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An Update Appears! Command?

That's right, folks! I've taken on the task of giving this game a small makeover in the form of various touch-ups here and there to improve its quality. What KIND of edits are we talking here? Well...

Updates to various maps, and a COMPLETE REMAKE of the World Map to make it like an actual WORLD! Right now it's just a mess. But that's how I rolled back in the day; I don't think anything was pre-planned, and some aspects (like maps) definitely suffered for it.

Dialogue is being edited, snipped, cut down, and made WAY more comprehensible and bearable. I think I went a little TOO over the top originally.

The message that comes up whenever you search a pot's gotta be changed. It HAS to be. Right now it takes THREE message boxes to find out what you've got if there's an item to be found in a pot/drawer/whatever.

Equipment, enemies, and various other things are getting tweaked, too.

For the most part, DFII's fine just the way it is, but I want to make it even BETTER. It's good, but it could be GREAT! So yeah, that's just a little something to look forward to.


Future of Dragon Fantasy, Facebook Page, etc.

Here we are once again, fans of Dragon Fantasy. I'm not going to discuss the number of downloads, etc. unlike in previous Blog posts, but rather the future of the serious after the completion of "Dragon Fantasy: REMADE."


If you didn't already know, a remake of the very first Dragon Fantasy is underway. Although it is still in its initial stages, progress is going VERY smoothly. Corfaisus is the game's mapper, and I've got to hand it to him for making some very beautiful maps. I'm honored to have him on the team, and tremendously appreciate his help.

With its making, DF: Remade will change quite a few things about the story, thus changing the series' canon storyline/sequencing, etc. Although only the first two games were directly linked, once DF: Remade is completed, ALL OTHER GAMES WILL BECOME NON-CANON. Yes, even this one! Why? Well, because nothing will make sense anymore, and I've finally decided the direction I want this series to take, and how the story will truly unfold. Before I only had a vague idea, but now I've got it all mapped out, so I'm essentially starting over again.

Do I hope to also remake this game in the future? Definitely! Then I can finally put an end to this series, and maybe work on something else after that.

Also, for those of you who are interested, I've recently made a Facebook page for Dragon Fantasy II. Any and all fans out there who have Facebook, I call upon you for a friendly "Like" of this game's page! It'd be incredibly appreciated.



Dragon Fantasy II Finally reaches 1000+ Downloads!

Although not quite up to par with its predecessor in terms of the number of acquired downloads, Dragon Fantasy II has finally reached it's 1000th download. I think this is worthy of a Blog post, seeing as how I make one every time the first game acquires a 1000 or so (which is strange, considering 1000 downloads for an RM game is a lot!)

The second installment in the Dragon Fantasy series is (sadly) not as popular (at least in downloads) as the first game. Taking in to consideration that this game does so many things better than the first, and that it truly captures some of that nostalgic charm of the old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games... you would think that it'd be doing much better! Sadly it isn't, but I guess that is all I can do. I'm still glad that it's receiving a steady flow of downloads, and that people shall hopefully enjoy it for many years to come!

A big thanks to all of you who bothered to download this game. It is very appreciated!



New Page: "Character Classes"

Ah yes...well it's been a while since I've done anything major for this, so I thought I'd go and make something useful without having to go and edit the game in some way, shape, or form. If you mind looking around juuust above this little box here, you'll tee that I've added a new pages tab entitled "Class Information." I list every job class you can pick in the entire game, describe what their stats will be at both Lv.1 and Lv.50, and also list the spells they can learn and at what level.

Hope it helps!


A Big "Thank You."

Well, I had to say it sooner or later, and instead of saying it multiple times to multiple people, why not say it to everyone all at once, right here!? So here it is:

Thank you, everyone, who has both downloaded and played this game. Regardless of how long you actually did so, I'm happy knowing that many people at least gave it a try and didn't turn it down because of the way it looked. I hope to make another one in the future. But for now...nothing!

