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Lakewood story blog

This blog will keep you up to date with newest updates to the game and new demo releases. Also you can discuss normal talk about that game like wow it looks promising and this game is the next one night so on and so forth, this is as much as my blog as it is yours so talk away point out faults of the game. Criticise about it and let me know if it is not scary enough.


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The finale bets is out and busy being confirmed so any bugs, just let me know.
CC. Might be a bit redundant compared to the LT.
- The title screen is awesome.

- I saw the tint change when I first entered the map.

- I love the step-noices.

- I can still walk on the paintings. Did you watch my LP video and NOT see that? :|

- I ended up guessing the password to the safe.

- I can walk under the blood.

- Seeing the tint change is very ugly.

- The game's atmosphere is pretty good.

- If I reenter one of the sewer rooms, the flashlight won't work until I move. That's weird.

- Why can't I go back into the sewers? What if I forgot an item?

- This game relays a lot on jump scares.

- There's a room where I can walk on the walls. T.T Dude, it's hard for me to care about this game when you can't
be bothered to fix most of these. I'm hardly even trying, and yet I'm finding them everywhere.

- You didn't add a lot of content for the event.
I mean, people broke their ass on this event, dude.

This game shows a lot of potential, but you have to put more effort into your project.
Lots of tileset errors is a mistake no one should make. Sorry if I'm being harsh. *bro hugs*
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