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Been a while. Updates here.

Alright, well, without dragging all my personal issues out into the world wide web, my internet connection may become spotty at some point. Though, obviously, that wont stop me from working on Divine. If I finish it while I have no connection, I'll find a way. Now, onto more important things...

I probably wont finish Divine by the original set date. I've been reworking the story again (Just small stuff this time). Fun fact: I've completely remade Divine 5 seperate times, some intentionally while others due to loss of work. I originally wanted this to be finished by my birthday, March 4th, but I actually made the game a little bigger. And this paragraph does have a more important point. I was thinking of doing an episodic sort of thing with this, to help space it out and give people something to actually try out. I could release a demo, but at the stage the game is currently at, I'm really not confident with what's there. I'm using primarily default skills and spells (though with plenty of tweeks). I plan to change that at a later point, but it's not my biggest priority now. Anyway... If I get anyone to read this, like the last blog, what do you think about that? Input much appreciated.

Speaking of gameplay, I've finished the concept I discussed in my last blog. I guess it's not really a "concept" anymore though, huh? Through some of the dungeons you head through, you may find tools. These tools can be used in many parts to find secret areas, the optional dungeons (there will be two, one for challenge, the other for some world lore.), hidden treasure, and after a certain point in the game, puzzle-solving. Most of them should be useful in nearly every dungeon. The only exception to this is the final story dungeon, which will not have any places to use the tools due to plot reasons. That said, you may want to look for the tools and items you can interact with when you're playing through. The best items in the game are found with this stuff.

Now on to the last bit I've gotten into since the last blog. While the sprites and everything'll probably stay pretty basic, I hope the title screen I'm working on and custom music I'm putting in will make up for it. Complain about the sprites and pictures all you want, I wont be fixing them. So sue me. :P

And as a last bit, while the story of this game is sorta fluctuating at the moment, I do in fact have plans for a Divine 2. I'm sure most of the people who read this are thinking "You're getting ahead of yourself." In response, I say "No I'm not. I've already gone through this stuff many times. GET OFF MAH BACK, CRACKHEAD."

Till next time, folks.

EDIT: If anyone wants to know what I've been doing, you can get a preview from the Playable Character page, which some may notice has two new additions. When I said I was making the game bigger, these two characters are largely responsible for that. Raiden and Rendal be they.


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I recommend you get it to a point where you can show off what the game will be like then show that off. After all, demos are supposed to be bite-sized chunks to give people a taste of whether or not they'll want to play the final version and if they differ too much... well, it wouldn't be an adequate representation of your game, would it?
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