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1. New blood
2. The floor creeks
3. Finally saved

Episode 1:
December 20, 2011 a fire raged in the town of Lakewood many people died there where
no survivor's where found, the search party looked for days and found nothing a week after that on the news. A couple went past Lakewood on their way on holiday, family said they never heard from them ever again. They say they get phone call's at night

with the women screaming blue murder on the phone.The police could not get to the bottom of it so they put the CIA in control, and sometimes the family of the couple would see them in their house taking knives and stabbing them selves. An can still hear their call's in the houses halls.

Episode 2:
-In the making-
Episode 3:
-Coming soon-

This game is rated 18 for strong language and it will scare the crap out of you. But don't play if you prone to night terrors and are against ghosts. Use the toilet before you play please.

This game is a first to NecromireGames the past 2 where and okay to play but this one will be loads more intensive this will have maximum horror in it and a lot of swearing and you will feel the chills down your spine.

Name: Jason Cotwal
Ranking: Detective
Relationship: Divorced
He was married to Julie Cotwal she died in a car accident, from then he never stopped working, he worked day in and day out. Till one day Colt, Jason's boss gave him a case to go out and find out about the fire and missing person's from Lakewood, so he did arrive but what secrets is in store for him in Lakewood.

Name: Jane Parsons
Ranking: Agent
Relationship: None
Her and Jason have worked long together they where partners back in 09, she came to work one night and Colt told her
to go and assist Jason at Lakewood. She arrived there and saw blood everywhere, and she raced into a house and found Jason sleeping and sweating. But the town of Lakewood also has her number.


Dark gaia for One Night 2
RR Revolution

VE lights effects
Footstep noise
Gripping story line
Little demonic girls
Episode sequels
Swearing....Rated M for mature 18+
You can literally feel the scare

Please play in the dark with earphones....if you brave enough.

Lakewood story is all rights reserved by NecromireGames any copy cats or name stealer's and such will be flushed down the toilet....XD But Lakewood story belongs to NecromreGames

Bug fixes
Item linked
Town has more places to explore
Map tinting
Flashlight is on when you in the building

the demo v1.0 is almost fixed and will be available soon.

Latest Blog

Lakewood story blog

This blog will keep you up to date with newest updates to the game and new demo releases. Also you can discuss normal talk about that game like wow it looks promising and this game is the next one night so on and so forth, this is as much as my blog as it is yours so talk away point out faults of the game. Criticise about it and let me know if it is not scary enough.


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Oh, I'm not worrying about your game or anything. I didn't mean any ill-will. I just didn't think it was a good idea to mention someone else's game in your own description. I've been told off in the past for doing something like that.
And I respect it and thank you for doing it better you then some obnoxious person.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Gave this a spin. I'm not too keen on this dialog I'm seeing. It went over my head on several of occasions, as I'm not always sure who's talking. I think you definitely nailed the atmosphere aspect, though. I'm also liking that "Serenity" piece. I'm not sure if my head will stop running a certain song from a certain other game, but it was decent nonetheless.
Thanks you, Yes the dialog was sloppy but I am working on it in my next games. And I'm glad you liked it I am busy with two games now one of which is Lakewood story episode 2 so yeah it will be a huge improvement and thanks again.
Am I the only one who has play for 30 minutes...cant save...characters walk into walls glitch...
after MARK is called I only get this next time on lakewood then the 2 wondering when MARK will appear and the get this flashlight with apparently no one using it? I can move but I eternally stuck....
Yeah, the game bugs at the end. Fortunately, you did reach the end, so there's that as a consolation.
I think I'll do a let's play of this.
Is that OK?
P.S. Dat grammar :)
i wanna play !!
look amazing!
How do I play if I don't have RPG Maker VX Ace?
How do I play if I don't have RPG Maker VX Ace?

nevermind! i figured it out!
Okay.. I finished the game.. And then I was around the walls of the house map.. I could see my flashlight, but I couldn't escape. I clicked everywhere. At first I thought it was some bonus for recieving all the Rum.. Can you tell me what happened? Was that a glitch?
Dream big, expect nothing
I'd like to finish playing, but sometimes it randomly freezes up and says "Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." and crashes. I'm probably only 10 minutes into the game and it's happened twice. No save points mean I have to start over, which is very aggravating.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
too many glitches walking thru various walls
after going down the ladder im exploring the sewers and i keep getting locked out of areas...when i enter i room i should be able to leave and check a different area its not like its locked or anything im just not able to go back so yeah...im done with this
I downloaded and tried to play this game, but, unfortunately, I have been unable to finish it for several reasons.

