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Blackmoon Prophecy is now the #1 most viewed game of all time on RMN. Thanks to all of you for the views over the years, I appreciate it!

Do not edit the game without first applying the David patch. This is because some monsters have over 1000 attack/magic and 100,000+ HP. Editing without the David patch will reduce monster stats to rm2k3's default maximum values. Ignore this warning if you already have applied the David patch to your rm2k3.

What is Blackmoon Prophecy?
A Final Fantasy fangame that I started long ago in 2003 that is meant to emulate the first six entries of the series (though I mostly focus on FF4 and FF5 for gameplay and mapping, and FF6 for battle aesthetics). Aside from just being a fangame, Blackmoon Prophecy is also a tribute to Final Fantasy in the sense that I'm trying to put together many of the things I loved about playing RPGs growing up into this game. It's a love letter to retro gaming and our childhoods.

What's with this whole "Plus" deal?
The Plus! update adds DynRPG support by including several patches made using it such as faster ATB bars, a play time counter on the menu, and more. Additional content in the game includes a new section to the arena, a new optional dungeon, a few reworked cutscenes, and various bug fixes.

How long is the game?
My best guess is about twenty hours, but I'm not 100% sure. My testing sessions were broken up very often so I can't measure how long it took me to beat the game personally. I'm certain that it was over 15 hours though, and since I made the game I expect the average time to be higher than that for everyone else. My best guess is 20+ hours.

Do I need the RTP to play?
Heck no!

Are there any impressive custom systems, impressive features, etc?
Long story short, no. The early Final Fantasy titles were not known to blow our minds with amazing features (FF3 and FF5 were really the only ones that did in my opinion, and only because of their job systems).

There is no steal command, "throw" items are selected by going to items and choosing the item to throw, and "jump" isn't a command, but rather several different abilities that have jumping animations.

As a result, Blackmoon Prophecy is just a retro romp that just tries to recreate what we all used to feel as we'd trudge through all of the caves and dungeons of the early Final Fantasy games.

The most advanced aspect of Blackmoon Prophecy's gameplay is a simplified version of Final Fantasy 8's weapon upgrading system. A few minigames can possibly be included as well (auction house, betting on chocobo races, etc.) but this game is kept simple to emulate the simple games it is inspired by.

How many <insert something here> are there in this game?
Permanent Playable Characters: 12 (3 being optional/secret)
Temporary Playable Characters: 2
Equippable Items: 150+
Mandatory Dungeons: 30+
Monsters: 400+
Playable Hours: 20-30 hours (presumably)
Optional Dungeons: 10+
Towns: 20+
World Maps: 3

Don't forget to try Blackmoon Prophecy II!
Click the following logo to visit its game page.

Latest Blog

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.24 Update

I vaguely hinted that I was trying to work on a Blackmoon Prophecy "remaster" of sorts. I instead scaled back what I wanted to do because I didn't want it to take too long, so the remaster has instead been downscaled to a regular update. Here's what in the update:

Version 1.24
- Added a new path through the mountains west of the Mohadmal Pyramid as a secondary way to reach Mohadmal Dock.
- Added additional treasure chests in areas where I thought they were needed.
- Added an NPC in Garamonde who will give the player a new weapon in exchange for a Sunstone (it's somewhere in Sunleth Waterscape).
- Added an option to skip the intro sequence for returning players.
- Added optional boss: Nitemare. He can be found in a purple pot in the final dungeon and requires a bloodstone to draw out.
- Added optional boss: Vertumnus. Takes Yemaja's place in the Everlasting Tangle when the final dungeon becomes available.
- Corrected text in a lot of chest pop-ups as the text for some chests did not reflect what was actually inside due to many item renames over the years.
- Edited the names of many items to better reflect what they are (ie. "Broad" is now "Broadsword").
- Finally remembered to edit the version number in the game window's title! It was still saying version 1.21 prior to this update.
- Fixed a few typos.
- Minor tweaking of the stats of a few bosses.
- Renamed several skill names (ie. Frenzied Lancer is now Dragonstrike, Syphon Spear is now Lancer, and so forth).
- Removed Dragon's Courage, Dragon's Devotion, and Dragon's Resolve from Vahn's ability list.
- Tightened up corridors on several maps and cleaned up/redid some areas that I thought looked subpar.

