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There are a lot of neat things that you can do or see in Blackmoon Prophecy, and I'm hoping that this page will be fun to read for some. My aim with this page is to make people say, "wow, I didn't know that!" So, let's get started.

NOTE: This page may contain spoilers.

Ami, Jill of All Trades
While Elina and Oalston may be the only two character who can learn the strongest spells in the game, and Godot is a great mix of the two, it's Ami who is actually the magical powerhouse of the game. She's a lot like Relm in Final Fantasy 6. Like Relm, Ami is a decent fighter who can be made to be pretty great with the best weapons and some good accessories. She also appears to be an average magician at first but, as she levels up, her raw magic attribute clearly becomes higher than any other character's. While magic tomes are pretty expensive initially, buying them and teaching some black and white magic to Ami is a great idea, especially late in the game when the tier 3 spells (firaga, etc.) can be learned via tomes. Ami may not possess X-Magic, but she'll still pack one hell of a punch.

Bahamut Absolute Summon
While the ordinary Bahamut summon on its own isn't too bad, it may not feel strong enough for the final dungeon or a few optional areas. To remedy this, venture to the Cave of Memories via black chocobo after acquiring the basic Bahamut summon. At the very end of this cave is a spirit that will unlock the true power of Bahamut, granting the Bahamut Absolute summon to Vera. This powerful summon inflicts at least 9990 damage on all enemies with each use. This is a very expensive summon to cast but, if Vera has an accessory equipped to lower the cost of her abilities, then Bahamut Absolute becomes very affordable.

Bosche's Best Relics Part 1: Arrowny Doll
Some people will happen upon the Haunted Cove and not know what the heck to do there. Others will find a princess figurine and stare at it with a big question mark above their heads. The Haunted Cove and the princess figurine are directly connected. When you obtain the princess figurine late in the game, take it to the Haunted Cove and insert the figurine into the model castle. A ghost will appear and give you a message. Now go into the house and search the skull on the floor, and presto! A Mysterious Relic! This one happens to be Bosche's second best ability, Arrowny Doll. It's a great ability to have, as it hits all enemies and inflicts damage that is roughly on par with Oalston's Armageddon spell.

Bosche's Best Relics Part 2: Ragnarok
For those who manage to obtain the fabled Ragnarok sword and find that they aren't using it for whatever reason, Bosche can benefit greatly from it. Now you may be wondering what I'm talking about since Bosche can't equip Ragnarok, right? Well, if you're not using Ragnarok on anyone, then head on over to Branch Castle and venture down into the dungeon. Here you will find a spirit that will turn the sword into a Mysterious Relic which will teach Bosche the Ragnarok ability. Is it worth throwing away one of the best weapons in the game to teach Bosche this ability? If you use Bosche, then yes. Siegfried and/or Darius won't lose too much attack power (especially if you have Illumina) and Bosche will be able to deal insane damage comparable to Vera's Gigaflare summon.

Darius the Black Mage
The dark knight himself is a pretty good character overall and he's awesome at the end of the game, but you can make him even MORE awesome. Do you endgame players wish that Darius could use Shadow Firaga more than once before having to recharge his MP? Well, there's a simple solution for you that a lot of players don't think of... magic shards! These helpful items boost maximum MP by a few points, and most of you probably think about using them on a mage character. While that isn't a bad idea, the mages are going to have lots of MP anyway. Why not use them on Darius? His shadow magic is quite effective against the right enemies, and his shadow manipulation powers can come in handy when you can use them over and over again. Darius benefits greatly from even a single magic shard. Don't shy away from boosting his maximum MP!

Early 1000 Damage
After receiving a chocobo from Lindblum's Regent Gran, travel to the small desert island off the east coast of the continent. This desert contains cactuars. These cactus creatures can be very tricky and troublesome at this point of the game, but if you manage to defeat one then you may be lucky enough to acquire a wiggling cactus. Using a wiggling cactus on Ami will teach her 1000 Needles which, predictably, inflicts 1000 damage with each use. This ability is fairly expensive to use at this point of the game but can be devastating against bosses, especially when used in conjunction with Vera's summons.

