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Because I don't want to go through the stress of making a walkthrough, I've decided that I will instead devote one page to answering questions from people who get stuck. Answers to questions will be posted in spoiler tags to prevent anyone from unintentionally learning anything they don't wish to know. Feel free to post questions on this page. I'll post answers here to anything I find on this page or on the main game page.

How do I progress past a gamebreaking bug I find that traps me on a map/crashes the game/etc?
After numerous updates? You probably can't, unfortunately. I only made the game in RPG Maker 2003, I didn't code the engine. Therefore I cannot explain why events aren't working correctly for a select few, why the game may crash at random, etc. There's no scripting or anything involved in RPG Maker 2003, no custom coding. Everything should work the same for EVERYONE, and numerous people have beaten this game. If the game isn't letting you past a certain point, and if I say it's the engine, then there's literally nothing I can do for you other than suggesting you try to play on another computer.

Where can I find a chocobo?
Chocobos are found in octagon-shaped forests on the world map. There is no indication that the forest contains chocobos other than the shape. Only octagon-shaped forests contain chocobos.

Where is Old Branch?
The entrance to Old Branch can be found under Branch Castle. To access it, head to the southeast corner of the castle exterior. There is a door outside of the wall. You can access this from inside of the wall. Just walk into the southeast corner of the wall to travel outside of it. Enter the other door outside of the wall to enter the caves under the castle. The entrance to Old Branch is here.

How do I enter Mohadmal Pyramid?
Retreive the Mohadmal Gear from the Coastal Cave (in the offshore island cave). Equip the Mohadmal Sword and Mohadmal Shield on any character and use them to defeat the spirit guarding the pyramid entrance.

How do I pass Gryphon Mountain?
After inspecting the glowing object that pushes you back, travel to Palumpu and recruit Ami. After returning to Gryphon Mountain, she will declare that Quetzalcoatl requires an offering. Travel west to Mt. Palumpu. Reach the summit and retreive an offering. You will now be able to enter Gryphon Mountain.

Where is the armored monster that I must kill for the Hillsdale elder?
There are two monsters. The first monster, a baskervor, is in the desert to the north of town. After killing it, return to the elder and he will tell you that you killed the wrong monster. Now venture to the desert to the west of town (it's a good 10-20 second walk to reach it) and fight the Robo-Rhinotaur. Defeat it and the elder of Hillsdale will grant you access to their underground highway.

How do I get inside Faluhd Castle?
After the elder of Organa asks you to find his son, acquire a chocobo from the nearby forest and travel across the water to the north. Find a cave, enter it, and speak to Mizuda. Complete his minigame and he will give you the key.

Where is the man who has the Serpent Road key?
To find the man with the key, first travel to Kohlingen and ask around until someone tells you that the man went to the auction house. Visit the auction house and speak with the people sitting down. One will tell you that the man went west. Locate a chocobo (there is a forest nearby) and travel west to Mt. Matoya, the previously inaccessible mountain beside the Aether Mine.

Where is the exit to Vera's dream?
The exit to Vera's dream is in the northwest corner of the map.

How do I recruit Bosche?
Return to Surgate Waystation after visiting Lindblum Castle. Bosche will be inside of the building that the rebels were previously in.

Regent Gran gave me a package to take to Mt. Koltz. How do I get there?
It is literally right beside Lindblum Castle on the world map. You can't miss it.

What do I do after Vahn leaves the party in Lindblum?
Travel to Kaipo or Tzen. A guard in either town will notify you that a dragoon passed through recently who then went in the direction of the Temple of Visionaries. Hop on a chocobo and travel to the offshore island in the southwest corner of the continent. This is where the Temple of Visionaries is located.

Where did the rebels take the elder of Crescent Village?
The rebels aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. They can be found in same hideout that the elder of Lantz was taken to. He is not in the same location though. Be sure to check every building.

How do I recruit Jasmine?
First find Jasmine in the town of Vos (in the Underworld). Give her 10,000 gold to help her escape. You will later find her in the arena (third world map) where she will join the party.

How do I recruit Omicron?
First, make sure that you are running the final update, which is 1.19b. Return to the Citadel after receiving the airship again while visiting Darnecles Castle. Find the letter in Lord Zeul's chambers that is addressed to the elder of Mystic Mysidia. Take the letter to the elder in Mysidia and he will direct you to a difficult to see optional location near the coast west of Mysidia. Note that the location is not marked on the map. Dive into the water and progress through the water cave. At the end, Omicron can be found in a coffin. Opening it will result in him joining the party.

Where can I find all of the helpers for the Rift Shrine?
General Wedge is in Valorous Holdout.
Harvey is in Mohadmal Cave.
Regent Gran is in Regent's Hideaway.
Rosa is in Surgate (Armor Shop).
Sabino is in Regent's Hideaway.
Vahn's Mother is in the town of Valla.