Thanks again, and great luck to both you and all the other RPG Makers out there, too!


About the "Final Mix"

Info on the "Final Mix" version:

This extension to the game has finally made it give me the "complete" feeling I was looking for. With it, Dragon Fantasy II has come to a great conclusion. Included in the upadate are the following:

-Better weapons and spells for late-game mgaes.

-Small stat increases.

-Access to Bigsby's Tomb once you beat the final boss once.

-The chance to fight the final boss two more times after defeating it once. Just go back in to the room you fought it, and talk to it after the credits. The third time you fight it is the hardest battle in the entire game. So be sure to complete Bigby's Tomb before fighting its 3rd phase, and make sure to be Lv.40-43.

-Fight Dragon Warrior 1-4's final bosses as Optional Bosses in Bigby's Tomb.

-A hint: The tomb opens/appears to the far West on the Dark World map.

-Another hint: Bring your save file from the old game into this folder. That is all that you should need to do! No need to start a new file.


A Few Bugs Fixed

Huzzah, I am back again t post yet another small Blog. There is not much to inform whoever may be reading this (doubt there is many!), but just incase there is I decided to post this up.

The bug that occurs when you are hopping islands near Orul has been fixed! You know, the one that took your character off screen and made it very frustrating to navigate? Well, it's gone. Or...I hope it's gone. He he. It LOOKS gone, but I bet that someone will end up doing something that somehow conteracts what I've done. There is ALWAYS something. Other than that, I've yet to see any other real bugs. But if you find any, PLEASE REPORT THEM TO ME!!!

Also, as the game grows on and the story progresses, it's become apparent that the bosses are becoming harder to make. Their party-damaging attacks have to be used less often, as a party of Knights, or someone without a Priest would be screwed over either way. And if I happened to give HealMore (the multi-heal spell) to the Hero or some other job, then it would make it far too easy. So yeah. I'll probably find some way around it everntually.


Overworld Completion!

I've recently finished the overworld map, and just thought I'd post a Blog up here telling of it. I know that not many people, if anyone, really checks this, but it's best to have it up just to keep things around here up-to-date.

The first map ends once you reach Xyans tower, and then you head into ANOTHER world map later on. You can guess where too, huh? Ha ha. If not, I'll leave you all guessing.


Less MP! Inspiration from Hero's Realm.

Well, I was playing Hero's Realm not too long ago and I came to notice that the spells that the character's could wield really did not cost very much MP at all. And yet...it still ran out! Even though the character's had a good supply of MP to eat away at, it would eventually run out...but not before making it's self useful!

Now, going back to Dragon Fantasy II after noticing this, I noticed that in MY game, the spells cost way too much! The Mages would run out of MP before they even made themselves useful! They had useless ATK counts, and with their MP gone so quickly and MP recovery items so rare...they were usually left to defend or deal a measly 1 DMG! So, in retaliation, I went ahead and decreased the MP needed to cast said spells by a considerable ammount. NOW eventything seems to work better! The Mages are much more useful, and you don't have to run to an inn after every 2-3 battles to recover your MP!

However, if after I release it to the final testers and they notice that the spells STILL cost too much, then I'll try and see what I can do! If the need arises, the I'll more than likely increase the ammount of MP each character has at their disposal.


Changed around the donloads and added omse videos.

Well...since I'm only able to 9apparenlty) get this part of the site to work for me one in a blue moon, I've decided to go and do a whole heap of stuff while I have the chance! The first order of buisness was to do what I have been trying to do for quite some time (but I just...DIDN"T GET AROUND TO IT. Haaaaa~) and that is....to add some VIDEOS! Huzzah. They should be up shortly (from the time I'm posting this, anyway. >_> I hope they're up in a few months time!)

Also, I've switched around the main download and deleted the former link that was there. Now all that is available is the better longer, FINAL DEMO! (I just love releasing those. :B)

Anyway...that's about it for this blog. There may be a few more to come in another few minutes!

*Le gasp!*
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