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Created for Tau's Mapping Contest - Dungeon 2012:
Everyone can play, everyone can vote.
To download/vote on all the mapping contest entries please visit...
Forum Link : http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/11454/
Project Link : http://rpgmaker.net/games/4347/

Stonehold 'Storyline' Background:

Stonehold is a prison established to house some of the worlds craziest and most fearsome villains. Tucked deep inside the Howling Caverns, Stonehold has no need for cells or bars. The prisoners are sent across the Howling Crevasse, named for the sound the wind makes as it moves through the deep underground canyon. Once on the other side prisoners are left to fend for themselves, having supplies dropped off only once every few months.

Stonehold itself is a guard station, ran by Warden Greenfeller. Considered to be more of a small village; the guards at Stonehold serve a term of 5 years, during which they are not allowed to leave the Howling Caverns. Many kingdoms send guards here to be trained...or punished.

Current 'Storyline' Background:

Ralph the ambassador between Stonehold and the outside world has not been heard from for almost two weeks. A brave explorer has volunteered to enter the Howling Caverns, locate Stonehold...and perhaps even cross the Howling Crevasse.

All in the name of Judgement!

Go forth friends, play, interact, explore, think and consider...
then pound the gavel of judgment upon this map...and make it *bleed!

*Map does not really bleed.

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Hey Everybody,
Don't forget to head over to the mapping contest page so you can download and vote for your favorite map. Lots of good entries, they really get you thinking about what makes a good map.

To download all the maps in one convenient package head to:


once downloaded play them, and don't forget to vote. :)
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