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No installment required!

VERSION 2017! Fixed up the battles, for those who are interested!



UPDATE! I added the "Final Cut" version of the game in the download section. It's got a few new surprises for those who want just a little bit more. Keep in mind that there were some changes made and it's a little tougher. Things like . . .
1) You can now only save in certain areas! Oooo! Scary.
2) Skill Points don't recharge after combat, however Dagree can Block and charge up his SP that way.
3) Learning new skills has been re-done. You no longer use scrolls from the inventory.
4) A few new bosses and enemies now lurk the playing field!
5) More weapons, spells, and armor have been added! Why not?
6) Leveling up takes a little longer; but don't fret! You can beat it at Level 35.
7) And of course, more secrets. Alrighty! Enjoy! Let me know if any glitches occur! Thanks!


Dagree is back and ready for another chapter in his life! He was cursed by the "Red Evil" from his visit to Vitality Island. Though destroyed, Red Evil isn't gone! In fact, he sometimes appears before Dagree and offers to help him now. After living in a cave for a year, Dagree decides it's about time to finally get outside and land a job! And of course, a new evil haunts the land that must be punished! Oh, yeah! I used about 300 battle animations to keep the action fresh (a lot are seen out in the field)! Enjoy!

The Main Characters that you will control;

DAGREE; the dark elf returns and is currently looking for something to do with his time. He uses duel blades and can also master the power of black magic. Eventually, only he can reveal invisible secrets.

CALVIN; Dagree's old wizard buddy from Vitality Island joins up once again to prove something to the world. He attacks with magic rods and can cast those famous elemental spells that enemies hate! He can also learn how to warp and brighten up dark places.

WARGON; Dagree's new minion who has a variety of moves; course only a mysterious being can teach him the ways of the demon. Oh yeah! His weapon of choice? The ol' ax of death.

LEAF; a white elf who is on a mission to save those from evil. She uses spells that causes disaster towards her foes. And out of boredom, she figured out how to speak with the furry animals.

Basil Woods; The first area with good ol' fasion training!
Village of Angels; Later this becomes a village of death!
Marvin Plains; A large field that connects with most of the areas!
Valiant Town; A great town for secrets and trade.
Mt. McCormick; The first area that may challenge your battle skills.
Landfill Swamp; Zombie infested area that can be a little tricky.
Old War Castle; An old arena ruled by a nutty king.
Discord Desert; This is when things get real! Fights are harder.
Oasis Retreat; A small town with some of the best trades.
Artifice Tower; Tower of Illusion, make sure you're ready for this!
Lish Motherland; Pretty much the final level. You can do this!
Movin' Manor; This is where the final boss awaits you, and the ending.

Xenosaga, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, Kartia, Half Life, Need for Speed and Adventure Island (just to name a few!) I know, kinda strange variety, but it works for this nutty indie game!

Latest Blog

What was cut!

For those who wanted something to learn about that Epic Elf 2 game I produced!
I made quite a few cuts to keep the game a little more professional. Some ideas I had didn't quite make it into the final project. Here's what I did;

1) I was gonna make an underwater graveyard level, an outer space level, and a dark realm stage. In the end, I scrapped the ideas. Didn't know where those levels would fit into the quest.

2) I got rid of the "Battle Help" ability (where it displays enemy hints). The game in my opinion was easy enough to figure out. I also cut out the "Flee Battle" ability and used the Fog Bombs you find to avoid enemies that are just in the way.

3) I got rid of all the battle scrolls (found in the first Epic Elf game). I limited the battle items to only healing scrolls. Keepin' it real! The Battle Cards don't exist either.

4) I was gonna have Hex (from the first Epic Elf) become one of the minions in the game. In the end, I figured the four main characters will be enough to get the job done.

5) The final boss was also gonna be a different foe altogether. But I'm happy with the one I ended up using. The 'Giant Squid' boss was also cut out.

6) I was gonna make more side quests to tie up some of the cliffhangers; but decided to hold off on 'em if I decide to make Epic Elf 3. So that's one of the reasons why the first Epic Elf was much longer. I'm not gonna make an Epic Elf 2 Epic Edition; maybe just an expansion that you can use your old save file with.

That's about all I can think of for now. Did anyone beat this game yet?!?!


Oh just got your reply now, nvm
Still waiting to get my $%#$% computer fixed. Once I do I'll be finishing this and Console Hunt 3.
Good I want some EE2 play time.
Alrighty! My computer is fixed . . . so after a month or so I'll have another chunk of Epic Elf 2 ready!
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
So it's been a while since I last used RPG Maker. So before I started my effort on Epic Elf 2, I went ahead a brushed Epic Elf 1 up a bit (added about a hundred things, including new events, extra enemies, selling old crap option, and more secrets) and hopefully found the rest of the big glitches.

Here is is; http://rpgmaker.net/games/4658/

PS. You can now get drunk at the Ardvark Bar and get thrown in jail that way! For the greater good, of course.
Good news to my 18 subscribers! Been workin' on this again! Adding more surprises, weapons, enemies, spells, jokes and new areas. So, I'm thinking I'll finish the game this time instead of throwing out a thousand demos. Hopefully I can get out out in a few months! So . . . until then I'll keep in touch!
Alright now I'm gonna read my Epic Elf 1 reviews so I can get that inspiration back!
Thanks again everyone! Merry Christmas!
Good news to my 18 subscribers! Been workin' on this again! Adding more surprises, weapons, enemies, spells, jokes and new areas. So, I'm thinking I'll finish the game this time instead of throwing out a thousand demos. Hopefully I can get out out in a few months! So . . . until then I'll keep in touch!
Alright now I'm gonna read my Epic Elf 1 reviews so I can get that inspiration back!
Thanks again everyone! Merry Christmas!
Best news Ive read in a while. Im so glad to hear your picking this up. You no, speed up for inspiration my friend.
HmmmEpic Elf Epic Edition is what I am playing now. I played EE2 before....youre saying I can replay thaty now since its updated? Woo Hoo.
Here's a few updates for those who are curious.
1) You can run from battles now!
2) Enemies have their own "Battle Animation" like the first game.
3) Updated the music. The old battle songs kinda annoyed me.
4) More surprises and jokes are thrown into the mix as well as a new intro.
5) More side quests of course. Gotta have those.
6) Trying to figure out if the second minion should be a titan or a reaper.
So that's about it for now. Later!
What level is good for fighting that bunch on the mountain in finding Janice? The Dragonater kills me every time and we all over level 16. And even when I beat it there is obviously another 2-3 different battles after that?
He'll be easier when I bust out the newer version here soon. I added quite a bit of new stuff and it'll be worth the replay!
Oh, to answer your question level 16 sounds about right. I used the Minions' Burst spell quite a bit (it's got a little over 3,ooo HP) and mucho healing. If you use Dagree's Self Gain ability four times or so and get some critical hits that helps.
Earlier I said I wasn't gonna release another demo but here it is anyway! The game ends once you beat the arena.
Sweet, I cant wait to try it out.
It'll still be awhile before this one gets finished! Hope ya enjoy what I got so far! Let me know if you find any obvious glitches or errors! I'm OCD about it o_0
Ha now i am confused...what am i playing with this newest...a continuation of my old EE2 and i can use my Save Files.
i THINK i can since its a EE2 demo, but with your twisted dark elf brain........!
I added a buncha new stuff so your old save file may have problems! Or not! Who knows?! Drink enough beer and nobody will notice!
Nice game! Just one question: I'm stuck at the mimic chest part. I talked to the cow and it said I need to acquire a minion skill? Where is that? I've searched everywhere.