Where can I find gysahl greens?
Gysahl greens can be found on random monsters throughout the game and can also be purchased at the chocobo race track later in the game.

Where is Omega Weapon?
Shinryu, the Herald of Omega, must first be defeated in the Genesis Obelisk. After defeating Shinryu, Omega can be located in the Ancient Castle.

Where is Diamond Weapon?
In order to fight Diamond Weapon, you must first defeat Omega. After doing so, travel to Darnecles Castle and speak with King Vale. He will inform you that a tunnel has opened in the desert outside of the castle and that a terrible monster lives inside. Head out to the desert, stand on the hole, and you will initiate a fight with Diamond Weapon.

What monsters are weak against which elemental spells/weapons?
The weaknesses in Blackmoon Prophecy are so blunt and obvious that a lot of people will smack themselves in the forehead for missing them.

How far in the game am I?
Here is a list of the places you visit in chronological order (though a few places you only visit briefly are omitted). This should give you an indication as to how far into the game you are. Recommended levels are in brackets.

1. Branch Castle (1)
2. Water Shrine (1)
3. Village of Trei (2)
4. Cave of Surt (2)
5. Trei Caves (3)
6. Trei Catacombs (4)
7. Ivalice Checkpoint (4)
8. Cave to Mysidia (5)
9. Mystic Mysidia (6)
10. Mt. Mysidia (6)
11. Niflheim (7)
12. Gulgur Volcano (7)
13. Trei Passage (4, Hans Only)
14. Forest of Shadows (4, Hans Only)
15. Mt. Branch (4, Hans Only)
16. East Branch (4, Hans Only)
17. Gazmodan's Grotto (7)
18. Old Branch (8)
19. Eternal Blue (8)
20. Mohadmal Village (8)
21. Coastal Cave (9)
22. Cave of Ultros (10)
23. Mohadmal Pyramid (11)
24. Palumpu Post (11)
25. Gryphon Mountain (12)
26. Palumpu (12)
27. Mt. Palumpu (12)
28. Hillsdale (12)
29. Hillsdale Undergound Passage (13)
30. Forgotten Forest (13)
31. Organa (13)
32. Mizuda's Refuge (14)
33. Faluhd Castle (14)
34. Kohlingen (14)
35. Kohlingen Cves (14)
36. Rift Shrine (14)
37. Rudra Cavern (15)
38. Daguero (15)
39. Cid's Abandoned Laboratory (15)
40. Silvera (16)
41. Mt. Matoya (16)
42. South Shore Checkpoint (17)
43. Cornelia (18)
44. Lenadia Castle (18)
45. Wind Shrine (19)
46. Cave of Dreams (19)
47. Lantz (19)
48. Rebel Hideout (19)
49. Surgate Waystation (20)
50. Mage Academy (20)
51. Lindblum Castle (20)
52. Dawnmarch (21)
53. Mt. Koltz (21)
54. Dragon Roost (22)
55. Kaipo (22)
56. Temple of Visionaries (23)
57. Crescent Village (24)
58. Mystic Library (24)
59. Surgate (25)
60. Cave to the Underworld (25)
61. Lucid Depths (26)
62. Vos (26)
63. Miasma Caverns (26)
64. Fen Stronghold (27)
65. Life Shrine (27)
66. Branch Castle (28)
67. Citadel Sewers (28)
68. Ivalice Citadel (29)
69. Water Shrine (29)
70. Mt. Ozma (30)
71. Visage (31)
72. Albrook Cave (31)
73. Albrook (31)
74. Ivalice Citadel (32)
75. Costa del Vita (32)
76. Torian Grotto (33)
77. Auslen (34)
78. North Auslen Cave (35)
79. Mystic Mysidia (35)
80. Mt. Mysidia (36)
81. Darnecles Castle (36)
82. Mt. Houzell (39)
83. Borealis Cave (40)
84. Lindblum Castle (41)
85. Cleft of Wind (42)
86. Sky Ruins (43)
87. Everlasting Tangle (43)
88. Cave to the Underworld (44)
89. Magma Vortex (44)
90. Rift Shrine (45)
91. Lost Eternity (46)
92. Tower of Babil (48)
93. Genesis Obelisk (50)
94. Lucidgrove Abyss: Center of the Moon (55)
95. Lucidgrove Abyss: Illusionary Fortress (55)

Where can I find adamantium ore in order to unlock augments?
Adamantium ore can be dropped by the following monsters: Adamantipede, Adamantoise, Armor Golem, Beholder, Enforcer, Grand Dragon, Jooba, Metalisk, Rock Slug, Sand Behemoth, and Seeker. The easiest way to obtain the ore is probably to repeatedly battle adamantoises on the Island of Zen's southwest beach.

Where can I find Vera's summons?
This list is incomplete because I need to verify the correct locations of these summons. When I do, I will change this text.

