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The cliche 'Long time no see' blog...

Yep. Many, many indie games have them. Or I see a lot of indie games having them, anyway. Mostly among RPG's, really. They start out, everything is a blast, but then suddenly life sweeps the developer(s) up and the game is cast a few lines below where it usually was on the creators metaphorical 'to-do' list. Eventually, the game burns at the back of the developers mind for so long and *something* has to be said about it.

Although my case is a little different. I'm still working on Check. Development hasn't stopped at all. I've finished the remastered version of Chapter One. It's done. Finished. And Chapter Three has had a massive amount of time put into it; it's nowhere near finished to the standard I'd like, but process is being made.

However, I seem to have met a girl, a while ago. A wonderful, wonderful girl whom is everything that I could ever ask for. She's beautiful, she loves me for who I am, and we get on brilliantly. It's lovely, really.

... She just has the worst internet connection. In the world.

Either way, I've remedied this, and the internet here works a lot better now. Chapter One should be up within the next few days.

The other thing.

Since I make a lot of other games apart from Check, I've decided to increase my internet presence a lot more. Through the (evil) means of Facebook, and also Twitter and Wordpress. (I have a blog! Yay!)

Due to this, I kind of have a lot to keep up with. Even though my Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress are all linked, RPG Maker.net (quite obviously, and rightly) is not.

So this isn't an 'OH MY GOD I'M LEAVING I'LL SEE YOU ALL LATER DON'T MISS ME TOO MUCH' post, this is just a kind of notification that I'm probably not going to post on here as much, really. I'll still upload Check releases, and possible future RPG releases I make after I finish Check, as I feel I owe this website a lot. It increased my motivation tenfold, and also my confidence!

But, if anyone is interested, I would love it if you liked my Facebook page/Followed me on Twitter/Subscribed to my Wordpress. I'll be trying to add regular updates to do with Check and any other game that I'm currently developing. (Which is only one at the moment, which got put on hold. Because of Check.)

Anyways, if anyone is interested, the links are below!

Thanks for reading!