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Don't forget to try Blackmoon Prophecy II!
Click the following logo to visit its game page.


Do not edit the game without first applying the David patch. This is because some monsters have over 1000 attack/magic and 100,000+ HP. Editing without the David patch will reduce monster stats to rm2k3's default maximum values. Ignore this warning if you already have applied the David patch to your rm2k3.

What is Blackmoon Prophecy?
A Final Fantasy fangame that I started long ago in 2003 that is meant to emulate the first six entries of the series (though I mostly focus on FF4 and FF5 for gameplay and mapping, and FF6 for battle aesthetics). Aside from just being a fangame, Blackmoon Prophecy is also a tribute to Final Fantasy in the sense that I'm trying to put together many of the things I loved about playing RPGs growing up into this game. It's a love letter to retro gaming and our childhoods.

What's with this whole "Plus" deal?
The Plus! update adds DynRPG support by including several patches made using it such as faster ATB bars, a play time counter on the menu, and more. Additional content in the game includes a new section to the arena, a new optional dungeon, a few reworked cutscenes, and various bug fixes.

How long is the game?
My best guess is about twenty hours, but I'm not 100% sure. My testing sessions were broken up very often so I can't measure how long it took me to beat the game personally. I'm certain that it was over 15 hours though, and since I made the game I expect the average time to be higher than that for everyone else. My best guess is 20+ hours.

Do I need the RTP to play?
Heck no!

Are there any impressive custom systems, impressive features, etc?
Long story short, no. The early Final Fantasy titles were not known to blow our minds with amazing features (FF3 and FF5 were really the only ones that did in my opinion, and only because of their job systems).

There is no steal command, "throw" items are selected by going to items and choosing the item to throw, and "jump" isn't a command, but rather several different abilities that have jumping animations.

As a result, Blackmoon Prophecy is just a retro romp that just tries to recreate what we all used to feel as we'd trudge through all of the caves and dungeons of the early Final Fantasy games.

The most advanced aspect of Blackmoon Prophecy's gameplay is a simplified version of Final Fantasy 8's weapon upgrading system. A few minigames can possibly be included as well (auction house, betting on chocobo races, etc.) but this game is kept simple to emulate the simple games it is inspired by.

How many <insert something here> are there in this game?
Permanent Playable Characters: 12 (3 being optional/secret)
Temporary Playable Characters: 2
Equippable Items: 150+
Mandatory Dungeons: 30+
Monsters: 400+
Playable Hours: 20-30 hours (presumably)
Optional Dungeons: 10+
Towns: 20+
World Maps: 3

FINAL Game Update: Version 1.22 on April 21, 2020. Blackmoon Prophecy is no longer supported by me and there will be no further bug fixes or updates.

Check out Blackmoon Prophecy Prelude now in development:

Latest Blog

Randomizer Released!

The Blackmoon Prophec Randomizer is now released and available for download. Happy random adventures!

Blackmoon Prophecy Randomizer is something I never expected to do, and is being made as a fun little side project thanks to a suggestion from Thomas Stout (Blackmoon Prophecy I & II tester). What is this? Why, it's Blackmoon Prophecy... but randomized! If you like randomizers and Blackmoon Prophecy, this might be right up your alley.

NOTE: This is not a patch/update for Blackmoon Prophecy and is a completely standalone download/game.

Let's go over what's changed!

What's Randomized:
1. All chests are randomized and can grant ANY item in the game (except for key items) or a random amount of gold between 1 and 500. Very low chance of any chest also containing a battle.
2. Arena battles and rewards are entirely random.
3. Boss battles play random battle music instead of a set boss theme.
4. Monster-in-box chests have totally random battles and have a low chance (roughly 1 in 100) of occuring upon opening ANY chest.
5. Party members who join the group are randomized between Hans, Elina, Oalston, Vera, Vicks, Nobumasa, Ami, Siegfried, Darius, Bosche, Godot, Jasmine, and Omicron. Checks will be incorporated to make sure that the same character does not try to join the party twice (which would just result in nobody joining since they'd already be in the party).
6. Random encounters on the world maps are completely randomized.
7. Shadow will show up in a random chocobo forest late in the game.
8. Shops will be completely randomized when you enter the town or area that they are in. Don't like what the shops have? Go back to the world map and then back into town to generate new shop inventories.
9. Some non-major NPCs tied to side quests and such will not appear where they are supposed to be. This is randomized upon starting a new game.

What's NOT Randomized:
1. Auction house is staying the same. It's already random and having to add more items would mean doing additional graphical work, which I'm not interested in doing.
2. Aurabolt rewards are staying the same.
3. Chocobo racing rewards are already semi-randomized, so they are remaining the same.
4. Equipment/spells that characters start with are not being modified. Starting levels are also remaining the same.
5. Gauntlet rewards are remaining the same since you already have to overcome RNG and beat insanely hard bosses to obtain them.