Alexander: Ancient Castle
***Asura: Mt. Figaro
Bahamut: Lindblum Crater
**Bahamut Absolute: Cave of Memory
*Carbuncle: Mount Mysidia (Second Visit)
Diablos: Auction House
Doomtrain: Marshtown
*Fenrir: Torian Grotto
Golem: Living Cavern (Underworld)
*Ifrit: Mystic Mysidia (Automatic)
***Ixion: Trei Catacombs (Third World Map)
Jumbo Cactuar: Cactuar Island (Third World Map)
Leviathan: Sodden Depths
Maduin: Rift Shrine (Third World Map)
Odin: Horseman's Rest
Phoenix: Tower of Babil
Quetzalcoatl: Temple Kas'ion
*Ramuh: Rift Shrine
Remora: Lucid Depths (Underworld)
*Rubicant: Magma Vortex
*Seraphim: Borealis Cave
*Shiva: Cid's Laboratory
Siren: Cave to Sewers (From Vera's Basement)
Starlet: Lindblum Armory
*Syldra: Gizmodan's Grotto
Tritoch: Rift Shrine (Third World Map)
Unicorn: Arena (Battle Reward)
Ymir: Genesis Obelisk
Zolom: Auction House (After Darnecles Castle)
Zoneseek: Ebot's Rock

* denotes that summon is acquired through game progression rather than optional content.
** denotes that the Bahamut summon is required to obtain this summon.
*** denotes that the summon is in the Plus patch only.

Who are the optional bosses and how can I find them?
Atomos: At the end of the Aether Mine (first world map only).
Amaterasu: Tower of Trial, top floor. Nobumasa must be in the party.
Apprehender: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Mutsonokami.
Calcabrina: Dr. Lugae's Laboratory. Black Chocobo is required.
Chaos: Arena. He is the 100th battle.
Chupon: Trei Catacombs from the south entrance. Found resting near a wall.
Czar Dragon: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Tetra Orb.
Dark Elf: Mohadmal Cave. Must initiate Harvey's rescue quest to gain access to the cave.
Diamond Weapon: Darnecles Desert. Defeating Omega is required before Diamond Weapon appears.
Dr. Lugae: Dr. Lugae's Laboratory. Black Chocobo is required.
Elysium: Arena. She is the 98th battle.
Exdeath: Fought at random in the Arena's gauntlet.
Hades: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Sage Staff.
Hook Horror: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Deathbringer.
General Lesh: Meksicburg Stockade, southwest corner.
Gilgamesh: Tomb of Takka. He must first be defeated in Vulgate before he can be fought again.
Kefka: Fought at random in the Arena's gauntlet.
King Zemus: Ancient Castle. A chocobo is required to reach it.
Madeline: Temple Kas'ion. Black Chocobo and defeating Omega are both required.
Leviathan: Sodden Depths, the cave behind the Lindblum waterfall.
Lord Adder: Branch Castle, throne room. Black Chocobo is required to reach him.
Maximus: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Illumina.
Odin: Horseman's Rest. Unlock door by activating switches in order from youngest son to eldest son.
Omega: Ancient Castle, second floor. Defeating Shinryu is required before Omega appears.
Orphan: At the end of Sunleth Waterscape.
Pandemonium: Arena. It is the 97th battle.
Perilisk: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Whale Whisker.
Pirate: Cornelia. Fish his coin out of the well and refuse to give it back to him.
Platinum Giants: Two are fought together in the Berona Research Facility.
Sapphire Weapon: Inside of a chest in Echo Temple.
Scissorjaw: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Ogrekiller.
Sephiroth: Fought at random in the Arena's gauntlet.
Shinryu: Genesis Obelisk. Located in the northeast room.
Torama: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Artemis Bow.
Tyrannosaur: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Longinus.
Wrath Giant: Lucidgrove Abyss. Located in a chest containing Gladius.
Zeromus: Arena. He is the 99th battle.


Is the Chocobo Race Track rigged? Tried betting 20 times, and each time, my choice came in last or third.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Bring the long string to the pirate.

As for the chocobo race track, no, it's not rigged. There are about 10 different results, and a variable randomly chooses one at the start of the race.
I don't know how the David Patch works. How do you use it so you can view the game in Rpg Maker 2003 without the higher stats being reset to 999?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I don't know how the David Patch works. How do you use it so you can view the game in Rpg Maker 2003 without the higher stats being reset to 999?

Honestly, it's been a long time since I've used it (well over 10 years) and I kind of forget. I think you have to patch the actual program itself or something.
I don't know how the David Patch works. How do you use it so you can view the game in Rpg Maker 2003 without the higher stats being reset to 999?
Honestly, it's been a long time since I've used it (well over 10 years) and I kind of forget. I think you have to patch the actual program itself or something.

How exactly do you patch the program? Does it mean the David Patch, or the actual Rpg Maker program?
I can't seem to find a Water Rod or a Stout Spear anywhere. I could have sworn that the Stout Spear was sold somewhere but I can't seem to find it. As for the Water Rod, I have no clue.