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The Story - Why the rush?

Word about treasure spreads quickly to pirates near and far... especially if that word is written on 1000 parchments, stuffed in 1000 bottles and scattered throughout the thous-err... seven seas.

Four hidden islands... each island containing a treasure that noone has ever seen... each treasure protected by an equally mysterious guardian...

"A race? Hooktooth's entire fortune to whoever brings him all four treasures?"
"That's what the message said, Cap'n."
“We have a heading then - we depart immediately. No telling how many other scallywags we'll have to gut to get our turn!”

Even with the most vague details of the race, no pirate can resist exploring, fighting and most of all rolling in glistening mountains of gold. And so the great pirate rush begins...

Vex Silver is a crew member aboard the Orctapuss – a sturdy ship of rum drinking ruffians, one of the first vessels to arrive at the 'Sacred Islands'. During an attempt to make port, a fierce storm rises from nowhere, scuttling the ship and separating Vex from the crew.

Only one thing goes through Vex's mind when he finds himself alone on the beach... No need to split the treasure if he finds all four himself! Little did he know of the dangerous monsters, life threatening voodoo magics and the curse of the four treasures he was seeking.

Version 7.1 is no longer available, Version 8 has taken it's place.

- Fire urn puzzle in the first dungeon: If you kill a mob in a position that an urn has to go, the urn will not light. Leave the room and go back in if that happens.
- Blind healing item doesn't heal blind
- An overlay error from the water dungeon onward (a bug somewhere that doesn't restore the correct overlay).

Latest Blog

November Pirate Progress

Okay, so I've been slack and busy learning scripting and other things so haven't actually done much on Pirate Rush. I decided to release the updated version of what I have done anyway, even though it's not that much more gameplay. Total time it took me to do a test run of version 8 is 2 hours 15 minutes (not bothering getting any of the secrets etc.


- Volcano boss added "Time left" display text animation to help players notice there is a timer.
- Added some environmental effects such as splashing in shallow water.
- New water effects in all maps with water.
- Added "Graphics" option - if your computer is struggling with these new effects, change this setting to "low". This setting disables some scripts that hog the most processor use.

- Added a quick tutorial for Aryll.
- MINI GAME ADDED: "Sailor's Luck" - dice gambling.
- MINI GAME ADDED: "Vexboarding" - sailboarding action sequence
- Further advancing the story.
- More maps to explore and another dungeon/puzzle.
- Added a few more skills (still more of them to come)

Version 8 has now been uploaded
  • Cancelled
  • Galv
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 07/11/2012 02:30 PM
  • 01/19/2022 07:43 PM
  • 08/01/2013
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Cool, lol this found its way over here~ :D
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
This looks pretty cool! Are those battlers custom-made?
Atta boyeee. Welcome aboard sailor :D
Yep, made it's way over :D Thanks, guys.
Battlers are from a game called Draglade on the DS from ATLUS
Im totally pumped to play the next part of the game D:
Hooray, file download is up and working on my download page.
This is some crazy awesome shit.
oh..pirate!!I'm gonna be the next Pirate King!
I played the demo. The game is fun, both when it comes to battles and dialog.

The last boss was very hard compared to the rest of the battles. I wonder if I did something wrong.
Thanks for playing. I decided to make the normal enemies fairly easy to try to make them fun and save the challenging battles for the bosses.

The boss is challenging but there's a trick to him. If you noticed when fighting the boss:
He becomes weakened when you free the Jade Razor from the vines. That plays a big part in the tactics to defeat him. He also resurrects his minions every 3 turns, if you get into the trap of killing the vines on the 3rd turn every time, it could be difficult. Wondering if I could change how that works or hint at it somewhere? But if you save Vex's Rage and hurricane them all the turn after he resurrects them, it's free time for damage dealing for a while

Also, a lot of people don't seem to see the 'rusty hook' that the pirate captain drops. That helps a lot when you equip it.

I did intentionally want him to be hard, he is a guardian of an artefact.
He's actually gone through some nerfs already to try to compensate for the tactic required to beat him not being so obvious.

Do you think he's still too hard? Did you manage to beat him eventually?
I both equipped the hook the captain dropped and I used the tactic you described, well almost.
I didn't know the reviving occurred every third turn. Usually I killed the vines as soon as they revived though, meaning I timed it correctly anyway. If I had to heal or restore stamina first the timing would be off though.
It was manageable, but the battle ate trough a lot of my resources. All Holy Waters and stamina replenishments as well as a good amount of other healing items were used. It seems I won't need consumables as much in the future though, so I guess it works.

Yeah, I don't mind that all the big consumables are used up on the boss. That's what they're there for. Shops and fishing can replenish the lesser items that should be plentiful enough to use for normal monsters.

Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated.
If you had fun trying to beat him, that's what I wanted. If you didn't, I will tweak him a bit to see what I can do! :)
It was fun beating it. I have a concern though.
If you don't pick Flurry, the fight gets much more complicated. The strategy you posted still works, but it relies on the player to figure out how the dog attacks, who Vex re-target when you kill the vine mid combo and that the weakening effect applies immediately and not after the combo is finished. That said, if you do figure it out, fighting without the use of Flurry works just as well, if not better, than fighting with. With Flurry, you can one round the Vine and get one more hit (Flurry is to expensive to use for any other purpose than bringing down the Vine) on boss while it's weakened. Without Flurry, you get one less hit on the boss since you need to use one attack to finish of the vine first, but you use up far less stamina in return.

The boss is great, but it's surprisingly complicated for being that early in the game.
That's a valid concern. Will have to think about how to address it.

Pirate Rush will be a relatively short game (but with loads of extra things to do on the side). There's going to be a small number of guardian bosses and I did want them all to feel somewhat 'epic'. But you do have a point in it being surprisingly complicated for that early. Definitely stuff to think about!

I'd be interested to know thoughts from other people about the boss, too - don't be shy :P
I picked up on the strategy of how to beat the boss right away, and almost beat him before the nurf, without the rusty hook. So I think now that you nurf sticked him to death, I beat him on the first try. I think the fight is pretty reasonable and like you said, you made the game a walk in the park up until then as far as battles go, So making the bosses tough, is not a bad thing at all. It's good for pacing. Technically hes the second boss too, and the first was really easy, so no complaints!
I'd really can't wait to see what the full game is going to look like.
Awesome~ Lol, gratz on taking this weeks spotlight, Galv! :3
Awesome~ Lol, gratz on taking this weeks spotlight, Galv! :3

siiiick. Does someone choose to put a game in spotlight? or is it done automatically via view count/comment count? and if it IS chosen by a human, who is said human?
Oh wow, cool! Luckily the spotlight isn't on me in person... I hide from the spotlight in real life hahaha