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With over a year of overall progress, Super Mario Eternal Chaos is finally here! This is an episode made by Elbow and Ace, so yes, all of the levels, and a majority of the graphics were made by us. All of the levels have a new creative level theme, graphics, level design, music, and gimmicks. The levels are not grouped up by theme, everything is sort of random, including the boss fights. This is an awesome SMBX episode, fun and satisfaction guaranteed!

We've focused more on the levels and design rather than the story. Levels > Story. The story is still great though!

After falling into a mysterious hole, Mario finds him self in an old ancient temple, the Temple of Eternal Chaos. He is stuck there for eternity. There are doors all around the temple, inside each door is a different realm.
-Hub, not a lame one, this is probably the coolest and funnest hub you'll ever see.
-27 Levels
-5 bosses
-Power Stars
-New creative level themes/design
-PLENTY of hidden easter eggs ;)

In this version, the game is designed to have Mario is the only playable character, and the game is designed for 1 player. But we plan to create another version of the game where all the players (including Link) are playable and the game will be designed for 2 player. Expect it in about a month or so.

I suggest not to play this episode in one run, save and play later, it's funner that way.

Please review, comment, report bugs, etc! It really means a lot.

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