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New update note:

Are you looking for an excuse to replay Homage? In addition to some small gameplay fixes, the newest update includes a New Game Plus mode! Rin can keep his stats and spells and start a new adventure, with a few extra goodies to be found.


Homage is a brand new action-RPG. The game has two strengths: its fast paced and original battle system and its focused story with believable, interesting characters. Homage is designed to be a short, intense experience, instead of an epic 40 hour quest. It features a number of beautiful and original songs, composed by Jasmine Cooper (m4uesviecr) of Dream Orbit Music Corps.

The game is complete.

An earlier demo of Homage has been Let's Played by Draygone here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8FD...mp;feature=plcp


- A completely new action-packed battle system. Designed and scripted from scratch.

- A carefully planned, focused plot. A small cast of characters, who are not cliches, but instead have unique and interesting personalities.

- Choices between twenty-three scripted spells. Every spell is unique and useful. Try out intriguing spells such as Fireball, Shockwave, Doom, Summon Slime, Blood Pact, Telekinesis, Mouse Shape, and Jester's Blade. To name only a few.

- Six dungeons, five towns, and many locales that defy classification.

- Ten challenging bosses

- 5 hours of game time. Each minute of this is carefully crafted.

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  • Raoul589
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Action RPG
  • 07/12/2012 10:08 AM
  • 08/22/2021 02:32 PM
  • 07/12/2012
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The healing spell i found out can only be cast once per battle
The healing spell i found out can only be cast once per battle

That's right.
Finished the game. Pretty cool. I'll give a mini-review

Characters: I wish some of them had been fleshed out some more, but overall not bad 3.75/5

Battle system: I enjoyed the unique battle system, but at times it was frustrating not having the ability to heal until the end of the game, and that only once. 3.75/5

Music: I keep the speakers off while playing, so I don't score that

Puzzles: from easy to insanely hard. The puzzle in with the wisps was pretty cool, but could have had some indication as far as what you needed to do. Other puzzles could only be reset by exiting the room. One time I had to reload a previous save as the puzzle didn't let me escape it. 3.75/5

Bosses: there were a variety of bosses and their abilities were in matched for what they were. Would have liked the LAST battle to be a bit tougher (because the all bosses at once, except for the mage killed) was insanely hard. 3.5/5

Ending: was anticlimactic, "I have to run some more." With the letter to Orynis, I would have thought there might have been a thing between them 3/5

Bonus points: for most of the game the ability to jump. A variety of nifty and useful equipment, some changeable dialogue, etc +3

Score 3.5/5, overall a good game.
You had several opportunities to choose a healing spell. I agree with most of the rest of the points in your review though. You probably shouldn't reveal the ending of the game in your post.
I'd far rather have access to the menu to get healing items. I collected tons of healing items (and bought a few) but rest areas were so frequent, I didn't need them, save IN the boss battles. Also, I would have preferred to have the ability to choose a new spell EVERY level (or perhaps more when you have the choice which would probably have afforded me the ability to choose a healing spell) Sometimes also, it would have been nice to review the key combinations for the spells.
I merely replied to your previous comment to set the record straight about something: it is not the case that Rin doesn't get the opportunity to heal in battle until the final dungeon. There are three separate opportunities to choose a healing spell, plus there are three pieces of equipment that heal Rin passively. These are scattered throughout the game in order to avoid just the very situation you imply.
I either didn't come across them, or didn't realize that's what they were for. You *might* want to do a walk- through (at least as far as equipment and spells go) to give others the chance to make different decisions as far as spells and equipment than i did. I probably wouldn't have minded some stat reduction if i knew an item healed me, or chosen differently if i knew exactly what each spell does
I either didn't come across them, or didn't realize that's what they were for. You *might* want to do a walk- through (at least as far as equipment and spells go) to give others the chance to make different decisions as far as spells and equipment than i did. I probably wouldn't have minded some stat reduction if i knew an item healed me, or chosen differently if i knew exactly what each spell does

Come on, really? How is it my fault that you didn't read any of the descriptions?
It's not, but some of the descriptions were a tad vague (at least to me). Doom "face an enemy to get him to do a suicidal charge" (may not have the wording exactly right) doesn't portray how much damage (or %) of their HP if it's successful, nor does it say how much of the bar (or in total points) said spell costs. That type of info also may have been useful.
The equipment menu for the stores may have a brief blurb as far as something healing that I missed.
You make a fair point about some of the descriptions. I am glad we have had this conversation. If you are interested, the doom spell makes the monster more powerful for a short time, and then kills it outright.
I don't know if you have other games planned, but if you do, you may wish to implement some of these things (even if you decide to keep the same battle system)
I don't know how much trouble it would be to fix some of the things I talked about (it might be a nightmare, so I wouldn't ask that)
I have just updated Homage. The new update features:

