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This game is dedicated to the contest "The demon inside us" of the Brazilian RPG Maker community - Mundo RPG Maker. The game itself presents a retro design.
It is based on games like Metroid and Megaman, following the same platform style. Created in RPG Maker 2000 + Destiny Patch 2.0. A short game but I hope he will serve as an inspiration.

The "Inside" game has been winner of the contest "The demon inside us"!

The game is available in English and Portuguese.

Game controls:

The controls of the game is controlled by the following keys:

- Z: Attack with sword
- Space: Jump of the main character
- Left and right arrows: move the main character
- Arrow keys up and down as interaction with objects
stairs, elevators, etc. and save points.
- ESC: Quit game
- F5 and F4: change the size of the game screen.

Credits and thanks:

Some graphics ripped and edited by:
JDavis, Alienoid, Awsome Guy, Ryan419, Lord Zymeth

Edu_ulrich, Mustafa, UlrikxP

And special thanks:
Cherry Tree, Bananen-Joe, ASCII/Enterbrain, Desert Eagle and Mundo RPG Maker.

Latest Blog

Unfortunately the game was stolen

After few days of report, the game was removed from Steam. Thanks for support guys! But Garnudo Games still there. As mentioned below, check if your game in this list. Remember to not buy anything from this guy.



Six years ago I created this project for a contest in the extinct Brazilian forum 'Mundo RPG Maker'. At this point I was starting in college. And now I have recently graduated in Game Development (yeass!).

After a (loooong) time out on the internet, I decided to go back to my game developement origins: rpg maker forums! I have good memories of spending my time here.

Then I just noticed a new message saying... that 'Inside' game was stolen. A guy called "Garnudo Games" just downloaded the game, changed some assets and uploaded to Steam.

It's funny. It's tragic. It's a fraud.

This game is very old game and also problematic:

  • contains ripped/mod graphics from Megaman
  • a lot of problems (bad translation, game design flaws...)
  • songs from SNES games like Super Metroid and Secret of Evermore

I never intended to sell this particular game. But I've always wanted to adapt it and improve it to become a playable and fun game. Also maybe transforming into a whole new game with the same style and story. And then sell it (who knows).

I know this post is not directly related to the game, but I was very pissed off and I needed to share it with you.

So, don't buy it!

Please report to Valve this fraud. Others games from rpgmaker.net was stolen too.

I'll leave my last message of this post:

Support your local and international game developers communities. Let's unite against this kind of behavior.

All the best,
  • Completed
  • UlrichBR
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
  • Platformer
  • 08/06/2012 04:56 PM
  • 10/03/2019 12:05 PM
  • 07/18/2012
  • 33053
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  • 877


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Hummm, como a comunidade é gringa, seria legal você passar o jogo pra inglês - até porque não são muitos textos.

Só uma observação:

"Game controls:

The controls of the game is controlled by senguintes keys: "

Acho que quis dizer "By the following keys" correto? rs
Opa, pois é. Antes de eu ter lancado aqui eu tinha traduzido =)
Nossa, falha minha. Obrigado por ter me corrigido.
This is pretty rad. I can see why you won the contest. Good job, I do hope this is the inspiration to create a longer game like this(preferably using the same story!). It was way too short :(

I encountered a few glitches; getting hit 3 times when there was nothing in my path and the enemy firing pattern changed when I stood directly in front of it. You can see the glitches in the video I will be posting soon. Other than that the pixel movement worked perfectly. There wasn't much action, though.

The english translation isn't very good. It's good enough to get the point but bad enough to require a rewrite. If you want, I could write you a better translation since it's only a little bit of text.

Oh, and I hate installers >( Especially for small games like this. I almost decided not to play. It's fine to make an installer for noobs, but having a second .zip download will ensure nobody walks away. Also, some kids might not have admin rights on the PC they use and won't be able to install anything.
You definitely need to change the controls. Using A and Space is very unconventional and hard to use. Action-oriented games usually use Z to attack and X to jump. If you need a third key you should go for either C or Shift (both left and right Shift).

Super Metroid music is excellent music, however it is so recognizable and specific to Metroid that I think it doesn't suit this game, especially with the abundance of Megaman resources present. Chrono Trigger's Ocean Palace theme fits well though. I would advise you change the music from Metroid.
Firebrand's sprite also clashes a lot with the 8-bit style.

Having one of the control key cancel choices would be helpful too. If I choose "Yes" to save my game by mistake, I have no choice but to overwrite one of the two save slots afterwards. Also, since RM2k allows 15 save slots, there is no point in limiting them to only 2. At least 3 would be preferable.
I also recommend adding a text skip (or cutscene skip) feature.

The platformer aspects are very well programmed. Hit boxes and control responsiveness are excellent.

I believe the project has a lot of potential though. You could expand the game and make it into something really impressive if level design, gameplay and resources choice were more original.
Hi guys!
Sorry for not replying. I'm very busy these days.


You're right. The translation is horrible. Thank you for offering help! You can help if you want!
I just created an installer to automatically install the custom font. But I hadn't thought of that. I'll immediately create a zip file.
Other users have told me about this glitches. But, I couldn't find it. Haha!
Thanks for your reply and your video!


Maybe I have long fingers. Haha! I thought it the keys defined, would be ideal. I had not thought on ergonomic point. I want to do in the next version customized options for controls. =)
Music from the Super Metroid ... I dont know what to put in place!
Oh yeah, Firebrand is not ideal. I wish to make my own sprites. On Megaman style. "Megatroid" (Metroid+Megaman).
Thanks for your tips!

Thanks everyone! I wrote down all advices to improve the game. Any help is always welcome!

Hi. I like metroid/megaman/zelda i found some here but controls need to changes. It's non comfortable to fight "a" jump "space" and yeah this game not using my gamepad like most other rpgmaker does i think it's cause patch or something.
Hi. I like metroid/megaman/zelda i found some here but controls need to changes. It's non comfortable to fight "a" jump "space" and yeah this game not using my gamepad like most other rpgmaker does i think it's cause patch or something.

Honestly, I think "Z" and "Space" would have felt more natural. Of course, you could always map the buttons to a game pad and try it that way.
Can I translate your game into Russian?
Can I translate your game into Russian?

Sure! When you are done, I would like to see the result! Maybe I can add your translation in the download session (with your permission).
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