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Epic Elf 2
Character Skills

Dagree (Dark Elf)
*Battle Skills
Self Gain; Gathers power and guard to become a stronger elf! (0MP)
Black Cross; A very common dark spell with evil properties. (8MP)
Drain Blade; This attack will steal enemies' HP! (12MP)
Slow Wave; This spell will slow down the enemies' turn! (14MP)
Robust Rage; Doubles attack power just like that! Self use. (36 MP)
Skull Bomb; Strong evil damage, and destroys positive status! (42MP)
Disturb; Powerful wave attack that slows and locks foes! (56 MP)
Sayin’ Super; Injects speed, guard, rage, and heal! Self use. (124MP)
*Field Skills
Boulder Blower; With this special gift, you can destroy stones!
Devil Display; Reveals many secrets hidden in smaller areas.
Chest Detect; Auto skill! You can avoid treasure traps!
Water Skipper; Auto skill! You can jump across gaps of water now!

Calvin (Mana Man X)
*Battle Skills
Virus Cologne; Casting this will remove the flu from anyone! (0MP)
Red Burst; A basic fire attack for wizard use! (8MP)
Vanilla Ice; Even though it's ice, the element is water :p (8MP)
Mighty Bolt; Enemies will hate you when this hits 'em! (12MP)
Land Tower; Use the power of earth to do some van damage! (14MP)
Bubble; A strong water attack used to put out fire! (18MP)
Kill Joy; Strong black magic that has the power of death. (34MP)
Incinerate; Powerful fire magic that will destroy enemies! (40MP)
Cosmic Stone; Powerful earth magic that can slow down enemies! (50MP)
Stalactite; Sends a powerful ice attack towards all foes! (70MP)
*Field Skills
Magic Light; You can't explore dark caves without bright light!
Warpage; Sends you back to wherever a Save Fairy dwells.

Wargon (The Minion)
*Battle Skills
Fire Breath; A powerful fire attack based on power and smarts! (0MP)
Sick Needle; Summons a magic needle to poison a target. (6MP)
Land Shake; Hits all enemies with mild earth damage. (8MP)
Burst; A strong blast based on power. Has no element. (14MP)
The Speed; Doubles your speed in battle! A great advantage! (30MP)
Weapon Guard; Raises Guard against physical slams and weapons! (36MP)
Rainbow Seizure; Heals the entire party from all bad status! (42MP)
Gore Grit; Powerful earth attack that bleeds out foes! (48MP)
Pandemonium; Powerful damage with slow, flu, sleep, and locked! (66MP)
Eruption; Causes a powerful fire storm to hit all targets! (70MP)
Cure Craft; This odd ability creates random scrolls to use! (100MP)
*Field Skills
Mimic Enchanter; Brings Mimics back to life to do battle!

Leaf (Flower Child)
*Battle Skills
Mind Drain; Low on magic? Then steal it from enemies! (0MP)
Heal Much; A single target will slowly recover HP over time! (8MP)
Singalong; Puts an enemy to sleep. That's the charm! (10MP)
Spell Breaker; Cast this on a foe and they can't cast magic! (16MP)
Poison Boom; Passes along The Flu to a helpless target! (20MP)
Ice Rain; Summons a mild, quick ice storm on all enemies! (22MP)
Sanado; A strong wind and earth combo slam on all! (40MP)
Starburst; A powerful attack spell that also carries sleep! (48MP)
*Field Skills
Karma Bliss; For 20 KPs, you get fully healed outside battle.
Animal Chat; Auto Skill! Leaf can listen to the furry animals!