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The World is 65 years after Great War, which almost completely destroyed life on the Planet. There are rumors about some place, where Green Fields survived. At the moment people live hunting animals and caring about simple plants in greenhouses, but not everyone is satisfied with this situation...

Characters: (for now!)

Derik - He is young man who is ambitious and consequently tries to achieve his goals, which most important is to find better life than battling insects and thieves on the dry land. He was raised in the town of Rafle.

Argus - Derik met him, when he was looking for a way our of Thair Valley. He is pretty tough ally, unable to cast any magic, though. He is assisted by his friend Kashya. Little is known about these two, as they try to keep their quest secret...

Scripts used: (to be changed!)

-Ace Battle Engine by Yanfly
-Ace Equip Engine by Yanfly
-Basic Module by Yami
-Pop Message by Yami
-Main Menu Ace by Pacman
-CSCA Skill Shop by Casper667
-Passive States by Yanfly
-Base Script by Victor
-Element Strenghten by Victor
-CSCA Snippets by Casper667
-Auto-Life script by Mr. Bubble (have to decide if I will use it)
-Title Screen Window Options by Zerbu
-Jet's Viewed Battle System by Jet
-Tiny Overworld Sprites ACE by ldida1 (VX script was made by ccoa)

Resources: (to be changed!)
Battlers by Thalzon
Mage charset by Kefra
Large portraits by Archeia Nessiah
Music mp3s from Tales of Phantasia/Xenogears/ocremixes

About this project:
My target for this game is about 8-10 hours of gameplay. I focus on storyline, but I know that even best
story told with horrible graphics is unplayable and because of that I try really hard to work on maps. Also I don't want the game to be too easy/hard so I battletest a lot. Don't expect too many minigames, because I want to finish this game, and I know that if I was to focus on that part of game, i wouldn't finish it in 100 years... Expect some sidequests, though. Now for bad part: English isn't my native language, so there will be dozen of grammar erors, but if game will catch people interests, i believe someone will help me finding all those pesky g(d)rammatic bugs.

Progress in gameplay:
1.5 hour - ~15% of full game.

Latest Blog

Not dead!

Game is going further with decent speed, and it is right now around 1.5 hour of gameplay (1:10 for me, but I know where to go ;)). Here is movie from last place I made (currently: 2 full towns, 3-4 dungeons-depending if you count large cave inside of main dungeon another one, and few "subplaces" without much use atm):
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  • 07/31/2012 03:04 AM
  • 01/29/2016 05:51 AM
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Hey, can you put a demo?

I've lost my disk... Poject is dead, sorry :(
Cancelled? But how are we going to find the green land now!?
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