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Epic Elf 2
Item List

Battle Items;
Cure Scroll Recovers some HP based on character's smarts.
Cure Scroll 2 Recovers much HP based on the smarts.
Cure Scroll 3 Recovers more HP based on smarts to everyone.
Mana Scroll Recovers 250 Skill Points to a single target!
Detox Scroll Recovers from ALL bad status! Even death!
Soul Scroll Will fully restore HP, SP, and death for one hero!

Field Items;
Fog Bomb Most enemies won't see you under this enchantment!
Force Fields The entire party will be Healing next fight!
Swift Sodas The entire party will feel Speeded next fight!
Steroids The entire party will pump War Zone next fight!
Life Box Everyone in the party will gain 25 HP to the max!
Magic Box Everyone in the party will gain 5 SP to the max!

Sword of Shit A horrible blade that shouldn't even exsist.
Rusty Sword Bad blade, but at least Salad Fingers likes it.
Long Blade A decent trusty sword that lost power over time.
Royal Edge A fine weapon for someone who like double hits!
Power Sword A great weapon that . . . well . . . more power!
Gore Sword Causes enemies (with blood) to bleed!
Ripper Edge A very fine weapon that can cut a foe twice!
Death Dagger Has a much higher chance of scoring critical hits!
Devil Elf Blade Destroys enemies with four explosive slams!
Docking Cane There's a naughty joke involving this one!
Testosterone Shaft For a certain wizard who wants to get physical!
Vine Pole A basic tool created from nature with earth power.
Redding Staff Contains the power of fire! Burn a foe!
Cooling Staff Use the power of ice/water and use it now!
Vacuum Rod Uses wind power to blow enemies down!
Undead Rod Send the undead packin' with this rare find!
Frog Rod Summons two Ogre Frogs for earth damage!
Bio Bomb Rod Hits all enemies with a deadly gas! Not bad!
Burst Rod A sweet weapon that shoots three bomb blasts!
Blessed Arrow Use this holy weapon against the undead!
Wooden Bow Don't worry. You'll find better arrows!
Triple Crossbow A classic weapon that some foes hate!
Big Red Longbow A combo of fire and arrow damage!
Blood Dart This unholy weapon may cause instant DEATH!
Rain Bow Attacks every enemy twice! What a treat.
War Axe A huge blunt weapon that spells blunt damage!
Angry Axe With this power tool, you can knock a foe out!
Thunder Axe Ho Adds the power of wind to your mighty thrust!
Throwing Axe Throws the deadly axe at all enemies in sight.
Shrill Tomahawk With two hits and causes bleeding? Hell yes!
Shadow Axe Three power attacks with blunt and blade damage!
Bird Claws Claws are great for raising speed with two hits!
Tiger Claws Claws are very famous for double hits!
Chimera Claws Claws are still very famous for double hits!
Boomeranga This weapon uses arrow damage on all enemies!
Whip of Pain This thing carries poison with a two hit bonus!

Rusty Armor Wow! This armor really sucks! Noob!
Classic Vest Weak armor that is considered a collector's item!
Body Suit A strong suit that protects the entire body! Wow!
Black Tux This magic tux will protect you from evil magic!
Manly Mantle Need an upper? Quick fix? Wear this golden ticket!
Green Pajamas Worn by old wizards with no shame in life.
Morning Robes For laid-back wizards who don't give a damn!
Robe of Hope This happy robe will let you live longer!
Magic Cape If you want higher Smarts, equip this now!
Mystic Poncho The higher the smarts, the better the spells!
Sage’s Poncho This handsome garb channels power into the weapon!
Big Bull Armor Made for Wargon! Wear it proudly!
Minotaur Membrane Put this on and experience minotaur pride!
Dragon Armor Large armor that can only be worn by Wargon.
Kombat Kostume The very best armor. This can be worn by anyone!

Basic Helm A knight's helm that is currently out of style.
Feather Helm A mystic helmet with speed enchantment!
Battle Hat It looks a little dorky, but it works in war!
Elf’s Fedora A little something for the good elves to put on.
English Hood For some reason this hood was named English.
Cap of the Mage A little boost for spell casters.
Shaman’s Wig You'll be protected from earth while wearing this!
Voodoo Top This dark hood can repel all evil magic! A must!
Light Hoodie A great find for a spell caster who is quite slow.
Bee Bonnet A strange looking helmet that loans you harmony.
Liquid Heat Bandana Blocks against fire and water; not a bad choice!
Fast Ass Hat You'll be glad you put this sweet cap on!
Royal Diadem This crown has been blessed by some rich guy.
Bull Horns Every minotaur out there has to look sharp!
Hell Horns A perfect fit for a minion! This thing serves.
Barbwire Points Wargon will look much meaner with this attached!

Ogle Orb The Ogle can't zap Dagree when he equips this!
Training Orb Great for a novice! Crappy for a pro!
Warrior Orb This orb is much better than the Training Orb!
Orange Orb Nothing will slow you down with this equipped!
Green Orb You won't catch The Flu with this!
Yellow Orb You'll stay wide awake with this equiped!
Purple Orb Wear this orb and nothing can lock your spells!
Red Orb You'll never bleed to death with this on!
Black Orb You'll laugh at death spells while wearing this!
Gold Orb Resists every bad status known to this game!
Weapon Orb This will protect you from all enemy weapons!
Hot Cold Orb This relic will protect you from fire and water!
Blow Stone Orb Wearing this will guard you from wind and earth!
Wicked Orb You won't fear evil magic with this orb equiped.
Crystal Orb Using skills will only cost half the needed SP!

Quest Items;
Vag Cream If it's itchy and smelly, slap this shit on it!
Bag of Jerky If somebody is hungry for something yummy!
Gold Coin A little girl lost her 10 coins! It's your fault!
Pretty Pink Purse Carla Candy is looking for this! She's in Valiant.
Piano Music Dagree can play a piano with this simple sheet.
A Note Some strange note that was found in Valiant.
Wanted Pic This shows you who the Man Hunter is after!
Inn Hut Key Use this item to open a locked door.
Secret Stash Key Use this thing to open up a locked chest.
Magic Door Key Use this to open a locked door somewhere.
Status Help Book Learn about status effects in combat today!

Trade Items;
Ballyhoo Goop This is a trade item! Some sloppy stuff no doubt!
Bloo Ball Saliva This is a trade item! Some people get off on this.
Imp Horn This is a trade item! It's hefty, horny and hard.
Broken Arrow This is a trade item! Shame it can't be used.
Ghost Sheet This is a trade item! Quite popular for Halloween!
Wolf Fang This is a trade item! Feel the fury on this fang.
Gnarly Root This is a trade item! It sure is a gnarly one!
Fairy Wing This is a trade item! It's okay if you like this.
Sacked Venom This is a trade item! Don't drink this. Really.
Evil Soul This is a trade item! Don't ask. Just go with it.
Pound of Flesh This is a trade item! It goes great in gent pasta.
Monster Claw This is a trade item! Makes a great house trophy.
Fish Scale This is a trade item! Rather slippery I say! Whoa!
Holy Water This is a trade item! Bam! You're healed. Miracle!
Eye Cream This is a trade item! Why this is? I don't know.
Dragon Fang This is a trade item! One of the more rare spoils.
Demon Wing This is a trade item! Some people worship these!