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The Story - Why the rush?

Word about treasure spreads quickly to pirates near and far... especially if that word is written on 1000 parchments, stuffed in 1000 bottles and scattered throughout the thous-err... seven seas.

Four hidden islands... each island containing a treasure that noone has ever seen... each treasure protected by an equally mysterious guardian...

"A race? Hooktooth's entire fortune to whoever brings him all four treasures?"
"That's what the message said, Cap'n."
“We have a heading then - we depart immediately. No telling how many other scallywags we'll have to gut to get our turn!”

Even with the most vague details of the race, no pirate can resist exploring, fighting and most of all rolling in glistening mountains of gold. And so the great pirate rush begins...

Vex Silver is a crew member aboard the Orctapuss – a sturdy ship of rum drinking ruffians, one of the first vessels to arrive at the 'Sacred Islands'. During an attempt to make port, a fierce storm rises from nowhere, scuttling the ship and separating Vex from the crew.

Only one thing goes through Vex's mind when he finds himself alone on the beach... No need to split the treasure if he finds all four himself! Little did he know of the dangerous monsters, life threatening voodoo magics and the curse of the four treasures he was seeking.

Version 7.1 is no longer available, Version 8 has taken it's place.

- Fire urn puzzle in the first dungeon: If you kill a mob in a position that an urn has to go, the urn will not light. Leave the room and go back in if that happens.
- Blind healing item doesn't heal blind
- An overlay error from the water dungeon onward (a bug somewhere that doesn't restore the correct overlay).

Latest Blog

November Pirate Progress

Okay, so I've been slack and busy learning scripting and other things so haven't actually done much on Pirate Rush. I decided to release the updated version of what I have done anyway, even though it's not that much more gameplay. Total time it took me to do a test run of version 8 is 2 hours 15 minutes (not bothering getting any of the secrets etc.


- Volcano boss added "Time left" display text animation to help players notice there is a timer.
- Added some environmental effects such as splashing in shallow water.
- New water effects in all maps with water.
- Added "Graphics" option - if your computer is struggling with these new effects, change this setting to "low". This setting disables some scripts that hog the most processor use.

- Added a quick tutorial for Aryll.
- MINI GAME ADDED: "Sailor's Luck" - dice gambling.
- MINI GAME ADDED: "Vexboarding" - sailboarding action sequence
- Further advancing the story.
- More maps to explore and another dungeon/puzzle.
- Added a few more skills (still more of them to come)

Version 8 has now been uploaded
  • Cancelled
  • Galv
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/11/2012 02:30 PM
  • 01/19/2022 07:43 PM
  • 08/01/2013
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I started playing this earlier and I must say, your use of pictures and parallax bgs is awesome! I love how you make your maps blend and the vibrancy and feel of the game, things like this seem to keep me interested lol. Awesome work so far man, gonna continue on with this.
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im honestly not a huge fan of the combos but the game looks so nice ill have to try it anyway :)
feed back when i do play it great job on this! :D
Great game! The fact that each character plays different is awesome. Only Mia seems to be the only weak one in terms of unique concept, but she's necessary considering the party dynamic so it works.

My only complaint is the water puzzle lily pad puzzle.

I understand you're working on other projects but I would like to put my strong interest down for seeing the end of this game.

Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

I do still plan to finish this one. I have even played with the idea of remaking it with full custom graphics and reveamp one day but not sure if I will yet or not
Very, very interesting game. I really hope to play complete game.
Very beautiful and interesting game. I'd like to know the end of this history. When will the full version of the game?
Not sure when this will be finished, currently working on another big project. I have even played with the idea of remaking this with full custom graphics one day.
personally, i loved this game. I love everything about pirates, but the puzzles were kind of enraging, but very satisfying when i figured them out. it was a great game but when it said to be continued at the end, i was sad. do you know when the next one will come out?
Still won't be for a while yet. Remake is still a possibility one day.
Still won't be for a while yet. Remake is still a possibility one day.
awesome, cant wait :)
who doesn't love pirates? especially when they look so good?:)
Wow this game have very good mapping technique.
I love this mapping style.
Oh no! What happened? You moving on to something else?
Yeah, I haven't touched this one for many years so I thought I should close it. Moved away from VX Ace a while back :)
Ahhhh how sad... noticed this game 2012 and was anticipating it to be completed since ._."

How much of the game is completed in the latest version?
Probably 80% or so. Sorry to disappoint
Seeing this as cancelled is one of the top ten saddest game moments in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed this game's story, unique battle system and challenging encounters.