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The hero of the game. He's young and naive. However, he seems to have a great sense of survival. He love fighting and challenges, but killing is another story for him.


Kyte's personal navigator. She's talkative - VERY talkative. And sometimes that annoys Kyle a bit. However, under the easy-going looks, she's actually a deep person and very clever as well. She'll help Kyte out in many situation, such as informing him about the incoming threats.

Chuck A.K.A. Bulky Chin

One of the pilot in the U.S.G project. Nobody really understand what he's talking since he always talk in a manly powerful way with only just two words like 'Chuck! Happy!' which might mean 'I'm feeling terrific right now to eventually be in the real mission, Wahaha!!' It seems like Kiki is the only one who understand what's he saying.


Chuck's personal navigator. Although she's small and appear to be a little kid, she's actually as old as the other competitor. Still, her childish personality doesn't help proving that fact. She's really attach to Chuck, and since not so many people understand what Chuck say, it turns out she'll do the translator task more often that the navigator's one.

Lynk A.K.A. Pretty Boy

One of the pilot in the U.S.G project. He's obsessed with beauty. Thinking that he's in higher class and more beautiful than the rest of the competitors, it causes bad impression of his to many people. However, he's actually a nice guy, if you can stand all his self-praising. Although he looks like he can't beat anyone in arm-wrestling, he's actually a very clever person and love to destroy his enemies with tricky attack.

Gold D Blumen

Lynk's personal navigator. People also call her Ice Queen, due to her cold attitude. Somehow, she has become a friend of Kiki and Len. She doesn't talk much, and it seems like people prefer it that way since everytime she opens her mouth it's either sarcasm or praising Lynk's and her beauty.

Dr. Ashjee

A mysterious doctor who appear to be the one who's behind everything. But what is her true purpose?

Mrs. M

A mysterious woman who seems to know about the competition. She's Mr. P's wife.

Mr. P

A mysterious man who seems to know about the competition. He's Mrs. M's husband.

:: The Monsters ::

These are the five main targets for your five main missions. A.K.A. The bosses :P