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Blackmoon Prophecy is now the #1 most viewed game of all time on RMN. Thanks to all of you for the views over the years, I appreciate it!

Do not edit the game without first applying the David patch. This is because some monsters have over 1000 attack/magic and 100,000+ HP. Editing without the David patch will reduce monster stats to rm2k3's default maximum values. Ignore this warning if you already have applied the David patch to your rm2k3.

What is Blackmoon Prophecy?
A Final Fantasy fangame that I started long ago in 2003 that is meant to emulate the first six entries of the series (though I mostly focus on FF4 and FF5 for gameplay and mapping, and FF6 for battle aesthetics). Aside from just being a fangame, Blackmoon Prophecy is also a tribute to Final Fantasy in the sense that I'm trying to put together many of the things I loved about playing RPGs growing up into this game. It's a love letter to retro gaming and our childhoods.

What's with this whole "Plus" deal?
The Plus! update adds DynRPG support by including several patches made using it such as faster ATB bars, a play time counter on the menu, and more. Additional content in the game includes a new section to the arena, a new optional dungeon, a few reworked cutscenes, and various bug fixes.

How long is the game?
My best guess is about twenty hours, but I'm not 100% sure. My testing sessions were broken up very often so I can't measure how long it took me to beat the game personally. I'm certain that it was over 15 hours though, and since I made the game I expect the average time to be higher than that for everyone else. My best guess is 20+ hours.

Do I need the RTP to play?
Heck no!

Are there any impressive custom systems, impressive features, etc?
Long story short, no. The early Final Fantasy titles were not known to blow our minds with amazing features (FF3 and FF5 were really the only ones that did in my opinion, and only because of their job systems).

There is no steal command, "throw" items are selected by going to items and choosing the item to throw, and "jump" isn't a command, but rather several different abilities that have jumping animations.

As a result, Blackmoon Prophecy is just a retro romp that just tries to recreate what we all used to feel as we'd trudge through all of the caves and dungeons of the early Final Fantasy games.

The most advanced aspect of Blackmoon Prophecy's gameplay is a simplified version of Final Fantasy 8's weapon upgrading system. A few minigames can possibly be included as well (auction house, betting on chocobo races, etc.) but this game is kept simple to emulate the simple games it is inspired by.

How many <insert something here> are there in this game?
Permanent Playable Characters: 12 (3 being optional/secret)
Temporary Playable Characters: 2
Equippable Items: 150+
Mandatory Dungeons: 30+
Monsters: 400+
Playable Hours: 20-30 hours (presumably)
Optional Dungeons: 10+
Towns: 20+
World Maps: 3

Don't forget to try Blackmoon Prophecy II!
Click the following logo to visit its game page.

Latest Blog

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.24 Update

I vaguely hinted that I was trying to work on a Blackmoon Prophecy "remaster" of sorts. I instead scaled back what I wanted to do because I didn't want it to take too long, so the remaster has instead been downscaled to a regular update. Here's what in the update:

Version 1.24
- Added a new path through the mountains west of the Mohadmal Pyramid as a secondary way to reach Mohadmal Dock.
- Added additional treasure chests in areas where I thought they were needed.
- Added an NPC in Garamonde who will give the player a new weapon in exchange for a Sunstone (it's somewhere in Sunleth Waterscape).
- Added an option to skip the intro sequence for returning players.
- Added optional boss: Nitemare. He can be found in a purple pot in the final dungeon and requires a bloodstone to draw out.
- Added optional boss: Vertumnus. Takes Yemaja's place in the Everlasting Tangle when the final dungeon becomes available.
- Corrected text in a lot of chest pop-ups as the text for some chests did not reflect what was actually inside due to many item renames over the years.
- Edited the names of many items to better reflect what they are (ie. "Broad" is now "Broadsword").
- Finally remembered to edit the version number in the game window's title! It was still saying version 1.21 prior to this update.
- Fixed a few typos.
- Minor tweaking of the stats of a few bosses.
- Renamed several skill names (ie. Frenzied Lancer is now Dragonstrike, Syphon Spear is now Lancer, and so forth).
- Removed Dragon's Courage, Dragon's Devotion, and Dragon's Resolve from Vahn's ability list.
- Tightened up corridors on several maps and cleaned up/redid some areas that I thought looked subpar.

As usual, you can find the updated version of the game in the downloads.

Final note, this does not change the overall experience of the game and is mostly just a QoL update (the new bosses were added on a whim at the last minute). If you were not a fan of Blackmoon Prophecy before, this update won't change that.
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  • 03/08/2008 06:02 PM
  • 07/30/2023 10:44 AM
  • 04/03/2012
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Favorite Party:
*Possible fangirl squealing name*
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
*Possible fangirl squealing name*

*Possible fangirl squealing name*

Who else could fit the bill?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Ah, that fellow! The living tank!
In the card game, how many times do you need to win to claim the top prize? I am already at 150. It's quite time consuming.
Favorite Party:
Vahn, since you have to use him.
Ami, cuz she is super awesome blue mage.
Godot, because he is more useful than Elina in every way.
Nobumasa, because he is a killing machine!(Seriously, ultimate weapon+wolf ring+haste+Dragon Force=win)
Trying No Experience this time around. (Just got past
Humpty & the Dumpities.

It seems Magic is my main source of damage for awhile. (In particular, those Moogle Whistle's.)
I'm stuck in Vera's dream sequence. I can't find a way out of town. Help?
I'm stuck in Vera's dream sequence. I can't find a way out of town. Help?

I think the exit is to the north or the west. I hope that helps, because I can't remember where the exit is exactly.
Gotta go south, then west, then north to escape the city.
I think the exit is to the north or the west. I hope that helps, because I can't remember where the exit is exactly.

Gotta go south, then west, then north to escape the city.

Thanks a lot guys! I had literally gone in every other conceivable direction.
I got caught no fewer than 20 times at that part. Haha.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I got caught no fewer than 20 times at that part. Haha.

Working on the arena with no exp. Currently at the Pyromaniacs. (Thank youuuu Fire Resistance Vahn.)
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Pyromaniacs? How far are they? In the 40s or so, I assume?
Pyromaniacs? How far are they? In the 40s or so, I assume?

Round 27, i believe. I'll just come back to them, though. They are WAAAAY to hard to deal with at my levels. (If your wondering, 1/4/5/5, i think.)

Around halfway through the Arena Grotto area. (Got the Speed Shard in it, yay.)
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Haha yeah, the pyros are definitely a bit too much for you right now!
Yeah....i'll just wait until i get Ami then. (Level 13 seems pretty godly right now in this no experience challenge.)
How do you access New Game + in 1.07b?