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Dragon Vale is going into flame's shortly but surely only those of a will of steel will survive. In Dragon Vale Fall Of RedDale you play as an outcast called Kaleb and two of his friends Yao and Cara they where outcast'd from their home lands. With King Athen deceased and Drakain gone into power Galtore has an advantage to burn Galfendale to ash's, which he didi try last time not succeed. Now the fate of RedDale lay's in your hands.

In this sequel of Dragon Vale it will embark you on another adventure discovering the past of RedDale and Dragon Vale you will try to figure out a range of puzzles and go into the darkest of cave's and tomb's. To find out what has happened through out the truth behind the dragon's and the land it once was but be careful some local's are not friendly and King Drakain is not accepting please and it was not my fault.

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DragonVale Fall of ReDale official Blog

This is the official DragonVale Fall of RedDale this blog is up for one reason and one reason only for me to help you and you to comment on NecromireGames, games that they have made that I have made, So feel free to criticise my game's but you must know I work hard in making you people happy when playing and making these games's up to your standard yes my mapping and stuff ect. Are lame and that but I'm one man give me a break so comment on my game's and review them. And this blog is here for me to update you on game progresses and upcoming releases so feel free to comment.

Thank you
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  • 07/31/2012 01:29 PM
  • 06/05/2016 07:14 PM
  • 08/03/2012
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v1.1 Demo almost here,this one will give you a taste of what NecromireGames are up in this game.
Guys I made my new Demo the main download if you want the old one go to download's

1000+ profile views :D yay!!!! but 28 downloads :( is my game that bad
DragonVale Fall of RedDale is almost finished the beta version is almost here so stay tuned!!!! :D
The game looks interesting. I am just curious how long is it?
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.
Edit on September 12, 2014. (Yes I will finally give a detailed description of what is wrong with this game.)

The title screen is probably the best part of this game. Being able to access the game's website it pretty cool.

The game is filled with programming bugs and errors. The worst is when you're in the room full of guards with the female character. This scene doesn't start automatically. You have to exit the room from the south. So you can walk right up to the guards and walk all around the room without anything happening. This issue could be solved with an auto run event that runs when you enter the room and turned off with a control switch.

Another bug in the game happens near the end at the stone where you kiss the girl. If you go back down the pathway you can repeat the event over and over again. This can be fixed with a control switch.

Also there is a dungeon in the game that is way too dark. I mean you can't see a thing.

And the battle music is from the Ocarina of Time (remember the music that happens when you approach the spiders... Yeah that's the battle music.) This needs to be changed.

I can't get solve the treasure chest puzzle :(
I can read roman numerials, and I know I am doing it right, and the chest will not open even if I put in the right answer. I think you might have accidently made a mistake there, but I don't know. I just know I am putting the right answer, and it's not working.
I+V+VIxIV+VIIxVI = ????

I know I put in 072, and it didn't open. So I have the same problem.
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