As usual, you can find the updated version of the game in the downloads.

Final note, this does not change the overall experience of the game and is mostly just a QoL update (the new bosses were added on a whim at the last minute). If you were not a fan of Blackmoon Prophecy before, this update won't change that.
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  • 03/08/2008 06:02 PM
  • 01/14/2023 07:03 PM
  • 04/03/2012
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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Still too weak for that
Malacore guy
. New patch allowed me to gain 2 levels, and that enemy stills does 2* X-Watara or X-Watara + Break Combo, which could be avoided if he was little slower. Currently I have ~1100-1400 HP and its 2 hit kill combo. I need to add that I can guard my healer from earth or water mot from both at once..... Please, make him weaker! (You won't have even chance to heal from previous fight....)

Do any of your party members have Running Shoes? I know that helps even out the odds significantly.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Still too weak for that
Malacore guy
. New patch allowed me to gain 2 levels, and that enemy stills does 2* X-Watara or X-Watara + Break Combo, which could be avoided if he was little slower. Currently I have ~1100-1400 HP and its 2 hit kill combo. I need to add that I can guard my healer from earth or water mot from both at once..... Please, make him weaker! (You won't have even chance to heal from previous fight....)

This is the first time I've heard of someone having drastic issues with this fight. What are your exact levels and what does your party have equipped?

I'd recommend checking out Clareain_Christopher's LP videos, as I vaguely remember him simply plowing through the boss fight: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62FB8C676A5F4FC5

The fight in question occurs in video #44 of his series. Checking out his strategy may possibly help. Note that Clareain_Christopher was overleveled by about five levels or so since he said he grinded slightly when testing things out.

If you find that the fight feels completely hopeless, I'll upload something for you to help you by since I'm still a little curious about the levels of a few of your party members.
So, as I said before, I leveled my chars by 2, and now I have:
Vahn - Lv. 24, 1310HP, Equip: Nullifier Spear, Magma Armor, Sallet, Running Shoes
Siegfried - Lv. 24, 1422HP, Equip: Iron Mace, Tower Shield, Berserker Regalia, Sallet, Berserk Ring
Elina - Lv. 26, 1086 HP, Equip: Iron Sword, Flame Shield. Manteau, Skull Cap, Water Emblem
Oalston - Lv. 28, 1219 HP, Equip: Sumi Brush, Flame Shield, Chainmail, Magus hat, Bracelet
And I watched LP on Youtube, but this guy is over 10 lvls above me. So I believe it would take few hours to level up that much for me. As I said before, X-Watara weaken my whole party to low HPs (but Elina), but before my healer does X-Cure (which heals around 500HP), Malacore hits me with second X-Watara that leaves only Elina alive and she can't revive my other chars that fast, so before she does, Malacore beats even her with Break (1000-1100 damage)...

Finally killed him! Pure luck: double Dragon-banded Siegfried did over 7k damage with critical that put an end to this monster... Uff, that was really tough one...
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
7000 damage? Sweet mother of god! Well, excellent that you finally took him down!

With the LP videos, Clareain_Christopher was probably able to benefit from the lower experience curves which may have prompted him to fight a little more than some people may have been inclined to. Don't worry, you should notice an increase in the amount of experience you can receive, especially when you have free reign of where to travel in the world.
I'm playing this for two consecutive days, I'm EXTREMELY addicted to this. And I mean, INSANELY.
I have a few issues to comment on my own (I won't bother to check if those have been already said because I'm using my cellphone as a router and my internet has a very small limit per day, so searching would consume a rather big portion of my daily internet.)

The game's beginning is rather boring yeah, but nothing to worry about, I think it's very fine! It's certainly less boring than sitting your ass through Tri-Ace's ridiculously long & dull introductions such as in VP and SO2. I mean, at least it's only ridiculously long, not dull.

