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The following will be a list of the character classes available at the beginning of Dragon Fantasy II for you to choose from. I will list their stats at both Lv.1(Beginning) and Lv. 50 (Max), along with the spells they can learn and at what level.

I hope this helps!

LV. 1 Hero
HP: 15 DEF: 6
MP: 10 MND: 7
STR: 6 AGL: 9

LV. 50 Hero
HP: 145 DEF: 159
MP: 140 MND: 210
STR: 140 AGL: 260

Hero Spell List

Heal (Lv. 2)
Blaze (Lv.4)
Upper (Lv.9)
DefenceGone (Lv.10)
BlazeMore (Lv.11)
BiKill (Lv.15)
Infermore (Lv.17)
Increase (Lv.18)
Infermost (Lv.21)
HealMost (Lv.23)

LV. 1 Knight
HP: 19 DEF: 12
MP: 0 MND: 2
STR: 12 AGL: 6

LV. 50 Hero
HP: 150 DEF: 192
MP: 0 MND: 65
STR: 213 AGL: 167

Knight Spell List

The Knight class does not learn any magical abilities

LV. 1 Mage
HP: 14 DEF: 4
MP: 20 MND: 15
STR: 3 AGL: 12

LV. 50 Mage
HP: 125 DEF: 126
MP: 265 MND: 352
STR: 110 AGL: 230

Mage Spell List

Blaze (Lv.1)
Darkness (Lv.1)
IceBolt (Lv.2)
Shock (Lv.3)
Venom (Lv.4)
Snooze (Lv.5)
FreezeMost (Lv.6)
Infernos (Lv.7)
Hazard (Lv.7)
BlazeMore (Lv.8)
Electrify (Lv.9)
SnowStorm (Lv.10)
ShockMore (Lv.11)
Solidify (Lv.11)
Infermore (Lv.12)
StopSpell (Lv.13)
FireLow (Lv.14)
Storm (Lv.15)
Boom (Lv.15)
IceLow (Lv.15)
Blizzard (Lv.16)
ZapLow (Lv.16)
FreezeMost (Lv.17)
ShockMost (Lv.18)
Madness (Lv.18)
BlazeMost (Lv.19)
Infermost (Lv.20)
Absorb (Lv.20)
Hold (Lv.20)
GlacierWave (Lv.21)
StormSurge (Lv.22)
RobMagic (Lv.22)
Kaboom (Lv.23)
GrandSink (Lv.27)
Defeat (Lv.30)
Explodet (Lv.35)

LV. 1 Priest
HP: 15 DEF: 3
MP: 20 MND: 18
STR: 3 AGL: 14

LV. 50 Priest
HP: 120 DEF: 90
MP: 225 MND: 332
STR: 110 AGL: 280

Priest Spell List

Heal (Lv.1)
Sap (Lv.2)
Upper (Lv.3)
SpeedUp (Lv.4)
Surround (Lv.5)
BiKill (Lv.8)
Vivify (Lv.9)
HealMore (Lv.10)
Lower (Lv.12)
MoveAgain (Lv.13)
Increase (Lv.14)
SpeedUpAll (Lv.15)
Barrier (Lv.16)
DefenceGone (Lv.16)
MadBegone (Lv.17)
TimeDown (Lv.17)
TwinHits (Lv.18)
Break (Lv.18)
RecoveryState (Lv.19)
AntiDamage (Lv.20)
MindUp (Lv.21)
HealMost (Lv.22)
Remove (Lv.23)
BreakThemAll (Lv.24)
Revive (Lv.25)
Absorb (Lv.25)
RobMagic (Lv.25)
TimeDownAll (Lv.26)
ProtectUsAll (Lv.27)
MindUpAll (Lv.28)
Return (Lv.29)
HealUsAll (Lv.30)