- A number of bug fixes and dialogue improvements.
- A new cutscene at the end of the credits
- A New Game Plus hard mode

This is likely to be the last gameplay update to Homage. I intend only to update for bug-fixes from now on.
I have a problem. After the scene where Rin would jump off of Aletia's Summit, I get this error:

"Script 'Utility Methods' line 623: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'setx' for nil:NilClass"

then the game crashes. Sorry I'm new to RPG Maker, I hope you can tell me what to do. Thanks.
After just playing through, i'd like to give a quick review.I also started a new game+, but dicontinued my 2nd journey soon.

Looking at the posts most either find the battles to hard or too easy. I belong in the "too easy"-group if anything. The problem is that with the right spells you are seldom in danger. Lightning Bolt and Jester's Blade are especially abusable against enemies that can't reach you running against a chest that is between them and you.
The fights were super fun though, i liked every single battle i had in the game. spellcasting flows well and being a magician is fun. I especially like that you always get to choose between 3 spells and with this decide your own battle-style. Especially since every spell i used felt unique. (No Fireball, stronger fireball, strongest fireball BS).
Exploration was ok, it was often enough rewarded but unfortunately i never needed any healing item so most of the stuff i picked up felt useless to me. Your Golden Token System was very nice , though.


Good story, not too shallow, nothing really surprising in it, but after years of anime, manga , games and movies its hard to not "have-seen-it-all".

Overall i can really recommend this game, it were well invested 4 hours for me.
Enjoying the game and so far, battles arent exactly easy but thankfully, not too hard either. My only concern...ok, whine...is when the enemies chase you as fast or more as you can run.
Some of the combos are harder for these old hands to manipulate and so am sticking to the basic fire spell.
As soon as I hit the Beach area, I am getting slammobammoed inside the cave three times as much as I am winning, so after every luck win, I need to go our heal up and save.
Going to be a long haul, I'm afraid. Damn combos anyway!
Thank you for this great game!!
Well done Raoul! Personally I prefer the long/epic tale/many heros kind of games, but this one, I really really enjoyed it. The story is simple, but very interesting and well writen. I also liked the characters and of course those very interesting puzzles. What I love, is the battle/Level up system! It's the very first time I didn't mind the random battles. Usually I just quit the game, but there was balance between battles-exploring-plot progress, so it wasn't at all tiring or boring. I finished the game in more than seven hours just because I had so much fun leveling up the character (actually it's the first time I like battles so much in a game)!!
There are some things that could be better (like graphics or better use for the equipment and such), but honestly I didn't pay any attention since I had so much fun. Again, great game (I'm going to replay it at some point, so I can chose different spells)!!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I loved it!Especially the battle system though some of the battles were too hard.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

i hate when stat increases are done after battles. should always have a seprate screen you can access anytime to do that.

gotta be more careful when mapping and having npcs that move.
those single line hallways can get you stuck with no way out

that 5 rock puzzle was impressive. took some thought of how to do it :D

yeah...i have more common sense then then mc does...he got drugged by someone he just met just because she pouted...

O.O the guard didn't notice the door was open!?!? (when in ship)

....forget common sense mc went full retard.... don't tell the enemy your weakness...

the mc is a bitch...i hate him...defending scum is just ridiculous!

banks seem pretty pointless unless you either
A. get interest based on some factor.
B.can only carry a small limited amount
C.have some other benefit from using it

the shape shifting part is awesome! :D

how in the hell is there grass after you get out of the desert cave!? it was desert for miles! MILES!
also you did it go under ground and go a short distance then go back up!(desert cave)

how the hell do you get those chests in the fairy forest!?

one major problem with the plot is that theres no reason at all to be upset...having the staff causes no problems for the user...or at least its never mentioned...moreover...his fate isn't going to change if he doesn't in fact hes fucked w/o it...his whiny attitude makes no sense at all...

hard mode!? who the hell wants to play this again good or not!?

levels go past 100!?

it doesn't tell you in game but lvling up agility increased movement speed as well! if you get it too high it becomes really difficult to play
stats and lvls should of had a reasonable cap
would recommend keeping agility around 100 or less

This was a good experience. i recommend it.


those side quests which are forced upon you like the ice cave to get water...that was pretty unreasonable.just to drag out the game! o.o

the MC in general id rather play the villain!

the lack of emotion when the mc finds out XXXX is dead

the lack of information when showing flashbacks thus we assume that certain events are happening in the present.

max level being past 100

stats not being capped

stat upgrades being after battle rather then its own screen
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