What's Changed/New:
1. Adding an option to skip the intro. No need to sit and watch the 5-6 minute intro credits + text.
2. Bosses have had their attack patterns changed, and an element of randomness has been added to their arsenal of attacks!
3. Fixing of minor grammatical errors and typos that I happen upon.
4. Hans and Vicks will be able to be added/removed permanently in the Rift Shrine at any point in the game.
5. Minor quality of life improvements.
6. Several items found in the database that were previously unobtainable have been added to the random item lists.
7. The dream sequences in the Cave of Dreams have been removed from the randomized version of the game.
8. The regular battle theme has been changed to Blackmoon Prophecy II's battle theme.
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  • UPRC
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 03/08/2008 06:02 PM
  • 07/12/2022 11:14 PM
  • 04/03/2012
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By Citadel..is it during or after 1st world map? Btw thanks for correcting the monster threat rate, I felt I was breezing through everything. I just got done with the sewers, and saved right at the water shrine.

Also is there anything missable in the 1st world map? That's been bugging me. I keep getting this feeling those a few optional bosses I might be missing despite some I found so far.

Also I just tried the gauntlet..and something unexpected happened. You're evil, so EVIL! LMAO!

Just to re-word something, I should say do you have a list of missable bosses exclusive only to the 1st world map? Not just for my reference, but for other players too.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Nothing REALLY significant can be missed on the first world map, don't worry. And the Citadel hint? Only applies to the final world map.

Nevermind, I saw your explanation on the other chat board about Asura and Ixion.

Btw does Sunleth Waterscape only trigger on the map if you do any certain things?

Or is it just hidden? I'm betting a island for some reason lol.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Nope, you just need the black chocobo.
Ah ok. :)

Btw I did find a real bug this time, it looks like any monster that is capable of using crystal status, and even when cured can lock your character. I assume though the status haunted just remains with you throughout the battle, but it does make healing pointless due to the speed of the health decreasing.

Btw I was poking in the toolset to see if anything was cut from the game out of curiosity and I noticed a few areas were all, but water, and few other curiosities, I was wondering what you had planned for those. :P

Collector's guild
Giott's rock
Kohldeen caves
Mt Vista
Do Not Use

OH..during the game, I found a odd place that pretty much is gonna
bridge this game with your next
. I got my butt whooped though! X(!! For now!

Those were probably some more areas that were cut very early in development. So early that UPRC didn't even get around to mapping a single map for those places because he figured for some reason that they would be pointless. :P
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Yeah, that. There are other places you can find that didn't make it in as well, such as Arach Lair, North Cave (in Branch) or MogNet.

Arach Lair and North Cave are fully playable, they were removed just before I finished the game because they seemed kind of pointless. MogNet just didn't shape up into anything worthwhile. All of the places listed above? I forget what they were going to be used for, though the Collector's Guild DID return as the Treasure Hunter's Guild.
Sweet. :)

EDIT: I need to correct myself, that wasn't a bug as I thought, it was supposed to be like that. lol this game is making me learn the toolset in rather strange ways.
focus magic just says no effect everytime use
I don't know how to play the game. I got a .rar file instead of a .exe file. Why?
Because the game's files are zipped in a .rar file. Extract it with WinRAR or something similar, and there you go.
LOL!!!!! You need to put this in for a parody battle just for laughs!:


It's too funny not to use!
LOL!!!!! You need to put this in for a parody battle just for laughs!:


It's too funny not to use!
But the novelty and funniness wears out after, like, 30 seconds at most.
Whoa, bud. You're still working on this? I love the effort you're putting in.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
No, this game is completely done. I don't want to touch this one anymore because after ten years, I just... want to look at other things for once. I'm not even doing bug fixes or anything on the first game anymore.

Come to think of it, I should make note of that in the game description.
The water emblem accessory seems to be bugged. All my characters still takes damage from water attacks even when water emblem is equipped.
Is the ATB system supposed to flow during item and skill selection? I usually play FF games on wait mode instead of active, but I guess there's a first time for everything.
Hello.is it something wrong with my game?Trying to enter tower of Babil,2 guys outside hit me 9,9 k everytime i try.4 hits and my party wiped out.Round level 70-75.Have tried different eqi..I have played alot of these games last 20 years but this is....Its too sad(my spelling/grammar is not the greatest) because the game has it all,its great.And where is Genesis obelisk?Greetings from Sweden.
The Tower of Babil is a storyline dungeon that can not be entered until late in the game. The characters let you know when it's time to go there. Also, once you clear the Tower of Babil, you will end up in the Genesis Obelisk, the next storyline dungeon.