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An Update Appears! Command?

  • Ephiam
  • 07/21/2015 01:18 AM
That's right, folks! I've taken on the task of giving this game a small makeover in the form of various touch-ups here and there to improve its quality. What KIND of edits are we talking here? Well...

Updates to various maps, and a COMPLETE REMAKE of the World Map to make it like an actual WORLD! Right now it's just a mess. But that's how I rolled back in the day; I don't think anything was pre-planned, and some aspects (like maps) definitely suffered for it.

Dialogue is being edited, snipped, cut down, and made WAY more comprehensible and bearable. I think I went a little TOO over the top originally.

The message that comes up whenever you search a pot's gotta be changed. It HAS to be. Right now it takes THREE message boxes to find out what you've got if there's an item to be found in a pot/drawer/whatever.

Equipment, enemies, and various other things are getting tweaked, too.

For the most part, DFII's fine just the way it is, but I want to make it even BETTER. It's good, but it could be GREAT! So yeah, that's just a little something to look forward to.


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I kind of wanted to play these games, but I've always had other plenty of other games in a way. It's good to know that waiting will now let me experience the updated version!
I was contemplating replaying DF2 the other day; guess I'll wait for the update now. :)

Any idea on timeframe, like end of this year or beginning of next, or much further into the future?
That really DEPENDS, because I'm only working on this during my down time from Chronicles of Tsufanubra. Because that's such a STORY and DIALOGUE HEAVY game, I needed something to poke at between copying and pasting all of the dialogue and eventing the main story scenes. That, and every now and then the urge to work on something NES-like pops up and I just NEED to satisfy that craving!

I made a LOT of changes to the character classes the other day. Priests will no longer learn the Inflicter's abilities, and Mages don't have access to single-targeting spells (meaning they're all about group damage now, leaving the single-target spells to the Sages). Spells are also learned in a different order, their MP cost and damaging/healing factors have been altered, and hit rates have been tweaked.

I've been reading over the reviews and comments the game received in the years since it's been released, and have utilized all the data I've gathered in an attempt to make the game a far more enjoyable experience than it was.
Alright, so I replayed this, and there's a few areas that need to be fixed, or suggestions.

1. When you get the jumping boots to access that cave. First, the issue. Coming back out of the cave and jumping back to the main continent shifts the screen in such a way that your character is off screen. You then have to walk blindly around the map looking for a town or dungeon to enter to reset the map. Fine if you remember the town close by. But every time you hit a mountain wall and have to move back, the screen gets further off track.

1A. Second to that, making the shoes able to be equipped like the Swamp shoes, and having more secrets to jump to on other islands or in dungeons would be a nice touch.

2. The last dungeon is a bit broken. First, in that area where those pink guys are, the ones that touch you and send you back to the beginning, wander around aimlessly unlike the other ones you encounter that walk on a set path. If they wind up surrounding you at the beginning, you're stuck in a loop with no way to escape the room, and have to reset the game. I believe somebody posted an example of this already.

Here's his quote:

Cruel man. I'm stuck in a loop.

3. In that same dungeon, the fire room is also broken. If you touch the fire, you wind up trapped in a black part of the map and can't move. This is for each and every one of the fires, so it'll take a bit to fix. I fixed my own copy of the game by adding a path back to where I was from where it dropped me off, versus fixing each instant of teleportation.

4. Likewise, in that same room, the next room that leads to the final slime also drops you off somewhere broken that you can't move, of which I fixed in my copy of the game.

5. Finally, the slime quest is also broken. I got all 20, but the Yeti told me I had 5 more to bring, and he wouldn't talk to me after that. At that point, I was near the end of the game anyways.

I didn't bother with the ultimate dungeon, since it was post-game content, so I can't help you with any issues there. However, as a suggestion, maybe you could make it pre-game, since I generally prefer to do everything before finishing the game.

One more suggestion, we have swamp shoes to get through swamps, and I suggested adding jump shoes with more areas to do so as an accessory. The bomb guy would be one other way to expand exploration. Right now, there is only one area to use the bomb, but the guys says he will charge you for more, which he never does since you never have to buy more. It'd be nice to have more areas late in the game where you could buy bombs to open up areas and uncover other secrets.

I think that's what stops this from being the ultimate in the original trilogy, in that there are so many ways to add secrts, but the only real secret in the game other than the slime quest is the swamp shoes and the legendary weapons (which comes after beating the game).
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