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Demo:The Life of Shadows

Vita Umbra an RPG being developed by myself. I had just finished Tales of Phantasia after Star Ocean, and I decided that I would make my own RPG to add to the experience I had making those games.

The game is about ghosts, time-travel, and redemption.

Story (Contains Spoilers)
You start out on a small island, where you have lived for your entire life. You have made a boat to travel to the remains of Insula Umbra (the Island of Shadows). There you will meet the ghosts of the island's past. They will give you a quest, and you will there start your journey to right the world's wrongs, and save the world.

The story, the dialouge, even the entire beginning of the story, everything will be improved. The goals are also underdeveloped, but think of the first area (Up to infernalis) as just a temporary farming area.

There is a more in depth if not a little outdated explanation of the game on RMVX:

The project is on kickstarter for music from my composer.

This project may or may not go commercial. It depends on how good the final product is!

There are many bugs in this version, but none should stop you from beating the demo. There is no actual end to the demo, just a place called "battle fever".

The SCII graphics are placeholder. If anyone here is a good spriter I do need assistance with the real alien building sprites.

All the music is placeholder.

I need reviews! What do I need to change and what do I need to work on?

Thank you for your time!

Latest Blog

New Demo Information

I decided to upload my personal Dev Demo to rmn. There are a few things to note:
I may have left some cheat events in the game (testing purposes only, if you're a game dev you'll understand).
I left some saves. Feel free to use those if you're stuck, but beware. I play on Warrior. Equal to hard.
Anything after Hogrothan is heavily indev. Some areas don't even have enemies.
Also, I'm using bullet-xt's audio engine so you must use "Start.exe" or it will give an error.
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  • 07/26/2012 03:23 PM
  • 01/21/2013 07:35 PM
  • 11/30/2013
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I have some old videos of the game in it's earlier stages. You can see how it's evolved and changed. The customized name is new though.
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