LV. 1 Status Mage/Inflicter
HP: 13 DEF: 6
MP: 18 MND: 6
STR: 5 AGL: 14

LV. 50 Status Mage/Inflicter
HP: 130 DEF: 104
MP: 190 MND: 115
STR: 103 AGL: 155

Status Mage/Inflicter Spell List

Surround (Lv.1)
Darkness (Lv.1)
Upper (Lv.2)
Venom (Lv.2)
SpeedUp (Lv.3)
Lower (Lv.4)
BiKill (Lv.5)
Sap (Lv.6)
Snooze (Lv.6)
Solidify (Lv.8)
TimeDown (Lv.9)
SpeedUpAll (Lv.10)
FireLow (Lv.10)
IceLow (Lv.10)
ZapLow (Lv.10)
MoveAgain (Lv.11)
MindUp (Lv.11)
Hazard (Lv.11)
Remove (Lv.12)
Madness (Lv.12)
Madbegone (Lv.13)
Break (Lv.13)
Increase (Lv.14)
StopSpell (Lv.14)
TwinHits (Lv.15)
AntiDamage (Lv.15)
Hold (Lv.15)
RecoveryState (Lv.16)
Barrier (Lv.17)
Return (Lv.18)
DefenceGone (Lv.19)
TimeDownAll (Lv.19)
MindUpAll (Lv.20)
Absorb (Lv.20)
GrandSink (Lv.20)
BreakThemAll (Lv.21)
RobMagic (Lv.22)
ProtectUsAll (Lv.25)
Defeat (Lv.28)

LV. 1 Sage
HP: 11 DEF: 5
MP: 22 MND: 16
STR: 3 AGL: 11

LV. 50 Sage
HP: 125 DEF: 86
MP: 285 MND: 402
STR: 95 AGL: 290

Sage Spell List

Heal (Lv.1)
Blaze (Lv.1)
IceBolt (Lv.1)
Shock (Lv.1)
Snooze (Lv.4)
Venom (Lv.6)
Solidify (Lv.9)
Absorb (Lv.14)
Barrier (Lv.15)
FreezeMost (Lv.15)
BlazeMost (Lv.17)
Defeat (Lv.18)
ShockMost (Lv.19)
Revive (Lv.20)
GlacierWave (Lv.21)
StormSurge (Lv.23)
Infermost (Lv.24)
HealUsAll (Lv.25)
Explodet (Lv.27)
GrandSink (Lv.30)

LV. 1 Dark Knight
HP: 14 DEF: 6
MP: 18 MND: 11
STR: 7 AGL: 13

LV. 50 Dark Knight
HP: 130 DEF: 119
MP: 180 MND: 211
STR: 151 AGL: 265

Dark Knight Spell List

Blaze (Lv.1)
IceBolt (Lv.1)
Shock (Lv.1)
Venom (Lv.4)
Snooze (Lv.8)
StopSpell (Lv.11)
Madness (Lv.14)
ShockMost (L.17)
Storm (Lv.19)
Kaboom (Lv.22)
Infermost (Lv.24)
GlacierWave (Lv.26)

LV. 1 Holy Knight
HP: 12 DEF: 7
MP: 16 MND: 7
STR: 6 AGL: 14

LV. 50 Holy Knight
HP: 125 DEF: 114
MP: 165 MND: 199
STR: 156 AGL: 300

Holy Knight Spell List

Heal (Lv.1)
SpeedUp (Lv.3)
Upper (Lv.6)
BiKill (Lv.7)
Surround (Lv.8)
TimeDown (Lv.11)
Vivify (Lv.12)
Lower (Lv.13)
HealMore (Lv.14)
Break (Lv.15)
Barrier (Lv.16)
MindUp (Lv.18)
HealMost (Lv.24)
Return (Lv.27)
HealUsAll (Lv.30)

LV. 1 Berserker
HP: 16 DEF: 17
MP: 0 MND: 3
STR: 22 AGL: 2

LV. 50 Berserker
HP: 200 DEF: 162
MP: 0 MND: 45
STR: 366 AGL: 100

Berserker Spell List

The Berserker class does not learn any magical abilities