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Version 1.24
- Added a new path through the mountains west of the Mohadmal Pyramid as a secondary way to reach Mohadmal Dock.
- Added additional treasure chests in areas where I thought they were needed.
- Added an NPC in Garamonde who will give the player a new weapon in exchange for a Sunstone (it's somewhere in Sunleth Waterscape).
- Added an option to skip the intro sequence for returning players.
- Added optional boss: Nitemare. He can be found in a purple pot in the final dungeon and requires a bloodstone to draw out.
- Added optional boss: Vertumnus. Takes Yemaja's place in the Everlasting Tangle when the final dungeon becomes available.
- Corrected text in a lot of chest pop-ups as the text for some chests did not reflect what was actually inside due to many item renames over the years.
- Edited the names of many items to better reflect what they are (ie. "Broad" is now "Broadsword").
- Finally remembered to edit the version number in the game window's title! It was still saying version 1.21 prior to this update.
- Fixed a few typos.
- Minor tweaking of the stats of a few bosses.
- Removed Dragon's Courage, Dragon's Devotion, and Dragon's Resolve from Vahn's ability list.
- Renamed several skill names (ie. Frenzied Lancer is now Dragonstrike, Syphon Spear is now Lancer, and so forth).
- Tightened up corridors on several maps and cleaned up/redid some areas that I thought looked subpar.

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I just want to say that rewards for completing the Sunleth Waterscape are just amazing! Beware that enemies there are strong though!
As I'm working on the Wiki and filling already existing articles, I notice that you refer to the very same person with two names: Biggs and Wedge. It just happens when we are sent for the Fire Crystal that Vahn starts referring to Wedge as Vicks and even his message box is Vicks. Not that you're gonna fix it, but just to let you know on what you should be looking out when making the sequel. ;P
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Hm? Wedge is an entirely different person. He's the bald general that you can encounter when you're first leaving Branch Castle. If I recall, Vahn wanted to use the Eternal Blue to sail to Ivalice/Mysidia, but Wedge had already departed with it when he left for Lenadia. Lord Adder then tells Vahn to go to the Water Shrine to rendezvous with Vicks who he thinks should be able to help Vahn.
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