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You are Charlie Trace, a hotshot bit-slinger with a fast motorcycle, a luxury apartment, and a gorgeous Skin-Sym actress for a girlfriend.. or at least you had all of those things before you got caught on your last run and ended up in custody.

Two months later, your software is out of date and the expensive hard tech in your body has either been disabled or removed. Your girl stopped visiting and your bike was repossessed. Worst of all, the bloated rent-a-cop in charge of the facility where you did your time made double certain your net gear didn't survive the stay.

Things were starting to look up in those first minutes you spent outside of your cell. You began to tell yourself that it wasn't that bad, that you could get it all back in no time. That was when the Yakuza messenger pulled up and told you two things:

First, your presence was required at their downtown headquarters...

and second, if you made any attempt to flee the city it would be seen as a personal slight that would all but ensure your immediate beheading.

Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of jail.

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There's plenty Noir to go around. Don't get discouraged!
Aww, hiatus after only two weeks? The intro alone was fantastic!! Like the back cover of a Shadowrun novel <3 <3 <3
I'm stacking my projects. After I get the next area finished in Breach:Awakening, I'm going to shift gears and get some more done on this one.
Well consider me your first sub then, because there ain't ANYTHING I love more in this world that cyberpunk/technoir. I wasn't kidding when I said your synopsis sounded just like it was something printed on the back of a Shadowrun book :D
Thank you for the sub and the compliment! I have some media, basically just the game's opening and an early combat test, currently pending approval.
I'm definitely interested in playing this one. *Subscribes*
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
did this ever get finished?
Is this amazing game done for or is it still in development?
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