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"The gameplay in Dragon Fantasy II is first-class; it gives you everything you would expect from a traditional roleplaying game but, more than that, it also pulls each element off brilliantly. Professionally, even."

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A century has passed since the events of the first Dragon Fantasy. The self-proclaimed lord of demon-kind has been slain, and the world restored back to a state of order. Even the four Great Relics could not completely destroy the power of the Demon Lord however. His power, along with the mighty fortress of Venaitura, was contained within a sphere of light—forever locked away to spare the world further carnage.

But the skies have once again darkened, and a new evil has given rise: Dark Emperor Xyan. Using his terrifying power, Xyan has stolen the Sphere of Light, and with it opened a gateway to the Dark World. With hordes of Demons now under his control, his quest for world-domination has begun.

You are the Hero's descendant. Flowing through you is the blood of the legendary hero who felled the dark lord 100 years ago, and it gives you a power unlike any other. The King of Zebon calls forth you and your allies, and tasks you with defeating the Arch-Fiend Xyan.

Now it is time to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! The fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

Shall you conqueror Xyan?

Latest Blog

An Update Appears! Command?

That's right, folks! I've taken on the task of giving this game a small makeover in the form of various touch-ups here and there to improve its quality. What KIND of edits are we talking here? Well...

Updates to various maps, and a COMPLETE REMAKE of the World Map to make it like an actual WORLD! Right now it's just a mess. But that's how I rolled back in the day; I don't think anything was pre-planned, and some aspects (like maps) definitely suffered for it.

Dialogue is being edited, snipped, cut down, and made WAY more comprehensible and bearable. I think I went a little TOO over the top originally.

The message that comes up whenever you search a pot's gotta be changed. It HAS to be. Right now it takes THREE message boxes to find out what you've got if there's an item to be found in a pot/drawer/whatever.

Equipment, enemies, and various other things are getting tweaked, too.

For the most part, DFII's fine just the way it is, but I want to make it even BETTER. It's good, but it could be GREAT! So yeah, that's just a little something to look forward to.


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I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
For those of you wondering, yes, Ephiam asked me before using the resources from Hellion.

And before you go any further with that, realize that they are all just rips from Dragon Warrior III and IV (and sometimes II). So, save your thanks for Ranmaru Mori, Liberty and the website The Dragon's Den.
I played some of this. It's not half bad, but I don't know what to criticize about it, except for my usual nitpicking of grammar. Oh, and the three-line messages using the default four-line box. At LEAST make a custom message box if you're going to do that.
Huh? I was SURE that the last time I made four rows of text only 3 could be seen. It happened to me with the first Dragon Fantasy, so I just always used only 3 lines. =\

From what I've played of the demo this game continues to manage to capture the essence of a retro rpg in all its glory. Party-picking gives that instant feel of ownership.
This site dislikes my computer. I am unable to place anynew Blog's/screen's/etc. anywhere! *Cries* Internet Explorer used to let me, but now it does not. Blarh.
question, could you estimate when this is going to be released
Probably not for another long time yet. I'm slowly working on it.

But I would say I'm about 40~% done.
ok, thats good enogh for me, i'm gonna be 1 of the first to download it when its done
ONe of the first, 'eh? ha ha! I hope you are! I'll be looking forward to the day that I release the full version of this game! (I hope I do!)
good good i hope you do 2, what is the track you use for bosses
oops i mean what game is the boss music from
i hope it is longer than the 1st 1 with a few more bosses some with and without supporting enemies
as i recall, veryl has the ability to transform as Yorivess, the time i completed it he transformed on the same turn as i killed him, he transformed lifa cast NUKE and sando attacked him and he was down, what does it do anyway.
Good lord! You've got enough comments goin' there, RPGfan! Ha ha.

And the boss music is customly made. 'Tis an awesome track made by someone on the forums. You should join in! It'll be good to have a few more members in there.

And I think it COULD be longer, but I'm not sure. Might be the same length! (with even less bosses! =O)

And for Veryl...I think that was just MY problem. Haa. I made him transform too late. He was supposed to be more dangerous, but I ended up killing 'em just after he transformed every time. But Yorivess is different! If you don't kill his helpers you can't hurt him. When you do, he transforms into something more damageable.
i was thinking about making my final boss unharable until you killed his arms first
1 cast Aura of Valor over and over and the other 1 does great explotion the last boss
of my game is

Omni Maldryth HP35000 MP5000
Right Arm HP12000 MP9999
Left Arm HP12000 MP9999
hey, ephiam, by joining in did you mean subscribe cuz i allready have
No, no. I meant that you should join the forum! You know, the part where everyone talks about each others games and all of that other random stuff. The link for the forums are just up top (on top of the web page.)

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