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Genre : Shooting RPG
Players : 1 player
Spec : 2.01 GHz, 512 MB of RAM

You are Kyte, one of the pilots in the 'U.S.G' Project. You have been trained by 'The Center' to be prepared for the 'true battle' that lies ahead of you. Though nobody knows what this 'true battle' really is, all they can do is follow the training program and protect their base from the 'invaders'.
Together with his assigned navigator , Len, they have to go through various missions in order to survive. However, the suspicious risen when not only the pilot who fail the mission disappeared, but also their personal navigators as well. Will he succeed in all the missions and survive long enough to find out the truth? And just what is this "U.S.G" project he seems to be into?

- Unique "Strength & Weakness" battle system in shmup game.
- Leveling up your character and develop your character to fit your playstyle.
- Not good at shooting game? Don't worry! Set the difficulty to fit your skill anytime during the game!

Strengths and Weaknesses
There are five elements of attack in the game, which are : Non-elemental, Fire, Ice, Electric and Wind. Each enemy has their strengths and weaknesses that will cause them to react differently to these five elements. For example, enemies who are strong against fire will take less damage from fire attack. But if they are weak against ice, they'll take at least double damage from ice attack.
However, you can only pick two choices of weapons into the mission. So it's a nice idea to save before you enter any mission.

Knock Down
The bonus of exploiting an enemy's weakness does not only do more damage, but also there's a chance that the attack will knock them down. When an enemy is down, the enemy will be vulnerable and do nothing for a short period of time, leaving you more time to retaliate, or help decreases number of bullets on the screen.

Rave and D.R.D
Everytime you attack or kill an enemy, you'll recieve some rave point which you can see the progress in the rave guage. Once the guage is full, you'll get one R-stock for spending to use DRD.
DRD is a defensive device that you can select one and only one before entering the mission. This range from a sheild, protecting you from bullets for a short period of time, to a shockwave that will wipe out all bullets in the screen.
Knock down an enemy will also give you rave point bonus.

High Risk High Gain
Once you killed an enemy, all the bullets it shoot that are still on the screen will become your bonus exp. Thus, one strategy to level up quickly and go for highscore is to have most bullets possible on the screen before killing off any enemy.
Also, if your ship overlap with enemies or bullets, but doesn't hit your hitbox, you'll get extra score and exp also. The longer you can stay in that position, the more score and exp.

Scenario & Game Design - Hima
Artworks - Piti
Music - Brandon Abley, with contributions by Kit, Van, and Laura Shigihara

Thanks To
- CyberSam for Input Script
- DerVVulfMan for Encrypt/Decrypt Text Script
- Trebor777 for Read TXT file Script
- Mr.Mo for Mouse Script
- Arevulopapo for Particle Engine



Latest Blog

How to use patch files and bugs report

Where should all the patches go?
All the patches should go to the Patch folder

Bug Reports
- Result Screen Bug
Effect : Force a player to terminate the game
Cause : Patch file - ResultFix.rxdata
Reported by : Marston_X
  • Completed
  • hima
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Action RPG
  • 03/15/2008 04:41 AM
  • 08/25/2014 07:08 PM
  • 06/02/2011
  • 159941
  • 32
  • 5249



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This game looks intense!
Is this... danmaku in RMXP? Holy shit.
This game looks awesome. Definitely be trying this out.
Thank you for all the comments! I didn't know that this has been accepted so I haven't checked here til today ^ ^;;

Anyway, the game is finished. Feel free to download and try the game out. I'll be adding more screenshots and videos soon. I don't know why the bbcode doesn't work :'(
This game is pretty neat and unique to the rpg maker community, with all of the fancy custom RGSS scripts and custom graphics. I am astonished that such a game has even been made with RMXP. I was just wondering how long it took you to make and if I were to make a suggestion, I think there is too much dialogue. It adds to the play time of the game, but after the first scene, I just wanted to skip all of the anime and dialogue to get back in the action. I just got to the second level so far, but it was fun even though I was shooting balls and squares with faces and didn't have a clue how any of it could make sense. Good job though.
Sorry about the amount of dialogues! I should really have implemented the skip cutscene option :( However , you can speed up the cutscene by holding ENTER button.
The game took us two months to make. That's why I didn't have time to implement some of the options that should be there, like mute the character's voice and more secret missions. The game was made for the RMXP A new beginning contest.
Thank you for you comment, and glad to hear that you enjoy the game. I hope everything will makes sense in the end, but I don't know how much lol.
No need to be sorry, it was just a suggestion. Though you can always upload updated versions of the game if you wish of course.
Two months is a very small amount of time to make such a game, a lot of people spend much longer on games made with RMXP that are of a much lower quality. Yes, I will continue to play this and maybe if I read the dialogue it will make more sense. ;)
Since the new version is coming soon with better writing, original soundtracks and an extra stage, I'll have to remove the game link for now. :)
All stages walkthrough with everything at max level videos made by Marston_X are now uploaded! Thanks to Marston_X for his hard work. ^ ^
looks really cool. Im makin a game to and i want to add it on to here but i need 3screenshot how can i upload 3 screenshots.ty
Because they're all from best indie musicians ;)
Awesome game~! Really addicting ! :D
Man I am reading the reviews for this game and it is kind of heartbreaking when someone is like "the music is fitting" when it is . . . original . . .
Some of the reviews were for the contest version which didn't feature awesome original musics yet though :/
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Hey hima, do you think you could split this gamepage into different special pages? A characters page would be nice for sure.
Yeah I've just noticed that we have pages now! :) Will do that soon.
To download the game...

First, click here:

Then download the MediaFire link, along with both patches.

Finally, after extracting both the game and the patches from the rar files, move the patch files into the game's Patch folder.

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