Early Tier 2 Weapons
Once you acquire the airship from Cid and can fly anywhere you wish, it's obvious that the main story will probably be put on hold by many people as they wish to explore the world. One location that is very much worth visiting immediately is Mt. Ordeals, located southeast of Trei. This mountain contains one on one battles for every character in which they must each face their fears and overcome them. Each character who overcomes their fight will be awarded with a powerful tier 2 weapon that will likely be better than anything found elsewhere in the world (at least until later). Since the fights in Mt. Ordeals are one on one, it is advisable to unequip every character so that you can plan for each battle to the best of your abilities.

Easy Tier 3 Spells & Weapons
So you just got the airship back on the third world map, now what? You could defeat the Five Fiends or locate your lost party members... or you could acquire some great spells and weapons to make doing both activities a breeze. This does require a bit of time, but it pays off. When you get the airship, immediately go to the chocobo forest near Surgate and obtain the black chocobo. This little guy is wounded and requires gysahl greens to get better. You may have acquired some of these already by fighting random encounters, but the quickest way to obtain the greens is at the chocobo race track. A trainer will sell you several greens for a decent price. After using enough to nurse the black chocobo back to health, hop aboard him and ride to the town of Garamonde. This town sells tomes for Aeraga, Curaga, Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, and Waterga. Tier 3 weapons, which are normally found in the final dungeons and on superbosses, are sold here. They are the weakest tier 3 weapons in the game, but they're still a significant improvement over tier 2 weapons.

Filling Your Trophy Room
Many players have found Teo, a generous trophy maker who volunteers to make trophies showing off your exploits. For those who haven't found Teo, he is located in his home slightly northwest of Lenadia Castle. After meeting him, he opens a new room in the Rift Shrine to showcase your achievements. Here are the bosses that yield trophies. The location they are found in is in brackets.
Amaterasu (Tower of Trial)
Atma Weapon (Tower of Babil)
Calcabrina (Dr. Lugae's Laboratory)
Chaos (Arena)
Bahamut (Lindblum Crater, World Map)
Blackmoon Engine (Genesis Obelisk)
Chupon (Trei Catacombs)
Dark Elf (Mohadmal Cave)
Diamond Weapon (Darnecles Desert, World Map)
Dio (Lunargrove Abyss)
Dr. Lugae (Dr. Lugae's Laboratory)
Elysium (Arena)
Gilgamesh (Tomb of Takka)
Jumbo Cactuar (Cactuar Island, World Map)
Leviathan (Sodden Depths)
Lord Adder (Branch Castle)
Malacore (Lost Eternity)
Madeline (Temple Kas'ion)
Pandemonium (Arena)
Odin (Horseman's Rest)
Omega (Ancient Castle)
Shinryu (Genesis Obelisk)
Zemus (Ancient Castle)
Zeromus (Arena)

Godly Nobumasa
Nobumasa is an interesting character because he doesn't seem spectacular when first recruited, but he perhaps demonstrates more development and growth than any other character while leveling. When Nobumasa is level 60, he will learn Yasuragi. This ability will increase all of his stats by 100% + 400 additional points. This means that if his vigor was at 250, it would be boosted to 900 with Yasuragi active. While this ability is a huge game changer alone for Nobumasa, he can become your best attacker bar none with his best weapon in the game, Hyakki Yagyo. You can obtain this weapon by clearing the Tower of Trial. So how good is the combination ofHyakki Yagyo and Yasuragi? Well, Nobumasa will be dealing roughly 27,900 each turn. That's a lot of damage, and it makes him Blackmoon Prophecy's most frightening fighting force.

Missable Character: Bosche
This guy is incredibly easy to miss, though anyone who likes exploring is sure to have found him. To recruit Bosche, simply return to Surgate Waystation (where Vahn escaped from via chocobo) and enter the building that the rebels had come out of. Bosche will be in here and will join your party. Bosche can permanently missed if you do not recruit him prior to confronting Malacore in the Water Shrine.