But the issues I REALLY have are as follows:
You have such a lively, awesome cast! But they just POP OUT OF NOWHERE. I mean, like Ami, I was like WTF WHO IS SHE WHY IS SHE FOLLOWING ME but she's such a charismatic character, and there is some party chemistry. You should have given them proper intros. Ami and Vera are very neglected in this sense (they really-eally just pop out of nowhere, vera not so much but it still feels like that)
While with Nobunaga, Siegfried and Black-haired-tellah-i've-just-recruited this is completely underestandable due to their rather goofy, random nature.
To tell the truth the only character that has a decent introduction is Darius. You really just should add a small 5 min cutscene for each...

Issue 2: Unfitting music.
There are a few times when the music playing are LARGELY unfitting. I don't remember the worst cases now, but a lighter case would be some towns in lindbulm. The music is very unfitting, haphazardous even in towns when all NPCs are saying ("This village is so calm and peaceful lalala no rebels here")

Issue 3: Easiest to correct & most aggravating of all...:
...Graphics. A few of them look completely out of place but it's just a matter of minor edits to certain spritesets, and more importantly (much more importantly) replacing some battle animations. Some battle animations are really creative (such as nobunaga's blind+confuse smoke, it looks beautiful) but some really look not only out of place, but really ugly as well (such as Haste, Cura, Curaga, Water, Watera... I could go on a long way, here.)

I can aid you in getting better battle animations if you wish so! I love making animations and animation spritesheets, tee hee. <3
Also just because I love this game so much I'm resizing the facesets to fit rm2k3's 48x48 faceset boxes. >_>
You don't have to use it, I just did it because
of reasons and whatever.

This is officially the best final fantasy fangame I ever played, and this is officially the best world map in all the final fantasy games! (Fangames or not)
I'm really enjoying it, AND I'M STILL IN WORLD 1 *__________*


You should replace the .mp3's with files that at least don't fade out in the end! If you need help with this I can help as well, though uploading .mp3 with my internet is kinda really hard... xD

Also, sorry for the long comment and annoying criticism.
It's common of me to critique what I love <3

EDIT: Also, Elina made me shed a tear more than once. >:
Also, Nobunaga + Berserker Regalia + Ninja Cap + Berserk Ring = extreme mass destruction weapon GOHOHOHOHO
It's so fun to see him getting more than twice the turns others character's gain whilst dealing 700 DMG x 2
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Glad to see that you're enjoying it! I won't be making any future changes though unless someone finds a real game breaking bug or something. What I have uploaded now is pretty much the final version.

Also, Nobumasa. ;)
I figured this. I just thought I'd put some of those because of the last blog post.
And yeah, nobumasa <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thanks for making such an awesome game ;D <3

Gee, there are so many optional stuff... @_@ =O <3
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
You think there's a lot of optional content now? Oh, just wait until you're near the end. ;)
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I think I'll do one more small update that will lower the agility of many monsters further. If anyone sees this, I'd love to hear from you guys where you feel the speed of monsters begins to feel problematic in the game and/or if it ever becomes less of an issue later in the game. I'd also love to know if there are any bosses that feel too fast or slow.

I will of course offer this up as a small individual download (with just the updated lbd file or whichever one it is). I'll apply the changes to the full download as well.

So nothing major, just going to run through the database and adjust speed values.
hello i have a small problem with the text ,i cant read it its rly hard some time to even understand what they say ,is there a way for me to fix this? the leaters apper to big and with big space betwen them not like the screenshots u have any tip wouldbe gr8 ty.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Of course! Give this font fix patch a try: http://crankeye.com/downloads/rm2k_fp.exe
woho ur fast xD im gona try right away
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Haha, nah. I just happened to be on.
well if i dont bother u to much then can u tell me exacly what im supose to look for i thogh mb a dl link for somthing im not good at those stuf.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Ah, they did something to make the direct link not work.

Go to this page: http://crankeye.com/?page=downloads and download "Rm2k Font Patch" under the patches category.
ok fund it tnx a lot

its like i was using bad lents and now i got new ones works just gr8 XD
tnx a lot for ur help
How did you get your game to work full screen every other RPGM game I play seems to play in a tiny window?
How did you get your game to work full screen every other RPGM game I play seems to play in a tiny window?

Alt + Enter oughta do the trick.