1.) The grammar and word usage are bad. I mean really bad. Normally it's not that big of a deal, but there are some places where the grammar is so bad I can't understand what the character is trying to say. If I could make a suggestion, since you don't seem to like grammar, maybe you could get a friend who's good at it to write the dialogue for you. There's no shame in that. I can't do math for shit, so I always let my fiance solve math problems for me.

2.) I immediately noticed one of the word puzzles has an answer that is incorrect. "If December is the 12th month, and 9 months behind it is 4 months behind me, what month am I?" 12-9=3, which would be February. Then, you would need to add 4 since "9 months behind December is 4 months behind me." That would make the answer July, the 7th month. However, the game does not accept the answer 7. It will only work if you enter 4, which is not correct given the content of the puzzle.

3.) The scares all seem to be exactly the same. A little girl runs at me and makes a weird noise. It scared me the first time, but it did not afterward. Of course, I can't know if the scares improve due to the next issue.

4.) The main reason I was unable to continue was a severe bug. I walked into a section of the house and looked around. I immediately realized I'd forgotten to search the area behind me completely, so I turned around. When I'd finished searching the previous area, the area I had gone to initially disappeared completely. I hit the enter button on the entrance to the area many times, but the character would not go forward.

5.) I have not seen any form of save point. In a horror game, save points are a must, but I have not seen any. I looked through the folder that your game came in to see if there were any directions as to how to save, but there were none.

This game has potential. It looks very nice, the atmosphere is pretty good, and I think you could have a very creepy story what with a burned down town and ghosts everywhere. But, as the game is right now, I would not finish it even if I could. The severe grammar issues, and the lack of save points are too much of a problem for me.
I really really want to finish this play through of the game but i get items and cant even look at them. Theres no readme in your game that has any information about controls for the game and there are no save points.
The game is terrifying which is great but save points and menus and controls are a big part of what makes a game successful.
I pretty much agree with Shierrarobin.

The grammar mistakes make it very exhausting to make out what is even said - nevermind spelling.
Whereas the visuals and the music are superb (even the step noise is quite nice) - but it lacks the impact in text, environment and scares.

The girl running out of nowhere or just a tiny little bit gore were neither scary nor kept my interest. The atmosphere itself makes for a good mood, but there is nothing to build tension on aside from that - so those "scares" have no impact at all. No movements, no noises, no change in areas.
I'm being told that "horrible" things happen, and that it is frightening, but I cannot feel it.

Having no insight into items makes it a little bit odd to go around (you can also find some items multiple times, like the rum, since it always respawns in the room it is in), and not being able to save is a hassle. It also demonstrates the lacking danger in the game, since you couldn't do that if you could actually die.
No saving, info dumping right up front, it is fairly obvious you revised the game, but didn't adjust the dialogue to reflect that, you start on the bridge, but Jane talks about waking you up?
It feels incredibly incomplete, you need someone to go over all your text and fix it.
You tell everything that happened to the town up front,the phone calls remove any since of isolation, you have a tether to the outside, I wouldn't mind in the right type of game, but everything else just prevents any since of . . . anticipation? thrill? fright? I'm not sure, but unless there is a serious overhaul, I have no urge to play this again, even though I did not complete it, nor would I play the next chapters.
Got stopped cold by this:

If you go in the door where one of them mention splitting up then go back through the event is broken and you are unable to continue on with the game.

Anyway got all the problems mentioned above, including the 'walk thru walls', dialogue with unclear speakers, cheap jumpscares, unable to open the menu (cant check items or save), event problems where the jumpscares partially reset if you re-enter the room, etc. etc. I usually dont pick on bad grammar but if it gets in the way of solving the puzzles then I can't refrain from pointing it out. This game needs way more fixing it seems.
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