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My game is on hiatus

For the time being, I'm going to put this game on hiatus in favor of a shorter project.

It'll be a lost levels inspired 8-bit mario game. I'll do it as a filler project and resume work on this at a later date.

The good news is that world 2 is almost done. But...that's another story for another time.


My computer has been essentially [s] nuked [/s] fixed

Well, awful news. My computer that had my game on it has been essentially nuked. I'm trying to recover everything as we speak. If the recovery process fails, I'll take my hard drive and see if I can get the stuff onto another computer.

Otherwise, this project is dead and I'm going to have to get a new desktop (without Windows 8 because that OS blows) for both college and future game development.

If it is any consolation, I was only mid-way through world 2. Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted about my game, but if there is no fixing this issue then I'll have to start a new project once I get a new computer.

Update: Recovered my hard-drive. All is well yet again. :)

Progress Report

World 1 is finished

Except for some very minor level tweaking, Paradise Island (world 1) is finished and I am ready to begin production of world 2.

Despite my excitement, this will be the last update I do until world 2 is completed. That probably won't happen as fast as I'd like due to college season starting up. Nonetheless, I plan to continue working on this game until I am satisfied it is ready for release.

I've yet to put together a world map, so don't expect to see any screenshots for that until the near end of the project.

All in all, I think I'm moving at a pretty good pace and am very satisfied with the end result of world 1.

Progress Report

Updates On World 1

I've removed the old pictures and have placed higher quality screenshots on the game page. Thanks Isrieri for the advice on the built in screen shot feature.

Here is the progress on world one.

Level 1 - Beach Starting Point = Set To Undergo Further Revisions
Level 2 - Plain Plateau = Complete
Level 3 - Yoshi's House = Complete
Level 4 - Forest Clearing = Complete
Level 5 - Rumbling Caves = Complete
Level 6 - Grassy Knoll = Complete
Level 7 - Goomba Warzone = Complete
Level 8 - Goomba King's Castle = Incomplete

So far, World 1 is coming along at an excellent pace. Expect to hear more soon.
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