventurers.
-Game Boy palette and changeable border add a nostalgic retro feeling.
-Full custom graphics, sprites, panoramas and portraits.
-A character-centered storyline.
-Lots of adventures to choose from, creatures to fight and treasures to loot.
-...And a few lesbians (this game is suitable for all audiences).

Latest Blog

Game border drawing contest - Canceled

*Update: Don't bother.*

Here is a half-contest, half-request for all of you:

Fabulist:RH shows a Game Boy-like image as a top border around the actual game screen. While playing, you will be able to swap borders at anytime.

Therefore I offer you to create your own border to be featured in this game. Any entry that meets the requirements and a minimal level of quality will be accepted and featured.

Here is a quick explanation on how to participate:

1. I recommend using IDraw (click here to download) in order to draw your entries.

2. You may use one of these two templates (right-click on them and choose Save Image As):

Or make a 320x240 image. 80 pixels from the left and 48 pixels from the top, draw a 160x144 blank square (this empty space is saved for the actual game screen).

3. You can look at this game's screenshots and read the info on the game's profile for inspiration. You can draw anything.
If you wish to use the same Game Boy palette as in the screenshots, here are the RGB values of all four colors:
White: R248 G248 B200
Pale: R184 G192 B88
Med: R128 G136 B64
Dark: R64 G80 B40

4. Save your entries under the png format, upload them to your RMN Locker and let me know when they are ready.
If any entry requires minimal editing in order to be compatible with the game, I will take care of it.

The contest is open to everyone. "Winners" will have their borders available in the game and receive credit.

Feel free to ask any question if anything is unclear :)
Have fun !!
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This... looks very neat. Seems more "pixels" than "gameboy" but I'm still a fan.
The style is very charming, nobody usually uses a gb palette these days. I hope it's good! *subbed*
Subscribed, looking forward to it.
LOD has my favorite battle system of all time. SUBBED!
@Link: Not too sure about the title myself. I wanted a synonym for "storyteller" and "fabulist" caught my eye, but I might change it, I don't know.

@melly: what does lofi means? I'm clueless.
So are you still working on Crystalis, then? That one showed a lot of potential.
I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari
@Livewire: I am still working on Crystalis now and then. Crystalis currently requires me to do lots of custom graphics in order to complete Mt. Saber, and sometimes I like to work on something else for a change.
Fabulist:RH is one of many side projects I finally put enough work into in order to make a game profile here. I actually have dozens of side projects like this one.
@Livewire: I am still working on Crystalis now and then. Crystalis currently requires me to do lots of custom graphics in order to complete Mt. Saber, and sometimes I like to work on something else for a change.
Fabulist:RH is one of many side projects I finally put enough work into in order to make a game profile here. I actually have dozens of side projects like this one.

Well, either way, consider me subbed.
Quick news:

I am currently coding the Item selection and usage during battles. The amount of items you can hold will be very limited as in LoD. I'm thinking of 20~24.
A screenshot will follow upon completion.
There are 28 types of items including HP and SP recovery, ailment/buff/debuff healing and inducing and elemental "bombs".

I also chose the music tracks yesterday. Things are going smoothly.
Some news and more features:

I'm currently coding all the stats and operations, victory rewards and level up events.

Level up bonuses for stats range from +0 to +7.
HP and Attack Power cap at 999 while other stats cap at 99. Each character has a unique chart of percentages that determine their bonus roll.
This level up system is similar to Breath of Fire's or Dragon Warrior 3's. That way, players who are unsatisfied with their bonus roll can reload the game, fight again and get a different roll.

HP: Self-explanatory.
SP: Characters start at 0 Max SP. You will find up to three SP Orbs worth 10 SP for each character through quests. Using regular attack Moves fill up your SP Orbs, while performing ES and EX Moves consume SP. This SP system is inspired by Fighting games, especially Darkstalkers.

ES moves are beefed-up versions of regular moves with added effects. You can perform them by inputting the sequence in parentheses next to each regular moves sequence. Therefore they follow regular moves. All ES consume 10 SP.

EX moves consume 10, 20 or 30 SP. You have to input the full sequence in order for the move to happen, unlike regular and ES moves where each input delivers a hit. EX moves are typically more powerful and more helpful in specific situations.

All moves, even EX, level up and get more powerful when performed 20 times.

PWR: Power. Governs damage dealt by all Moves.
ABS: Absorb. Reduces damage received by a percentage.
SPD: Speed. Higher SPD makes you act more often.
VIT: Vitality. Reduces the success rate and duration of received status ailments.
FCS: Focus. Affects BP obtained (experience), Gold found and Item drops chances. This stat is rerolled after each fight. For instance, a high FCS neats you more BP but reduces the chances of finding Items.

Also, when your party is defeated in battle, you'll have the choice to start the fight again from scratch. This feature is made available by saving each character's stats in other variables before the battle starts.
Quick news:

The Item selection and usage system is now fully coded and functional, minus the animations (drawing takes 50% of the time I spend on this project).
Some items have a (B) tag in their description, indicating that you can Boost their effects during battles.
A simple Potion basically recovers 25% of an ally's HP. If you can press the Z (or Enter) key fast enough during use, you can boost any item's power up to 200%. Your Potion could therefore recover up to 50% of an ally's HP.
Other recovery-type items and "bomb" items that damage enemies when thrown can also be boosted.

I also finished drawing the Pictures for the game's Title Screen. I'll be able to code it and upload a screenshot soon.
Man, I can't wait to see this game in action. Either in video form or as tester, someday. ;D

Anyway, any info on the main characters? I was thinking maybe I could draw a border for the game featuring the characters, but I don't know much about them. If you have a general description of them lying around or even better, some sketches, it would be great. =)
The "standby pose" sprites for all 6 playable characters are completed, but only Hiciel has a few portraits ready. I was thinking of making a border with the portraits, but not with the sprites or character data. Fanart would be awesome too :D

I guess I could post a page on character data soon. Thank you for your support!
Quick news:

Added a new page about Character Data.

Hiciel's first regular Move's poses are drawn. You know what that means: I'll soon be able to complete the basic coding for the LoD style inputs and post a screenshot :)

A little more gameplay info:
Defending will recover 10% of an ally's HP as in LoD. However you'll have to react to your foe's attack and press the Cancel key (X, Esc, or Num 0) at the right moment to receive a defense boost (like in that Mario RPG on the SNES).
@melly: what does lofi means? I'm clueless.

it means im prone to use words incorrectly when i am excited

intensely anticipating this game
Quick news:

I haven't done much coding since last week but Hiciel now has 17 new poses drawn including spell casting, running (used in 2D scroller style towns and some other locations), her second battle move "Pinwheel", laughing, praying, bowing, victory poses and a few standby "looking into the distance" poses for cutscenes.

I think I'll post an animated gif that shows several of these (unless it takes too much of my locker space).

Hiciel's first attack move, including animations and damage calculus, is fully coded and bug-free. It is very satisfying to know that the LoD-like system works fine and is very easy to alter to suit other moves. Coding the remaining battle moves will therefore be very easy.

I am already thinking about what I should include in an upcoming demo.
I want to have at the very least 3 playable characters with 2 or 3 useable moves each and 5 enemies.
Currently only Hiciel's first move is coded.
If it doesn't take too much time to make, I'll include a rudimentary dungeon in fake first-person perspective. I only planned some of the coding and drew a few templates so far.
And I'll probably include a few storyline-related cutscenes and town exploration.
oh wow someone who finally knows what the fuck 8-bit/retro/gameboy graphics actually looks like
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