Missable Character: Jasmine
Jasmine is slightly harder to miss than Bosche because most players will walk right by her. The first time she is sighted will be in the town of Vos in the Underworld. Speak to Jasmine and agree to help her out by forking over a substantial amount of gold. She will then leave the town and the player will not see her again for quite a while. The next time Jasmine pops back up is towards the end of the game in the arena (after visiting Darnecles Castle). She will be thankful for what you did and will wish to repay you, prompting her to join the party.

Obtaining the Ragnarok Sword
This powerful weapon may be missed by many players who ignore optional bosses, and it requires a few steps to obtain. First, defeat Shinryu in the Genesis Obelisk. When Shinryu dies, Omega will be summoned into the world. To fight Omega, venture down to the Ancient Castle and find him in the room on the second floor. As one of the toughest encounters in the game, it may take a little while to defeat this superboss, but felling him will reward you with a Magicite Cluster. Players will notice that it cannot be equipped or used by anyone, so what do you do with it? Hop aboard a chocobo and venture to Branford Hollow, the small cave to the south of where Palumpu once was. In this cave you will find a woman looking for magicite. Give her the cluster and she will reward you with Ragnarok.

World's Deadliest... Random Encounters Part 1: Vomammoth
There are three easily accessible types of monsters which will test the skills of even supremely overleveled characters. They can all be found on the third world map and are perhaps the most challenging non-boss beasts in Blackmoon Prophecy. The first of these monsters is the Vomammoth. They have an incredibly small range and can only be found on two small arctic islands. The first island is off the southeast coast of Ivalice and a chocobo must be used to reach it. The other island is to the west of the large island with the Tower of Babil. To land on the second island, simply use the airship and land on the sole grassy tile. Now, vomammoths aren't the only monsters inhabiting these islands, but fortunately they're not too rare. When you encounter a vomammoth, you'll find that they have a healthy amount of HP (approximately 30,000) and can hit for a few thousand points of damage. As long as you have some good weapons and high level magic, you'll defeat these beasts quickly.

World's Deadliest... Random Encounters Part 2: Voidfiend
The next powerful creature living on the world map happens to be the Voidfiend. These phantasmal creatures live in two areas. First, they can be found on the same northern island as Vomammoths. The second area requires use of a black chocobo though! If you venture to the town of Garamonde and explore the forests outside town, you'll quickly encounter Voidfiends. These monsters are a little stronger (roughly 80,000 HP) and you can encounter up to three at once. Voidfiends simply throw as much damage at you as possible, and they certainly do hurt! Nuke and Virus are their favourite spells to use. As a precautionary note, these powerful foes are immune to holy and shadow.

World's Deadliest... Random Encounters Part 3: Brachiosaur
It all comes down to this, the absolute strongest non-boss encounter in Blackmoon Prophecy. The Brachiosaur is so powerful that it can even pose a greater threat than some bosses in the final two dungeons. This frightening dinosaur can be found in the forest outside of Jack's Shack and has a little over 100,000 HP, 255 speed, and auto-haste. Nearly every attack it dishes out will damage every character in your party for no less than 1500 damage. Tetra Elementals, if you have them, come in handy against these creatures due to the huge range of elemental attacks they use. However, the Brachiosaur has a few physical attacks that will inflict a 2000-4000 damage. Having a dedicated healer is very important when dealing with these powerful adversaries!

More tips and tricks will be added to this page over time. Do you have a cool tip you'd like to contribute? Post it in the comments below and it will be added above. You will also be credited for coming up with the tip!


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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I think Nobumasa could hit four times before. I think he might be the only character can still hit three times, albeit with one weapon. I'll have to look into that.
Where exactly can i find the trophymaker? Slightly west of the castle doesnt help me.Or can it be too late sometime.?
Teo's Hut really is just a bit northwest of Lenadia Castle, it's a tiny house. Fly north of the castle until you see a forest to the west, then go west and you should see it.
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